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2014: Year Of Joy & Misery

Life was in transition in 2014. Self Help Radio recapitulates some forms of life. While life ebbed (mostly) & flowed (for a lark), Self Help Radio came around, week after week, making goofy observations, asking stupid questions & playing lovely songs. Guests came to the show for the first time. Usually unfunny funnies reappeared. Have a look. In reverse time order.

December 28, 2014: WRFL Sub Show
"The Jet Set Junta" The Monochrome Set from Eligible Bachelors
"Cabin Fever" Lily & Madeleine from Fumes
"A Day Laye" Tyrannosaurus Rex from A Beard Of Stars
"Change Your Mind For Me" Max Jury from All I Want: The Sonic Factory Sessions
"Lift Up Your Conscience" Israel Vibration from The Same Song
"No In A Dat" Horseman from Dawn Of The Dread
"Quiet Day" Lusine from Arterial
"Bright As Your Eyes" OK Go from Hungry Ghosts
"Coffee Shop Of Dreams" My Favorite from Love At Absolute Zero/Death In Suburbia (Believers Edition)
"Moments" Jessy Tomsko from Big Hearts EP
"Dials" Cocteau Twins from Heaven Or Las Vegas
"0-4" The Notwist from Shrink
"Georgy Boy" Sir Lord Von Raven from Please Throw Me Back In The Ocean
"Carnival" Cardigans from Life
"Swoon" Tanya Donelly from Lovesongs For Underdogs
"Impression Of J Temperance" The Fall from In A Hole
"DMT Overdose" Ontologics from Something To Needle Over
"Back With You Again In The World" Spider Bags from Frozen Letter
"Seismic" Pale Hands from Spirit Lines
"Alien Girl" The Very Most from EardrumsPop 100
"Esther" Peter Moren from Broken Swenglish Vol. 1 & 2
"Little Fist" Love Spit Love from Trysome Eatone
"Bubbles" Redhino from Redhino
"Shimmy Shimmy Ya" Ol' Dirty Bastard from Return To The 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version
"Rock The Boat" Hughes Corporation from Pure Disco, Vol. 2
"This Life" Josef Salvat from In Your Prime EP
"Shirley" Swedish Rhythm Kings from Innagaddadavinci
"Wrap It Up" Sam & Dave from I Thank You
"Tina Dreams" Baxendale from The Revenge Has Just Begun: The Story So Far
"Crazy" Pylon from Chomp
"The Weather Song" Ought from More Than Any Other Day
"The Taste Of You" Ritual Howls from Turkish Leather
"Rare Flowers" The Blue Aeroplanes from Tolerance
"Taylor Made" She Returns From War from She Returns From War
"Slop" Charles Mingus from Mingus Dynasty
"Template" Tyshawn Sorey from Alloy
"Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)" De La Soul from Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)
"Diss Connect" The Green Seed from Drapetomania
"Almost Grown" David Bowie from Bowie At The Beeb
"All Grown Up" Elvis Costello from Mighty Like A Rose
"King Of The World (The Undefeated Champion)" Kav from The Man With No Shadow
"Ears" Cinerama from Va Va Voom
"I Want It All, So I Can Have Nothing" The Ropes from I Want It All, So I Can Have Nothing

December 26, 2014: Indiepop A To Z # 46
Listen to part one of this show (72 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 60 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (70 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 58 minutes)
"Map Of The World" Jim's Twenty One from Throwaway Friend 7"
"Wussy Void" Joanna Gruesome from Weird Sister
"Moulted Fur From A Labrador" Jody & The Creams from A Big Dog
"Yes, I Miss The Ramones" Johann Sebastian Punk from More Lovely & More Temperate
"Fell Into You" Johanna's House Of Glamour from Farewell Street
"Goodbye Flip Flap Guitar" Johnny Dee from Love Compilation
"Bittersweet" Johnny Says Yeah! from Friends Gone By 1986-1989
"Cranes & Cranes & Cranes & Cranes" Johnny Foreigner from Waited Up Til It Was Light
"Ode To St. Valentine" Calvin Johnson from What Was Me
"Museum Of Love" Daniel Johnston from Yip/Jump Music
"In That Space" The Jordans from Katydid
"Sorry For Laughing" Josef K from Sorry For Laughing
"Tarde De Fiesta" El Joven Bryan from Expreso
"El Reloj" Jóvenes y Sexys from Bruno EP
"Love Will Tear Us Apart" Joy Division from Love Will Tear Us Apart
"Her Wave" The Judy's from Washarama
"Rocketscientist" Juicy from For The Ladies
"At The Appointed Hour" Julie Ocean from Long Gone & Nearly There
"Sister" Jumprope from Holiday In Brazil
"Every Conversation" The June Brides from There Are Eight Million Stories...
"The Beery Boysclub" Juniper from I've Got It Now - A Popfest Compilation Cassette
"El Resto De Mi Vida" Juniper Moon from Rough Trade Shops: Indiepop, Vol. 1
"Gordie Can't Swim" The Junipers from Cut Your Key
"Leave The Ground" Jupiter from Just A Taste: A Summershine Records Compilation
"Violet Intertwine" Jupiter Sun from Why Popstars Can't Dance
"Hey Boy... You're Oh So Sensitive" The Just Joans from Hey Boy... You're Oh So Sensitive
"Catch" Kaia from Oregon
"Go" Kaito from You've Seen Us... You Must Have Seen Us...
"My Favorite Tofflor" Hideki Kaji from Tea
"Last Night" Kaleida from Knowing Who Your Friends Are
"Drink For Three" Kanda from All The Best Meetings Are Taken

