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Self Help Radio Extra!

Self Help Radio EXTRA was a series of music mixes made by the person who also does Self Help Radio, which, unlike the archived shows, was just music without any of the radio trappings you have to listen to - like spots or airbreaks. Just a CD's length (or so) of music suitable for finger-snapping, toe-tapping, or laziness for parties. The last Self Help Radio Extra was made in June 2011. There are some previous ones also available. The series is in hiatus, but may return unexpectedly in the future.
Be aware: since this is not from a radio show, there might be naughty words. Okay, there are naughty words. I can't help it. I don't mean to offend.
Let me know if you dig. Make requests. Write me an email.

SHR EXTRA: October 2016 - Instrumental Elephant Anniversary Stomp
Listen to this mix! (72 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 60 minutes)
"Pink Elephants" Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang from Wild Cats
"Jive Elephant" Rahsaan Roland Kirk from The Complete Mercury Recordings Of Roland Kirk
"Elephant Trail" Les Baxter from African Jazz
"Elephant Soul" Baja Marimba Band from For Animals Only
"Elephant Stomp" The Dragons from Troll
"Wild Elephants" James Clarke from Ready, Steady Boogaloo!
"Elephant" The Philly Four from The Sound Of Philadelphia: Philadelphia Roots Vol. 2
"Mama Elephant" E. Cap from The Sound Gallery, Vol. 2
"Pink Elephants" Mick Harvey from Pink Elephants
"A Great Visitation Of Elephants" The Jazz Butcher from Illuminate
"March Of The Triumphant Elephants" Eggs from Exploder
"Disruptive Elephant" Isan from Salle D'Isan
"Elephant Ride" State Of Bengal from South.Asian.Summer
"Elephant Man" Eat Static from Decadance
"Elephant Generators" Solvent from New Ways
"Elephant Takeover" Me & You from Floating Heavy

SHR EXTRA: June 2011 - T Rexstacy!
"Gonna Listen To T. Rex (All Night Long)" Burnt Ones from Black Teeth & Golden Tongues
"Children Of The Revolution" Neon Indian from Children Of The Revolution
"The Slider" Gavin Friday from Shag Tobacco
"Cosmic Dancer" Idle Hands from The Heart We Broke On The Way To The Show
"Mambo Sun" Bongos from Drums Along The Hudson
"Telegram Sam" Bauhaus from In The Flat Field
"Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart" Ty Segall from Ty Rex
"Marc" Louis XIV from Illegal Tender EP
"Life's A Gas" Shockabilly from Vietnam/Heaven
"Hot Love" Elf Power from Nothing's Going To Happen
"20th Century Boy" Three Johns from Live In Chicago
"Rip Off" Dim Stars from Dim Stars
"Celebrate Summer" Paybacks from Harder & Harder
"Jeepster" Sex Clark Five from Strum & Drum
"Solid Gold Easy Action" Department S from Is Vic There?
"Baby Strange" Big Star from Nobody Can Dance
"Baby Boomerang" Shins from House Full Of Friends
"Let Darkness Fall" Licorice Roots from Licorice Roots Orchestra
"Get It On" Kramer from Great Jewish Music: Marc Bolan
"Buick MacKane" Nikki Sudden from Groove
"Ballrooms Of Mars" Richard Barone from Between Heaven & Cello
"Mystic Lady" Lloyd Cole from Morning Is Broken
"By The Light Of A Magical Moon" Mars Arizona from Hello Cruel World
"Light Of Love" Molotov Combo from Resurrection Of The Warlock

SHR EXTRA: April 2011
"ABC Auto-Industry" Orchestral Maneuvres In The Dark from Dazzle Ships
"ABC" Jackson 5 from Hitsville USA: The Motown Singles Collection 1959-1971
"A B & C Part Two" Death By Chocolate from Zap The World
"AEIOU" Pizzicato Five from Ca Et La
"A Rã" Joao Donato from The Story Of Bossa Nova
"A Contraluz" Niza from Canciones De Temporada
"A Nega Se Vingou" Walter Wanderley from Ultra Lounge Vol. 9: Cha-Cha De Amor
"A Minha Menina" Os Mutantes from Os Mutantes
"A Balair El Tape-Charleston" Lisa Carbon from Standards
"A & P Commercial: The Death Penalty" National Lampoon from Buy This Box Or We'll Shoot This Dog: The Best Of The National Lampoon Radio Hour
"A-La-Bridges" Harlan Leonard's Rockets from Kansas City: Jazz City
"AC/DC Current" Benny Goodman Sextet from Charlie Christian: The Genius Of The Electric Guitar
"A-Tisket, A-Tasket" Ella Fitzgerald from Jukebox Ella: The Complete Verve Singles
"A La Carte" James Holloway from Las Vegas Grind Vol. 1
"A Yuh (Hey You)" The Uniques from Trojan Mod Reggae Box Set
"A Yor Nokh Mayn Khasene" Klezmer Conservatory Band from Planet Squeezebox
"AIDS Test" Chris Rock from Cheese & Crackers: The Greatest Bits
"A/B" Telex from Neurovision
"A-L'uomo" Mr. Electric Triangle from Kosmosis Of the Heart
"A8 Km34" Funkstörung from Appetite For Disctruction
"a550l" Novel 23 from RND_0.34873349921
"A" Leila from Rephlexions
"A.D.S.A." Vessel from South

SHR EXTRA: March 2011
"Here Comes Mary Moon" Jumprope from Holiday In Brazil
"Under The Knife" The Rural Alberta Advantage from Departing
"Collapsing Cloud" Action Painting! from Action Painting!
"Marie Says You've Changed" Papercuts from Fading Parade
"Elle In Lui" Brincando De Deus from Brincando De Deus
"Molly's Vertigo" Acrylics from Lives & Treasure
"Time" Rumble Strips from Girls & Weather
"Can't Find Entrance" Those Dancing Days from Daydreams & Nightmares
"Sally O'Gannon" The Tamborines from Sally O'Gannon
"Y Do U Call Me?" Colleen Green from Green One EP
"Liar" The Charlottes from Liar EP
"Hate Swallows You" The Brutes from Wonderous Punch
"Little Dagger" Smack Dab from Majestic Root
"For Practical Purposes (I Love You)" Chain & The Gang from Music's Not For Everyone
"Big Day" Yung Wu from Shore Leave
"WTF? (Or How I Realised I'd Wasted My Life)" The Loves from ...Love You
"Up" Laugh from Sensation Number One
"Easy" Tahiti 80 from The Past, The Present & The Possible
"Don't Count On Me" Love Positions from Billiepeebup
"The Cake & Eating It" Zoey Van Goey from Propeller Versus Wings
"Chocolove" La Patere Rose from Le Pop Vol. 6
"Here Again" Confetti from Sea Anemon EP
"Desire" Anne Calvi from Anne Calvi
"The Magic Place" Julianna Barwick from The Magic Place