December 26, 2014: WRFL Sub Show
"Things We Used To Drink" Supercluster from Things We Used To Drink
"The House Of Good Lovin'" Black Strobe from Godforsaken Roads
"Babies Falling" The Magnetic Fields from Distant Plastic Trees
"L.A.F." Broods from Evergreen
"Noise" The Kinks from State Of Confusion
"Man A Fool" Christopher Denny from If The Roses Don't Kill Us
"Amaryllis In The Sprawl" Shriekback from Glory Bumps
"Douce Ambiance" Fumée Gypsy Project from Reverie
"Non Believer" FM Belfast from Brighter Days
"Hometown Hair" Call Security from To Whom It May Concern EP
"Baloney Polonius" Momus & John Henriksson from The Thunderclown
"Placebo Effect" Siouxsie & The Banshees from Join Hands
"Fridge Magnet Song" The Lucksmiths from Boondoggle
"Midnight Ladies" Speedtwins from It's More Fun To Compete
"Dan Dare" The Wedding Present from Seamonsters
"Terracotta" Garden City Movement from Entertainment/Bengali Cinema
"I'll Be Your Mirror" The Velvet Underground from Live MCMXCIII
"Business Dog" Julian Casablancas + The Voidz from Tyranny
"Stay Cool I'll See You This Summer" Tullycraft from 1st String Teenage High EP
"For The Young" Kindness from Otherness
"Mr Tembo" Damon Albarn from Everyday Robots
"A Conflict Of Memory" Lazer/Wulf from The Beast Of Left & Right
"Between Planets" The Jesus & Mary Chain from Automatic
"The Dog in the Convertible" Deane Nesbitt Jr. from Music In Search Of A Movie
"So Lonely" The Police from Outlandos d'Amour
"The Black Road Shines" The Apartments from The Evening Visits... And Stays For Years
"At Amber" Morrissey from The HMV / Parlophone Singles 88-95
"Other Towns & Cities" Camera Obscura from My Maudlin Career
"Chance To Steal" Let's Go Naked from 3 Limbs 7"

December 24, 2014: WRFL Sub Show
"The Classical" The Fall from Hex Enduction Hour
"Happy Idiot" TV On The Radio from Seeds
"Don't Wait Up" Tweens from Tweens
"All Caps" Madvillain from Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton
"So Many Tears" 2Pac from Me Against The World
"And All the Winners" Museum Of Love from Museum Of Love
"Buddy Holly Medley" Phil Ochs from Gunfight At Carnegie Hall
"All Part Of Loving You" Breaking Grass from Just As Strong
"No Place To Fall" Townes Van Zandt from Flyin' Shoes
"Castigadas En El Granero" Deers from Barn
"Puzzle" Devon Williams from Gilding The Lily
"Alison" Elvis Costello from Live At The Hollywood High
"The Three Shadows, Part II" Bauhaus from The Sky's Gone Out
"Six Months In A Leaky Boat" Split Enz from Time & Tide
"All The Time" Team from Good Morning Bad Day
"Golden Arrow" The Well Wishers from Twenty-Four Seven
"Home (Leave The Light On)" Field Report from Marigolden
"Connection" Elastica from Elastica
"Down The Road" The Greenbeans from The Greenbeans
"Raised Eyebrows" The Feelies from Crazy Rhythms
"Punk Rock Club" Sid Griffin from The Trick Is To Breathe
"Ask" The Smiths from Louder Than Bombs
"To Travel The Path Unknown" Goat from Commune
"Play Dumb" The Crookes from Soapbox
"Breathless" X from More Fun In The New World
"Green Don't Suit Me" The Piranhas from The Piranhas
"All The Young Dudes" David Bowie from Aladdin Sane
"0-1" Kit Clayton Vs Safety Scissors from The Ping Pong EP
"The Final Resting Of The Ark" Felt from Creation Soup, Vol. 5
"Broken Little Soul" All The Little Pieces from Broken Little Soul
"Don't Go Now" Philip Selway from Waterhouse
"Girls Like Us" PINS from Girls Like Us
"Everybody Wants" Animal Hours from Do Over
"Afterglow (Of Your Love)" Small Faces from Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake
"Pansy Waltz" Shakey Graves from And The War Came
"Hey Charlie Hey Chuck" Bearsuit from Hey Charlie Hey Chuck
"Greet The Morning" Matt Krahula from Old Home Days
"After The Bullfight" Robyn Hitchcock from There Goes The Ice
"Kill For Love" Girl Tears from Tension
"No More Heroes" The Stranglers from No More Heroes
"Lester Left Town" Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers from The Big Beat
"Wayfarin' Stranger" Neil Young & Crazy Horse from Americana
"Case Study: General Zod" Superego from Superego Volume 3, Episode 3

December 21, 2014: WRFL Sub Show
"The Right Way" Prince Far I & The Arabs from Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter 1
"Liberation Call" Groundation from A Miracle
"What'cha Say" The Meters from Rejuvenation
"Hellbent" Mystery Skulls from Forever
"All The Greek Boys (Do The Handwalk)" Shriekback from Tench
"Caramel Afternoon" Röyksopp from The Inevitable End
"Pretty Colors" Chalk & Numbers from Parade EP
"Drunk" Angaleena Presley from American Middle Class
"Lotta Love" Neil Young from Comes A Time
"Medford" Mr. Twin Sister from Mr. Twin Sister EP
"Lonesome George" Yeti Lane from Yeti Lane
"Badge (Grace Under Pressure)" My Favorite from Joan Of Arc Awaiting Trial
"This Is Pop" Latimer House from All The Rage
"00.31 To Destruction" This Microwave World from The Same Things Kill Your Kids
"Le Sigh" Johnny Foreigner from You Can Do Better
"The Baker's Wife" The Lucksmiths from Boondoggle
"Nude Beach A Go-Go" Ariel Pink from Pom Pom
"Whole Wide World" Wreckless Eric from Whole Wide World
"Rainy Day" Moonhooch from This is Cave Music
"Alibi" Elvis Costello from When I Was Cruel
"Thought I'd Let You Know" The Dirty River Boys from The Dirty River Boys
"Talkin' To Gary On The Corner" White Fang from Metal Postcards
"Crazy Girl" Katie Gosnell from Dear Katie
"Auntie Toothache" Stephin Merritt from Showtunes
"Painted On Attitude" T. Hardy Morris from Painted On Attitude
"Everything's Bigger" Speedy Ortiz from Real Hair
"California" The Wedding Present from Hit Parade 1
"Winona Ryder" Unrest from The Machines (Simple Machines 7"s 1990-1993)
"Ballad Of The Barrel Organist" Momus from Monsters Of Love: Singles 1985-90
"Dreamin'" The Heath Brothers from Classic Jazz-Funk, Vol. 5
"That Unforgettable Line" Fred Frith & John Butcher from The Natural Order
"Hey Girl" TacocaT from NVM
"Shark Bait" The AmpFibians from The Surf Guitar Heard 'Round The World
"Asian Rut" Morrissey from Kill Uncle
"Bye Bye Pride" Winterpills from Echolalia
"Ford Mustang" Serge Gainsbourg from Initials B.B.
"If You're Looking For A Loser" Arty Hill from Heart On My Dirty Sleeve
"Shock Goodbyes & P45's" Wombats from Techno Fan
"Call To Arms" Priory from Weekend EP
"Things You'll Keep" The Apartments from A Life Full Of Farewells
"Sun" Microdisney from Everybody Is Fantastic
"Inwards" Big Country from The Crossing
"Cassandra B." Posse from Soft Opening
"All The Madmen" David Bowie from The Man Who Sold The World