SHR EXTRA: February 2011
"1er Prélude Du Nazaréen" Reinbery De Leeuw from Erik Satie: Early Piano Works
"I X Love" Charles Mingus from Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus Mingus
"000 Bluesky" Alexandroid from False Starts
"1 2 I Love You" The March Violets from The Botanic Verses
"1-2-5" The Haunted from Project Blue
"1..2..3..4" The Hepburns from The Magic Of The Hepburns
"1 Hour 1/2 Ago" The Rain Parade from Emergency Third Rail Power Trip
"1 + 1 = 2" Gruppo Sportivo from Topless 16
"1 2 X U" Wire from Pink Flag
"1-2 Crush On You" The Clash from Clash On Broadway
"1st String Teenage High" Tullycraft from The Singles
"1, 2, 3" Beat Happening from Beat Happening
"1/2" Barcelona from Simon Basic
"1 + 1 < 2" Classic Ruins from DIY: Mass. Ave. - The Boston Scene (1979-1983)
"0078h" M83 from Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts
"026" Christmas Baubles from Christmas Baubles & Their Strange Sounds
"007" Lindum & Lindum from Bond Beat & Bass
"1/4-2-3 Live Thru N5" K Rock from Breakin' Records Presents... Volume 2
"1" Christian Costello from Bliss Tech
"1" Benge from Experimental Non-Vocal Electronic Pop

SHR EXTRA: June 2010
"The End Of The Affair" The Lodger from Flashbacks
"King Of Spain" The Tallest Man On Earth from The Wild Hunt
"A Few Drinks Later" Lucknow Pact from Open Your Arms
"Fast Car/Slow Traffic" Paul Weller from Wake Up The Nation
"Fifteen" Standard Fare from The Noyelle Beat
"Best Friend" The Drums from Best Friend EP
"February" Night Driving In Small Towns from Serial Killer
"Set Me Free" Sally Seltmann from Heart That's Pounding
"White Russian Doll" Lucky Soul from A Coming Of Age
"Someday" Ceremony from Rocket Fire
"Your Love So Retro" Afterparty from The Army You Got
"Be Afraid Of Your Parents" The Indelicates from Songs For Swinging Lovers
"The Video Dept." The Radio Dept. from Clinging To A Scheme
"Kings Of Animals" Small Black from Small Black EP
"End Of Summer" Blank Dogs from Phrases EP
"A Fairytale Ending" The Boy Least Likely To from A Fairytale Ending
"I'm Your Band" Knight School from Revenger
"Bored Beyond Oblivion" Monster Movie from Everyone Is A Ghost
"Deathbed" The Ponys from Deathbed Plus 4
"Buffet" We Have Band from WHB
"These Days" Naked On The Vague from Heaps Of Nothing
"Think Of As One" Roky Erickson With Okkervil River from True Love Cast Out All Evil

SHR EXTRA: March 2010
"He's A 'Rebel'" Everybody Was In The French Resistance... Now! from Fixing The Charts, Volume 1
"Gentlemen" Eddy Current Suppression Ring from Rush To Relax
"I Can't Swim" Miles Kurosky from The Desert Of Shallow Effects
"Brave" The Mountain Goats from Stroke: Songs For Chris Knox
"Moonless March" Aloha from Home Acres
"This Too Shall Pass Away (For Freddy)" Xiu Xiu from Dear God, I Hate Myself
"Paradise" New Order from Brotherhood
"Polaroids & Red Wine" Jaguar Love from Hologram
"Glory" You Say Party! We Say Die! from XXXX
"Rip Static" Gentle Friendly from Ride Slow
"Blackbox" Nana Grizol from Ruth
"Oranges" The Splinters from Kick
"Just Like Me" Ortolan from Time On A String
"Zero Zero Zero" Henry's Dress from Bust 'Em Green
"Don't Be A Jerk, Jonny" The Drums from Summertime!
"Tempo Bledsoe" Smile Smile from Truth Or Tape
"Bubble Gum" Too Soft from Breakfast Songs
"Girls FM" Happy Birthday from Happy Birthday
"Higher Than The Stars" The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart from Higher Than The Stars EP
"We've Got Your Back" Los Campesinos! from Romance Is Boring
"Felt Tipped Pictures Of UFOs" The Brian Jonestown Massacre from Who Killed Sgt. Pepper?

SHR EXTRA: January 2010 - Funky 1974
Where does the funk go?
"No Time To Burn" Black Heat from No Time To Burn
"Loose Booty" Sly & The Family Stone from Small Talk
"Positive Thing (Part One)" Mandrill from Mandrilland
"He Was A Big Freak" Betty Davis from They Say I'm Different
"Bail Out" Maxayn from Bail Out For Fun!
"Hit It & Pass It" Rasputin Stash from The Devil Made Me Do It
"Live It Up, Pts 1 & 2" The Isley Brothers from Live It Up
"Red Hot Mama" Funkadelic from Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On
"Tell Me Something Good" Rufus from Rags To Rufus
"Party Down" Little Beaver from Party Down
"Little Boy Black" Fred Wesley & The JB's from Breakin' Bread
"Funky Junky" Magnum from Fully Loaded
"Holes In My Shoes" 100% Pure Poison from Coming Right At You
"Foxy Lady" Willie Hutch from Foxy Brown (Original Soudtrack)
"Big Papa" Edwin Starr from Hell Up In Harlem
"Up For The Down Stroke" Parliament from Up For The Down Stroke
"Just Kissed My Baby" The Meters from Rejuvenation
"The Payback" James Brown from The Payback