December 19, 2014: A Very Self Help Radio Christmas 2014
Listen to part one of this show (71 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 60 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (71 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
"Christmas Alphabet/White Christmas" Günter Kallmann Choir from Christmas Sing In
"Merry Christmas To The Drunks, Merry Christmas To The Lovers" Ballboy from Merry Christmas To The Drunks, Merry Christmas To The Lovers
"Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer" U.S. Arm Band from Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer
"12 Days Of (Hipster) Christmas" Tea Kettles from Christmas EP
"Reggae Christmas Eve In Transylvania" Count Floyd from Count Floyd
"I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" Johnny Farnham from I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
"The Story Of Santa Claus" Sam Ulano from The Story Of Santa Claus
"Santa Baby" The Dollyrots from A Dollyrots Christmas EP
"The Christmas Song" Erasure from Snow Globe
"Am I Too Old For Christmas?" The Ashes from Mint 400 Records: A Very Merry Christmas Compilation
"Here Comes Santa Claus" Louis Aguilar from Les Meilleurs Morceaux De Noël
"The Christmas Song" Lead Belly from Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 2 (1940-1943)
"George & Andrew" The Boy Least Likely To from Christmas Special
"Last Christmas" From Bubblegum To Sky from Eenie Meenie Holiday Mix 2013
"Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" Cranes from O Come All Ye Faithful: Rock For Choice
"Christmas Parade" Al Terry from Country Christmas
"I Fell Out Of A Christmas Tree" Little Rita Faye from I Fell Out Of A Christmas Tree
"Countdown To Christmas Party Time" The Three Wise Men from Thanks For Christmas
"Lonely Hearts Club Christmas Party" The Love Machine from Spin into Christmas
"The Little Drummer Boy" The Do Re Mi Children's Chorus from The Little Drummer Boy
"Xmas Everyday (For My Kids)" Those Dreaded Gnats from A Dreaded Xmas - More Xmas Negatives
"Low Spirits" Benjamin Bearclaw from I May Be Lost But I'm Laughing
"A Very Sorry Christmas" The New Mendicants from A Very Sorry Christmas
"Blue Christmas" Seymour Swine & The Squealers from Blue Christmas
"Christmas Vs. Saturnalia" Tania Rivas from Christmas Vs. Saturnalia
"Alla Pastorale (Christmas Music)" Ottavio Dogali, Giuseppe Napoli & Giuseppe Ascani from The Italian Treasury: Calabria
"Talking Christmas Goodwill Blues" John Wesley Harding from God Made Me Do It: The Christmas EP

December 17, 2014: WRFL Sub Show
"Stick A Bush" Gladiators from Proverbial Reggae
"Babylon A Come (ft. Parly B)" Mungo's Hi Fi from Serious Time
"Someone New" September Girls from Cursing The Sea
"Sawtooth" Sama Dams from Comfort In Doubt
"The Artist Overwhelmed" Momus from Otto Spooky
"The Sea" Mr. Gnome from The Heart Of A Dark Star
"Baobab" The Assyrians from Tundra
"The Morgue" Loudon Wainwright III from Haven't Got The Blues (Yet)
"At Madam Plum's" Stephin Merritt from Showtunes
"Untying The Knot" Panda Bear from Mr. Noah EP
"Kiss Me Again" The Drums from Encyclopedia
"Back A Bit... Stop" The Wedding Present from Valentina
"Don't Reinvent What You Don't Understand" Forward Russia from Life Processes
"Achtung" Shriekback from Jam Science
"Il Cortile Grigio" 4 Bonjour's Parties from Pigments Drift Down To The Brook
"All The Reasons" The Pass from High Road EP
"Who Needs The Bureau De Change?" Greenland Sea (The Swapsies + Jam On Bread) from Between Two Waves - The Second Wave
"Creases" Tancred from Topshelf Records Label Sampler No. 9
"Final Flight" Melbourne Cans from Moonlight Malaise
"Not That Much" The Mojo Gurus from Who Asked Ya?
"Umbrella" The Lucksmiths from Boondoggle
"The Call" Hardin Burns from Down The Deep Well
"A Bit Higher" Jona Lewie from On The Other Hand There's A Fist
"Unobscure At Last" Longboat from Unobscure At Last
"All Saints" David Bowie from Low
"Just Like Johnny Marr" Alpaca Sports from Sealed With A Kiss
"After The Fall" Elvis Costello from Mighty Like A Rose
"You Are Free" Mates Of State from Re-Arrange Us
"Luna" Fear Of Men from Loom
"Stand Strong" Smif-N-Wessun from Dah Shinin'
"I Can See" MC Frontalot from Question Bedtime
"True Love" Fenster from The Pink Caves
"Drown So I Can Watch" The Twilight Sad from Nobody Wants To Be Here & Nobody Wants To Leave
"Piano Lessons For Beauty Queens" Tullycraft from 1st String Teenage High EP
"Julia Brightly" Caribou from Our Love
"Unholy Life" Have A Nice Life from The Unnatural World
"Masokissed" The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart from Days Of Abandon
"Like Lovers Do" Lloyd Cole from Love Story
"I Couldn't Say It To Your Face" Glen Hansard from Red Hot + Arthur Russell
"No Show" Bishop Allen from Lights Out
"Nightshift" The Names from Swimming
"Release The Bats" The Birthday Party from The Birthday Party
"Deep End" Eternal Summers from The Drop Beneath
"Adventure Rocket Ship" Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus Three from Ole! Tarantula