SHR EXTRA: November 2009
This mix was so 2009.
"Intro" Elevated Ruffians from The Magnificent Soul
"The Word To Say (feat. Johaz & Sha Dula)" Blame One from Days Chasing Days
"Hip Hop's Cool Again" Oddisee from Mental Liberation
"Feelin'" Q-Tip from Kamaal The Abstract
"The Embassy" Mos Def from The Ecstatic
"Enlightened Statues/NYC Crack (feat. RZA)" Wu Tang Clan from Chamber Music
"Close Your Eyes (feat. Grieves, Geologic & Macklemore)" Cunninlynguists from Strange Journey Volume Two
"We Made It (feat. Slug of Atmosphere)" KRS-One & Buckshot from Survival Skills
"Hesitation Wounds (feat. Grayskul)" Sleep Of Oldominion from Hesitation Wounds
"Me-Time (With The Pulmonary Palimpsest)" Busdriver from Jhelli Beam
"Crosssection Of Wreckage (feat Alias & DJ Andrew)" Themselves from The Free Houdini
"Arrival & Departure (feat. Awesome Dre)" Finale from A Pipe Dream & A Promise
"4 3 2 1" K-Os from Yes!
"Been Afraid" P.O.S. from Never Better
"Tight Rope" Brother Ali from US
"Dreamer" K'naan from Troubadour
"Glamour Sho75 (09)" J Dilla from Jay Stay Paid
"No Question" Dälek from Gutter Tactics
"Gazzillion Ear" MF Doom from Born Like This
"I'm An American (feat. B-Real)" La Coka Nostra from A Brand You Can Trust
"20/20 (feat. Tableek)" Jr & Ph7 from The Standard
"The Beautiful Decay" Skyzoo from The Salvation
"Just Not True (feat. Brick Beats)" Tanya Morgan from Brooklynati
"Mega Fresh X (feat. Red Alert, Parrish Smith, Grand Puba, KRS-One & Big Daddy Kane)" Cormega from Born & Raised

SHR EXTRA: October 2009
Ran off with the another mix.
"I Love Paris" Wild Billy Childish & The Blackhands from Play: Capt'n Calypso's Hoodoo Party
"Bang The Drum" Railroad Jerk from One Track Mind
"Silence Is Golden" The Square Set from Silence Is Golden
"Sweden Song" The Besties from Singer
"We Will Rise" The Shaky Hands from The Shaky Hands
"Bury Me Closer" Palomar from All Things, Forests
"The Others Way" The Cat's Miaow from Whirl-Wheels
"Living Room" Picnic Moustache Of Insanity from Moustache Of Insanity
"Hit The Wall" Tada Tátà from Tada Tátà
"Divine Hammer" Jóvenes y Sexys from Bruno EP
"You're So Much" Uni from A Smile Took Over EP
"Paper Airplanes" The Glasses from Story Problems
"Leave Me Alone" Chappaquiddick Skyline from Chappaquiddick Skyline
"If It's Monday" Morning Kid Loco feat. Tim Keegan from Total Lee! The Songs Of Lee Hazlewood
"Time's Tight" The Embassy from Tacking
"Belle & Julian" Hey Hey My My from Too Much Space EP
"On Tape" Pooh Sticks from Multiple Orgasm
"Saturday Looks Bad To Me" Oppenheimer from Oppenheimer
"Reflections" Liechtenstein from Survival Strategies In A Modern World
"Wollen Undies" Skistar from Café Superstar Beat
"Nut In Your Eye" Alcoholic Faith Mission from 421 Wythe Avenue
"Bookshop Casanova" The Clientele from God Save The Clientele
"Coach Station Reunion" Impossible Tymes from Try A Little Sunshine: A Greek Indiepop Compilation
"Faces" Greyhound Green from Baby I'm Yours
"The Drummer Goes" Butterglory from I Like Walt!
"A Happy Ending" Spearmint from Intercontinental Pop Exchange No. 5

SHR EXTRA: June 2009
"I Won't Be Happy" The Ten Commandments from Home Fires Burning
"Hopeless Case" The Happy Couple from Fools In Love
"Penny & Jack" The Essex Green from Cannibal Sea
"Thanks For Knockin'" Throw That Beat In The Garbagecan from The Cool Album
"Smile" Pencil Tin from A Gentle Hand To Guide You Along
"The Back Door" The Bodines from Played
"The Pop Kid" The Happy Couple from Fools In Love
"Goodbye Billy Wild" The Passmore Sisters from First Love Last Rites
"Can You Dig It?" Mock Turtles from Can You Dig It: The Best Of
"In The Movies" Brideshead from Some People Have All The Fun
"9:15" Beatnik Termites from Shreds Volume 2 - American Underground '94
"I'm Not Like Everybody Else" Wolfhounds from Shangri-La (A Tribute To The Kinks)
"Damage Is Done" One The Juggler from Nearly A Sin
"Won't Turn Back" Vic Godard from The End Of The Surrey People
"Seriocity" The Chameleons from This Never Ending Now
"Mrs. Witherspoon" Virgin-Whore Complex from Beikoku-Ongaku # 12
"Ever Fallen In Love?" Mélanie Pain from Mélanie Pain
"Mon Bel Andalou" Katerine from Mon Coeur Balance
"Press Play (& Then Repeat)" Mascott from Art Project
"Until" One Night Suzan from Don't Let Them Kill Our Taste... 7"
"Dress Up, Wear Down" Mixtapes & Cellmates from Mixtapes & Cellmates
"If I Was Handsome" Poprace from Hanggliding At Sea
"Something" My Guru Says from Review I (Marsh-Marigold)
"The Hall Of Fame Of Things I Despise" The Russian Futurists from The Method Of Modern Love
"The Switchboard Girl" Future Conditional from We Don't Just Disappear

SHR EXTRA: April 2009
Lost in the confusion.
"You Should Know Where I'm Standing" Love Dance from You Should Know Where I'm Standing 7"
"The Girl Became The Stairs" Heart Throbs from Jubilee Twist
"Baby Astrolab" Drugstore from Drugstore
"From Far Away" Red Letter Day from Red Letter Day
"Hope" Tree Fort Angst from Last Page In The Book Of Love
"Ciao Ciao Bomb" Twig from Ciao Ciao Bomb 7"
"Summer Job" Art Brut from Art Brut Vs. Satan
"Woody Allen" They Go Boom!! from Woody Allen
"Let's Make T-Shirts" State Broadcasters from The Ship & The Iceberg
"Lovesong" Gentle Tuesday from A Gentleman's Laundry
"The Rain Knows" Wentletraps from Summer Escape
"Catch" Devics from Just Like Heaven: A Tribute To The Cure
"Springtime" Go Go Charlton from Beaucoup Schlager
"Lucky Pierre" Zebras from Zebras
"Transcontinental" Oh, Atoms from You Can't See The Stars From Here
"Anywhere You Looked" Au Revoir Simone from Still Night, Still Light
"The Joys Of Finding & Losing That Girl" New Rhodes from Everybody Loves A Scene
"All The Weird Kids Know" Built By Snow from Mega
"Crush On You" Brakes from Touchdown
"Mainstream" Official Secrets Act from Understanding Electricity
"Circus" Girl Of The World from Wonderboy
"Vaudeville" Nine Steps To Ugly from Corrupt Postman
"Bags Of Gold" Jay Jay Pistolet from Happy Birthday You
"Consolation Prize" Orange Juice from You Can't Hide Your Love Forever

SHR EXTRA: March 2009
"I Feel Lovely" Wendys from Gobbledygook
"Austere" The Joy Formidable from A Balloon Called Moaning
"Troublesome" Pipas from Chunnel Autumnal
"Damaged" Vivian Girls from Vivian Girls
"Stay Here Instead" Cruiser from Happyrobots:Smilingpeople
"Sun Shines Forever" Poppyheads from Postcard For Flossy EP
"Lara Jiwa" Astrolab from The Blue Thread Saga
"Fulwood Babylon" Long Blondes from Someone To Drive You Home
"Out There On The Ice" Cut Copy from In Ghost Colours
"Be With You" Minitel Rose from The French Machine
"June Evenings" Air France from No Way Down
"Susan's Holiday" Suave As Hell from Well Well Mr. Whale
"The Idiot" Fol Chen from Part I: John Shade, Your Fortune's Made
"You Are The Darkness" Fleeting Joys from Occult Radiance
"New York" Like Honey from Leaves
"Second Trace" Moscow Olympics from Cut The World
"Daylight" Matt & Kim from Grand
"Just Because We Were Wrong" Old Time Radio from Just Because We Were Wrong
"Crush The Flowers (demo)" The Wake from Country Music Songs For Keith Girdler
"Break The Gates" False Friends from Burn The Bridges, Break The Gates
"Saints Above" Veronica Lake from Working Holiday May 7"
"Headlights" Now, Now Every Children from Cars
"11:59" Postmarks from By The Numbers

SHR EXTRA: February 2009
Valentine's Day is for now, not then.
"Valentine Boyfriend" Damien Youth from Phantoms Of Fables
"I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" Sofia from Search & Destroy
"I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" Rubinoos from Poptopia: Power Pop Classics Of The 70's
"Boyfriend" Pushtwangers from We Are The Pushtwangers & You're Not
"My Boyfriend" Suburban Lawns from Gidget Goes To Hell
"My Boyfriend" Junior Varsity from Bam Bam Bam!
"Canadian Boyfriend" All Girl Summer Fun Band from All Girl Summer Fun Band
"Little Athletics" Lucksmiths from A Good Kind Of Nervous
"Vogue Bambini" Kahimi Karie from I Am A Kitten: Kahimi Karie Sings Momus In Paris
"Your Boyfriend Is Okay" Bartlebees from Twen Beat EP
"My Boyfriend's Back" Me First & The Gimme Gimmes from Blow In The Wind
"Gay Boyfriend" Predicates from Let Me Carry Your Books
"Wonderful Boyfriend" Emperor Julian from Wonderful Boyfriend EP
"Boyfriend Devoted" Felt Tips from Treat Me Gently
"I Thought You Were My Boyfriend" Magnetic Fields from i
"Fast Boyfriends" Girls At Our Best! from Pleasure
"Boyfriendship" Noise Addict from Meet The Real You
"Your New Boyfriend" Rocketship from The Singles 1993-1996
"King Leer" Morrissey from Kill Uncle
"Your Inarticulate Boyfriend" Jenny Toomey from Tempting: Jenny Toomey Sings The Songs Of Franklin Bruno
"Boyfriend" Majesty Crush from Love 15
"Pop Songs Your New Boyfriend's Too Stupid To Know About" Tullycraft from The Singles
"I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You" Black Kids from Wizard Of Ahhhs
"The World's Best Ex-Boyfriend" Ad Frank from The World's Best Ex-Boyfriend
"Cartoon Boyfriend" Wonder Stuff from Hup
"What Your Boyfriend Said" Little Man Tate from Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy
"Cheating On Your Boyfriend" The Ballet from Mattachine!
"Nobody's Twisting Your Arm" Wedding Present from George Best Plus
"Goodbye Boyfriend" Amphetameanies from Goodbye Boyfriend EP

SHR EXTRA: January 2009
January 2009 was so 2009 ago.
"Mouse Vs. Mountain" The Guild League from Speak Up
"Lolita" Throw Me The Statue from Moonbeams
"Runaround Getaround" Tim Yen Yen from Everything Beautiful Reminds Me Of You
"Mark & John (Bring On The Glitter Kids)" The Secret History from Desolation Town
"Your Bedroom" Kiki Pau from Let's Rock
"Chinese Dogs" Dirty Pretty Things from Romance At Short Notice
"Boy Meets Girl" The Portugal Japan from Innocence Is Bliss
"Stop Killing Me" Primitives from Lazy 86 - 88 (Singles Collection)
"Les Grenouilles" Savoir Adore from The Adventures Of Mr. Pumpernickel & The Girl With Animals In Her Throat
"The Moment" Indurain from What You Get For Being Naive
"Light Of Love (You Got A...)" Boat People from Chandeliers
"Sod Off" The Very Most from Congratulations Forever
"Happy Robots" Cruiser from Happyrobots:Smilingpeople
"Teenage Symphonies" Microfilm from The Slingshot Orchestra
"Flowers" The Ruling Class from Flowers
"Motorbike Girl" Shebrews from Off With Their Hearts
"Something New" All Girl Summer Fun Band from Looking Into It
"I'll Be Waiting" Pigeon Detectives from Emergency
"Dancing Queen" Redd Kross from Secret Life
"Hannah & I" Hari & Aino from Hari & Aino
"Cost Of Living" Tunics from Somewhere In Somebody's Heart
"Baby" Seagull from Goodbye Weather
"Teenage Hit Wonder" You Say Party! We Say Die! from Lose All Time
"Subtle Way" Bears from Simple Machinery

SHR EXTRA: November 2008
November 2008 has left the building.
"Whistle" Sporto Kantes from Un Hexagone Pop Multicolore
"Cucko" Red Cloud Carter from Songs About Sculptures
"Cannibal Queen" Miniature Tigers from Tell It To The Volcano
"Quiero Verte Una Vez Más" Juniper Moon from El Resto De Mi Vida
"Boy, Did She Teach You Nothing?" Absentee from Victory Shorts
"Anywhere USA" California Oranges from Imperial Hearts
"Jean's Not Happening" Pale Fountains from ...From Across The Kitchen Table
"Days Of Elaine" Decemberists from Always The Bridesmaid: A Singles Series
"Like Dylan In The Movies" Belle & Sebastian from The BBC Sessions
"You & Me Against The World" The Sleeping Years from We're Becoming Islands One By One
"Strength" Comet Gain from Sneaky
"Radiated By Your Charm" Kwyet Kings from Beat Party!
"All The Blowing-Themselves-Up Motherfuckers (Will Realise The Minute They Die That They Were Suckers)" Julian Cope from Black Sheep
"Crystal Clear" Darling Buds from Crawdaddy
"I Won't Lie To You" Let's Wrestle from In Loving Memory Of...
"Woman In The Corner" The Search from Saturnine Songs
"Slow" 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong from Baby Trash
"Joey Ramoney" Helen Love from Radio Hits
"Sound Of Love" The Legendary Bang from Louise Brooks
"When You Were Eating Ice Cream" Let's Whisper from Make Me Smile
"Sun To Shine" Marbles from Pyramid Landing & Other Favorites
"Letters" Marching Band from Spark Large
"Jack Nicholson Style" Coming Soon from New Grids
"I Think She's The One I Love" The Research from The Old Terminal
"Even In The Darkness" Rue Royale from Rue Royale

SHR EXTRA: October 2008
That's it. October 2008 was a lie!
"Loop Duplicate My Heart" Suburban Kids With Biblical Names from #3
"Mark" Sarandon from Kill Twee Pop!
"All Day Long" X-Teens from Love & Politics
"The Most! The Best! The Greatest!" Blackblack from Blackblack
"Home Sweet Home" Those Dancing Days" from In Our Space Hero Suits
"Let's Get Away From It All" Friends from The Best Of Friends
"Braveheart" Vermont Sugar House from Carlton Gardens
"Crop Circle Jerk '94" Megapuss from Surfing
"Mother & Child Reunion" Morning Benders from The Bedroom Covers
"Mingus" I'm From Barcelona from Who Killed Harry Houdini?
"Neon Sign" Francis International Airport from We Are Jealous We Are Glass
"Tactless" Band Of Holy Joy from Manic, Magic, Majestic
"Freedom" Garlands from The Garlands EP
"Gone For Days" The Bell from Make Some Quiet
"Swimming Pool" Submarines from Honeysuckle Weeks
"Two Words Away" Wan Light from Carmaline
"Who's Gonna Find Out?" Holiday from Ready, Steady, Go!
"Falling Leaves" Pocketbooks from Waking Up EP
"Ready To Pop" Boston Spaceships from Brown Submarine
"Medicine" Rumblefish from 1234 (1987-1992)
"Shot At Politics" Little Man Tate from Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy
"I'm Going Out" Modesty Blaise from Melancholia
"Once You Used To" Gentle Touch from In Memory Of Savannah
"Like Straw Dogs" Vanilla Swingers from Vanilla Swingers

SHR EXTRA: September 2008 - A Funky Soul Mix
I was faking the funk. It deserted me.
"Don't Stop, Get Off" Sylvers from Forever Yours
"Stick Shift (Part 1)" Rayfield Reid & The Magnificents from Treat You Right
"Why I Sing The Blues (with the Pazant Bros)" Betty Barney from Funk Soul Sisters
"Booger The Hooker" Black Nasty from Talking To The People
"Love Addict" Honey & The Bees from Dynamite!
"Can't Stop" Monk Higgins from Little Mama
"Find Yourself (Pt. 1)" Marvin Holmes from Bay Area Funk
"Soul Charge (Parts 1 & 2)" Soul Chargers & James Fountain from Rare Funk Liberation, Vol. 1
"Can I Be Your Squeeze" Chuck Carbo from New Orleans Funk - The Original Sound Of Funk 1960-75
"Miss Hard To Get" Dennis Landry from Southern Funkin' - Louisiana Funk & Soul 1967-1970
"Rosemarie" Dynamic Tints & Pieces Of Peace from Eccentric Soul: Twinight's Lunar Rotation
"Hearing Things" Snooky & The Cosmic Flowers from Golden State Funk
"Ace Of Spades" O.V. Wright from A Nickle & A Nail & The Ace Of Spades
"If You Took A Survey" Bobby Patterson from It's Just A Matter Of Time
"You Can't See The Forest (For The Trees)" Edna Wright from Oops Here I Go Again
"Lardbroke Grove Blues" Ram John Holder from Black London Blues
"Honky Tonk Scat" Side Effect from What You Need
"I'm On The Move" Bobby Byrd from Funk Drops 3: Breaks, Nuggets & Rarities
"From The Love Side" Hank Ballard from Raw Soul & Deep Fried Funk
"Dance Girl" Rimshots from 7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (Blow Your Whistle)
"Hey Sexy Mama" Blair from Night Life
"Non-Stop Flight" Spanky Wilson from Speciality Of The House
"You Made A New Man Out Of Me" Lee Fields from Problems
"Funky Toes" Politicians from Psycha-Soula-Funkadelic

SHR EXTRA: August 2008
The mood changed. The days got shorter. This extra went away.
"Around The World" Around The World from Around The World
"Moving Day Song" Bomb Pops from Recommended For Diversion Seekers
"Try" Delta 5 from Singles & Sessions 1979-81
"Shade To Be" Violets from Lost Pages
"She Loves Me" Buglite from Shreds Volume 3
"You Might Hear A Sweet Sound" Second-Hand Furniture from Game, Set, Match...
"El Buen Vigía" Family from Un Soplo En El Coraz&ocacute;n
"Smash Hit Wonder" King Of Luxembourg from Royal Bastard
"Golly Gosh" Love Is All from Wishing Well & Covers EP
"I'm Sorry, But I'm Begininng To Hate Your Face" Eagle*Seagull from I Hate EPs (EP)
"Green Is In The Red" Private Dicks from Avon Calling: The Bristol Compilation
"Sharon" Yeah Jazz from Six Lane Ends
"Good Behaviour" Po! from Sunny Sunday Smile
"Is Vic There?" Department S from Is Vic There?
"Disconnected" Beat Union from Disconnected
"Best Supporting Actor" One For The Team from Build It Up
"Leave It To You" Minisnap from Bounce Around
"Scissors" World Of Pooh from Land Of Thirst
"Electric Avenue" Salem 66 from Natural Disasters, National Treasures
"Hard To Smile" Free Loan Investments from Youth Will Understand EP
"Do The Robot!" Sisely & The Safety Pin-Ups from Do The Robot!
"Teenage" Lasse Lindh from The Sound Of Young Sweden Vol. 2
"When The Angels Play Their Drum Machines" Hefner from Dead Media
"If You Loved Me At All" Julian Cope from Peggy Suicide

SHR EXTRA: July 2008
This extra waited extra long for you. Then it left.
"The Woods" Cartridge from Fractures
"Department Store" The Times from Beat Torture
"Something Happens" Mighty Lemon Drops from Dreamworld, 1985-1987
"The Conversation" The Lodger from Life Is Sweet
"Parasol" Niza from Modapop
"Going Blind" Go-Betweens from The Friends Of Rachel Worth
"Connection" Call & Response from Tiger Teeth
"Stumbling" Aprilsrain from Stellar Transmission
"Cold Feet" Irene from Apple Bay
"Long Lost Friend" Autumn Leaves from Long Lost Friend
"Jupiter Hollow" Proctors from Pinstipes & Englishmen
"That Mortal Kiss" Dylan Mondegreen from While I Walk You Home
"If A Vow" Hummingbirds from Va Va Voom
"Presents" Via Audio from Say Something
"Poor Old Soul Part One" Orange Juice from The Glasgow School
"Nothing Lasts Forever" See Venus from Hard Times For Dreamers
"Night Vision Binoculars" Passenger from Wicked Man's Rest
"Fruit Machine" Ting Tings from We Started Nothing
"Highways Of Gold" Jaguar Love from Jaguar Love EP
"Rough Draft" Lemuria from The First Collection
"Folder" Plastic Operator from Different Places
"Jet Set Ride!!!" Cubismo Grafico from Tout!

SHR EXTRA: June 2008 - The Indie Mix
It melted away. Rats!
"No Drama" Speedmarket Avenue from Way Better Now
"The Only One" Cure from The Only One
"Where It Ends" Boy In Static from Violet
"Dust Me Off" Tilly & The Wall from O
"Keeping Mistakes" Look See Proof from Between Here & There
"Downhill" Waltones from You've Got To Hand It To 'Em
"The Master's Bedroom Is Worth Spending A Night In" Thee Oh Sees from The Master's Bedroom Is Worth Spending A Night In
"Eyes Wide Terrified" Johnny Foreigner from Waited Up Til It Was Light
"Photoshop" Sparks from Exotic Creatures Of The Deep
"This Means War (Radio Mix)" The Beloved from Where It Is
"We Belong" June Brides from For Better Or Worse
"She's Got The Beat" The Judy's from Washarama
"I Can Never Die" Sweet Serenades from First Taste EP
"Danger!" The Sound Of Arrows from Danger! EP
"Summerdreamer" Daysleepers from Drowned In A Sea Of Sound
"Winter" Dodos from Visiter
"Blank Slate" The National from The Virginia EP
"Don't Look" Nervus Rex from Nervus Rex
"Freddie & The Trojan Horse" Radio Dept from Freddie & The Trojan Horse EP
"You Can't Stop Me" Soda Fountain Rag from Sometimes I Wonder If You Have A Heart
"Great Dane" Mates Of State from Re-Arrange Us
"I'll Still Be There" Razorcuts from R Is For Razorcuts
"This Love Is Fucking Right!" The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart from The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart EP
"All Right" Jim Noir from Jim Noir

SHR EXTRA: June 2008 - The Punky Mix
It's not here any longer. Punk is dead.
"Boredom" Buzzcocks from Time's Up
"Astro Zombies" Misfits from Walk Among Us
"LA Girl" Adolescents from The Adolescents
"Psycho" Sonics from Psycho-Sonic
"Live Fast Die Young" Circle Jerks from Group Sex / Wild In The Streets
"He's A Whore" Big Black from Songs About Fucking
"I Hate The Rich" Dils from What Stuff
"Goodbye To The Job" Members from Res:Erected
"Academy Fight Song" Mission Of Burma from Signals, Calls & Marches
"12XU" Wire from Pink Flag
"Will You Love Me Tomorrow" Me First & The Gimme Gimmes from Blow In The Wind
"We're Desperate" X from Beyond & Back: The X Anthology
"In The City" Jam from Greatest Hits
"Blank Generation" Richard Hell & The Voidoids from Blank Generation
"Lexicon Devil" Germs from (MIA) The Complete Anthology
"Ghost Rider" Suicide from Suicide
"Shake Rattle Bang Your Head" Adicts from The Complete Singles Collection
"No Feelings" Sex Pistols from Never Mind The Bollocks, Here's The Sex Pistols
"Hot Dogs With Everything" Pogues from Haunted
"Yellow Belt" Bitesize from The Best Of Bitesize
"New Rose" Damned from Damned Damned Damned
"1945 (Posh Boy)" Social Distortion from Mainliner (Wreckage From The Past)
"Sonic Reducer" Dead Boys from Younger, Louder & Snottier
"I Don't Care" Boys from The Very Best Of The Boys
"Feel Good Hit Of The Summer" Queens Of The Stone Age from Feel Good Hit Of The Summer
"To Hell With Good Intentions" Mclusky from McLusky Do Dallas
"Born To Lose" Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers from L.A.M.F. - The Lost 1977 Mixe
"Veronica Hates Me" Screeching Weasel from My Brain Hurts
"I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone" Sleater-Kinney from All Over Me
"She's No Rocket Scientist" Mr. T Experience from Making Things With Light
"Don't Back The Front" Desperate Bicycles from Another Commercial Venture

SHR EXTRA: May 2008
It's here no more. You May not.
"Metropolis" Montt Mardié (feat Fredrik Hellström of Le Sport) from Clocks/Pretender
"Sexualized" Relaxed Muscle from A Heavy Nite With Relaxed Muscle
"No Fun" Asian Dub Foundation from Punkara
"(Lack Of) Love Will Tear Us Apart" Honeydrips from Here Comes The Future
"The Whistling Song" Pinker Tones from Wild Animals
"Can't Go Outside" The Amazing Elephant Man from Attack Of The One Man Bands!
"The Book I Read" Talking Heads from Talking Heads 77
"Serious Thing" Misty's Big Adventure from Funny Times
"Pleasure" Girls At Our Best! from Pleasure
"Guardian Angel" The Children from Every Single Day
"Give Up The Monsters" The Diary from Separate
"I'm Not A Bad Girl" Bristols from Introducing The Bristols
"The Richest Kids" This Is Ivy League from This Is Ivy League
"Midnight Coward" Stars from In Our Bedroom After The War
"Well Well Well" Woodentops from Well Well Well
"Matterhoney" Monkey Swallows The Universe from The Casket Letters
"Let's Be Sophisticated" International Exiles from Can't Stop It! II: Australian Post-Punk 1979-1984
"Flavor Crystals" Suburban Lawns from Baby EP
"1991" Cannannes from Caveat Emptor
"A Habit Of You" Jim Jiminee from Welcome To Hawaii
"The Chocolate Song" Tot Taylor from Jumble Soul
"Law" Mighty Mighty from One Way EP
"Something You Should Know" Mousefolk from Heads Full Of Hope
"The Other Side Of You" Bats from The Law Of Things

SHR EXTRA: April 2008
It's gone. Like an April shower.
"I'd Have To Be Out Of My Mind" P.F. Sloan from Anthology
"Memory" Tellers from Hands Full Of Ink
"Elevator Shaft" Professor Pez from Hordaland
"Torn On The Platform" from Jack Penate
"Boyscry" Distractions from Nobody's Perfect
"Busy Busy Busy" Wolfie from Where's Wolfie
"Don't Take Holidays" Maple State from Say, Scientist
"Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks" Los Campesinos from Hold On Now Youngster
"SPF 5 Million" Tuuli from Travoltas + Tuuli - 7" Split Single
"Through With Love" Sharp Things from A Moveable Feast
"It's No Fun!" Strange Idols from It's No Fun!
"Love Resistance" Apple Boutique from Love Resistance
"Winter Grrrl" 18 Wheeler from Formanka
"Think I Wanna Die" Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin from Pershing
"Satellite" Kicking Giant from Halo
"Radio" Hackamore Brick from One Kiss Leads To Another
"Ill Love" Pete & The Pirates from Little Death
"The First Song Of The Last Day Of The Rest Of Your Life" Gentle Ben & His Sensitive Side from The Sober Light Of Day
"Echoes" I Was A Cub Scout from I Want You To Know That There Is Always Hope
"Dyed In The Wool" The Young Knives from Superabundance
"Poison Remedy" High Water Marks from Polar
"Aspidistra" Scotland Yard Gospel Choir from The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir
"Always Wish You Did" The Backroom from Reagan Era Rocketship
"Armchair Anthropologist" Pinto from Hook Me Up
"She Sleeps Around" Harvey Williams from Rebellion
"Dapper Street" Nits from Henk/Kilo

SHR EXTRA: March 2008
It's gone. Like a March wind.
"Don't Be A DJ" Fosca from The Painted Side Of The Rocket
"Voodoo Economics" Serenes from Barefoot & Pregnant
"When I'm Alone" Love Parade from Past Crimes
"Oh My God" Ida Maria from Timo Master
"Party" Envelopes from Here Comes The Wind
"Pinky Blue" Altered Images from Pinky Blue
"Love Is Strange" Mickey & Sylvia from Love Is Strange
"You'd Do Me Good" Servants from Reserved
"Shake It & Dance" Hilly Michaels from Calling All Girls
"Acting My Age" Graduate from Acting My Age
"All Time High" Agnes Kain from Keep Walking Or I'll Kill You
"Dance Me In" Sons & Daughters from Dance Me In 7"
"Lembranças" As Mercenárias from The Beginning Of The End Of The World
"M For Me (Solo Version)" Billy Bragg from Mr. Love & Justice
"Give & Take" Broken Family Band from Hello Love
"Some Psychedelic Song" Anyways from Older Than Yesterday
"Crying Over You" Suede Crocodiles from Stop The Rain
"Tom Paine" The Rain from To The Citadel
"Davy Crockett" Thee Headcoatees from My First Billy Childish Album
"I Wanna Be A Girl" King Khan & The Shrines from What Is?!
"So It's Not To Be" Delmontes from Carousel
"I My Me Mine" Polysics from Now Is The Time!
"Automatic Lover" Teddybears STHLM from Automatic Lover
"Hustle Rose" Metric from Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?

SHR EXTRA: Ferbruary 2008
Deleted. Romance is dead.
NOTE: This is a Valentine's Day mix of songs I played while subbing the Lounge Show. I didn't record that show, so this file is music from the show without my airbreaks. Happy Valentine's Day!
"This Could Be The Start Of Something" Ray Charles Singers from Something Special For Young Lovers
"'S Wonderful" Ella Fitzgerald from The Best of The Song Books
"Love" Johnnie Ray from A Sinner Am I
"That Old Devil Moon" Joanie Sommers from Positively The Most
"You're Just In Love" Rosemary Clooney (with Guy Mitchell) from Songs From The Girl Singer
"Be My Life's Companion" Mills Brothers from The Very Best Of The Mills Brothers
"Light My Fire" Nancy Sinatra from Nancy
"Dear Love" Robert Goulet from On Broadway/On Broadway, Vol. 2
"I'm In The Mood For Love" Frances Langford from Echoes Of The 20's & 30's
"Theme From 'Love Story' (Where Do I Begin)" Sandler & Young from Love Stories
"Hi-Diddlee-I-Di" Modernaires from Singin' & Swingin'
"This Little Girl Of Mine" Sammy Davis, Jr. from I Gotta Right To Swing
"Let There Be Love" Julie London from Sings The Standards
"Mountain Greenery" Matt Dennis from She Dances Overhead
"Like Someone In Love" Blossom Dearie from Give Him The Ooh-La-La
"If You Haven't Got A Sweetheart" Dennis Day from A Song In My Heart
"Bleib Bei Mir, Babe (I Got You, Babe)" Benny Quick & Petra Prinz from Pop In Germany Vol. 3
"Baciare Baciare (Kissing Kissing)" Dorothy Collins from Baciare Baciare (Kissing Kissing)
"You Made Me Love You" Bing Crosby from It Had To Be You
"The Way You Are" Eartha Kitt from Not So Old-Fashioned
"What A Little Moonlight Can Do" Billy Eckstine from Imagination
"Easy To Love" King Sisters from Imagination
"Kiss Me First" Neal Hefti from Pardon My Doo-Wah
"My Love, My Love" Connie Francis from Songs To A Swinging Band
"Sway" Dean Martin from Ultra-Lounge Vol. 9: Cha-Cha De Amor
"P.S. I Love You" Keely Smith from Keely Smith Sings The John Lennon/Paul McCartney Songbook
"Forever" Joe Berluck from The Erotic Voice Of Joe Berluck
"Let's Fall In Love" Jerri Adams from It's Cool Inside
"Yours" Bob Eberly & Helen O'Connell from Bob Eberly & Helen O'Connell - Together Again
"Little Rug Bug" Rod Rogers With The Swinging Strings from The American Song-Poem Anthology - Do You Know The Difference Between Big Wood & Brush?

SHR EXTRA: January 2008
Deleted. That'll learn ya.
"TV" Headlights from Kill Them With Kindness
"I Know I'll See You" A Place To Bury Strangers from A Place To Bury Strangers
"Too Drunk To Dream" Magnetic Fields from Distortion
"Stalking Skills" Liechtenstein from Stalking Skills 7"
"I'll Love You Until My Veins Explode" Paper Cranes from Halcyon Days
"We Are Fierce Competitors" Five Blank Pages from Last Blush
"Class Of 2000" Amida from Arts & Crafts
"Those Dancing Days" Those Dancing Days from Those Dancing Days EP
"I Like You" The Moog from Sold For Tomorrow
"Give It Back To You" Heikki from Heikki 2
"Minus Minus Equals Plus" Edson from Every Day, Every Second
"Haunted When The Minutes Drag (USA Mix)" Love & Rockets from Seventh Dream Of Teenage Heaven
"Incurable (Reprise)" Piano Magic from Part-Monster
"Fall From A Height" Honeydrips from Here Comes The Future
"Recovery" New Buffalo from The Last Beautiful Day
"Tried To Be Good" Pants Yell! from Alison Statton
"Beyond The Reef" Autocollants from Why Couldn't Things Just Stay The Same?
"Square Roots" The State Of Samuel from Here Come The Floods
"Days" Bears from Bears
"More Heat Than Light" Veils from The Runaway Found
"Sandwich Commandments" Michael Showalter from Sandwiches & Cats

SHR EXTRA: December 2007
Deleted. It's no longer Christmas.
Self Help Radio Intro
"Christmas" CJ Buchanan from Famous Holidays
"Jingle Bells" Rita Moss from Jingle Bells 7"
"Cool Yule" Go Go Joes from Cool Yule 7"
"Santa's Got A Brand New Bag" Joey & Danny from Rats In The Room 7" "Meow Meow" Colin Clary from Cwistmas Twee
"Ringo For Christmas" Rainbow Choir from The Exotic Christmas Trattoria Course, Vol. 1
"White Christmas With Bobby The Poet" Hardly-Worthit Players from Boston Soul
"The Twelve Days Of Christmas" Field Music, Kathryn Williams, The Futureheads, The Golden Virgins & The Joseph & Mary Chain from It's Not Like Christmas
"Christmas On The Moon" Troy Hess from Christmas On The Moon
"Christmas Boogie" 'Sugar Chile' Robinson from Junior Jump
"Hooray For Santy Claus!" Milton DeLugg & The Little Eskimos from Santa Claus Conquers The Martians
"Nine Little Reindeer" Santa's Helpers from 50 Christmas Carols
"Prancer's Got Some Red Spots" Tempests from Prancer's Got Some Red Spots
"Gary The Green Nosed Reindeer" MC Lars from A Santa Cause 2: It's A Punk Rock Christmas
"If I Was Santa Claus" Atmosphere from Lucy Ford: The Atmosphere EPs
"The Nutcracker Suite (Baz Kuts Breaks Mix)" Berlin Symphony Orchestra from Christmas Remixed
"Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix)" Johnny Mercer With The Pied Pipers from Christmas Classics Remixed
"Merry Christmas (I Don't Wanna Fight)" Helen Love from Merry Christmas (I Don't Wanna Fight)
"Christmas Wrapping" Save Ferris from Kevin & Bean's Last Christmas
"X-Mas Shopping" Skyliners from Drive In Presents Easy Tune Vol. 2
"Christmas In Vietnam" Johnny & Jon from Merry Christmas, Baby
"Christmas Prison" Honky Tonk Confidential from Who Gets The Fruitcake This Year?
"Little Drummer Boy (Up The Khyber)" Hoodoo Gurus from A Lump Of Coal
"The Happy Holiday" Paul & Paula from Holiday For Teens
"Swiss Christmas" Smothers Brothers from Curb Your Tongue, Knave!
"Frosty The Snow Man" Three Suns from Christmas Party

SHR EXTRA: November 2007
Deleted. Heck! Where were you!
"Boute" Au from Au
"You Crash" Pipas from Sorry Love
"I Take Bribes" Close Lobsters from Foxheads Stalk This Land
"Paris" Bloody Marys from Sixteen Hail Marys
"Growing A Girl" We Show Up On Radar from Growing A Girl
"The Kind Of Boy You Can't Forget" Raindrops from The Raindrops
"Twist Barbie" Shonen Knife from Let's Knife
"Slice Our Hands (We Are Blood Sisters)" Ladybirds from Regional Community Theater
"Don't Sleep Alone" Bella from No One Will Know
"Fireworks" Witch Hazel Sound from This World, Then The Fireworks...
"Spinster" Shy Camp from Friendly Society - A Harriet Records Compilation
"Give My Love To Kevin (Acoustic Version)" Wedding Present from George Best Plus
"Take A Look" Leslies from Leslies
"Why I Didn't Like August 93" Elevator To Hell from Parts 1-3
"Cruelty" Wolfhounds from Unseen Ripples From A Pebble
"My Life Is Only A Daydream" California Snow Story from Close To The Ocean
"Gone By Fall" Shapiros from The Shapiros
"Heaven Help The New Girl" Long Blondes from Someone To Drive You Home
"The Good News Is..." Bowl-A-Rama from Clippings - A Candle Records Collection
"Oddball" Moving Jelly Brothers from A Sandwich & A Sweater
"Commit" Blakes from The Blakes
"Plastik People" Bis from I Love Bis
"New Wave Girl" Nerf Herder from American Cheese
"If You Want Me To Stay" Ronny from Nouvelle Vague Presents: New Wave
"Pulses" White Rainbow from Prism Of Eternal Now

SHR EXTRA: October 2007
Deleted. Aw! You missed it!
"Past Lovers" Ballboy from The Sash My Father Wore & Other Stories
"Disaster Strikes Again" Ferns from On Botany
"Nobody Loves You" Little Name from How To Swim & Live
"Bobby Pin" A Smile & A Ribbon from The Boy I Wish I Never Met
"What Do You See In Me?" The Charade from The Best Is Yet To Come
"Ignorant Boy, Beautiful Girl" Loney, Dear from Citadel Band
"No Love Lost" Polyrock from Polyrock + Changing Hearts
"Enemy" Blue Foundation from Life Of A Ghost
"She's So Lovely" Scouting For Girls from Scouting For Girls
"Leaps" Broken Family Band from Hello Love
"People In Love" Art Brut from It's A Bit Complicated
"Whatever Happened" Glenn Mercer from Wheels In Motion
"Motorcycle Daydream" Bedroom Eyes from Embrace In Stereo EP
"Catch Another Breath" Choo Choo Train from Briar High
"Out Of Tune" Irene from Long Gone Before Summer
"Nooks" King Creosote from Bombshell
"Starman" Seu Jorge from The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou OST
"Wild Vanilla" Kristin Hersh from Learn To Sing Like A Star
"Psycho Killer" Flying Pickets from Only The Lonely 12"
"Crossing Line" Sea & Cake from Everybody
"Not As Goth As They Say We Are" Say Hi To Your Mom from Impeccable Blahs
"Tada Caba Cabat" Yellow Wallpaper from Random Access Music Machine: US Pop Life Vol. 7 - Experimental