December 12, 2014: Gary's Favorite Releases 2014
"Sad" Bo Burnham from What
"Witness" Eno-Hyde from Someday World
"There But For Fortune" Phil Ochs from Live In Lansing 1973
"Lisa Says (2014 Mix)" The Velvet Underground from The Velvet Underground: 45th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition
"Cling To Me" Cleaners From Venus from Return To Bohemia
"My Oh My" Leonard Cohen from Popular Problems
"Neal Cassady Drops Dead" Morrissey from World Peace Is None of Your Business
"Wet Dream" The Piers from Secretly In Love & Everybody Knew EP
"Sadness Is The Rich Man's Drug" The Ropes from Sadness Is The Rich Man's Drug
"Second Empire" My Favorite from Second Empire/Dance With A Stranger
"San Francisco Patrol" Robyn Hitchcock from The Man Upstairs
"The Monkees" Bob Odenkirk from Amateur Hour
"Crickets In The Rain" Allo Darlin' from We Come From The Same Place
"World I'm From" Haircut from Sweatshop
"Babies" The Icypoles from My World Was Made For You
"Archie, Marry Me" Alvvays from Alvvays
"Upper West Side" The Smittens from Love Record Breaker
"Planting The Seeds Of Insecurity" Sarah Silverman from We Are Miracles
"Bamboo" Deers from Demo
"Dull Boy" The Growlers from Chinese Fountain
"The Boring Friend" MomusMcClymont from Two
"Uncomfortable" Mega Emotion from Uncomfortable
"Germany" Patton Oswalt from Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time
"Dare" Heathers from I Know
"Black Holes In Stereo" King Tuff from Black Moon Spell
"Buses Splash With Rain" Frankie Cosmos from Zentropy
"I Knew You'd Understand" The Hobbes Fanclub from Up At Lagrange
"The English Softhearts" Literature from Chorus
"Case Study: Don Dimello" Superego from Superego Volume 4:2

December 11, 2014: WRFL Sub Show
"Nice & Sleazy" The Stranglers from Black & White
"The Birth Of The Solar System" Csillagköd from Silent World
"There's No Goodbye Between Us" Yoko Ono & The Plastic Ono Band from Take Me To The Land Of Hell
"All I Think About" The Great Escape from The Great Escape
"Appalachia" Momus from Folktronic
"Root So Bitter" Thompson from Family
"Asleep & Dreaming" The Magnetic Fields from 69 Love Songs, Vol. 2
"Friends" Whiskey Shivers from Whiskey Shivers
"Ruby, My Dear" Thelonious Monk from Thelonious Alone In San Francisco
"We Raise Our Heads" Feather Bright from Feather Bright
"Asleep" Makthaverskan from II
"Oscillations" Silver Apples from Silver Apples
"Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together" Morrissey from Viva Hate
"Wintertyme Joy" The Autumn Leaves from Long Lost Friend
"Sundown Summer Camp" Luxuriator from Luxiurator
"Haxel Princess" Cherry Glazerr from Haxel Princess
"In The Night" Mike Mains & The Branches from Calm Down, Everything is Fine
"Hip Priest" The Fall from Hex Enduction Hour
"Psycho Structures" Parquet Courts from Content Nausea
"Our Love Is Over Now" Ski Lodge from Our Love Is Over Now
"Kentucky Graveyard" Bobtown from A History Of Ghosts
"The Milkman Of Human Kindness" Billy Bragg from Life's A Riot With Spy Vs Spy
"Red Hot" The Royal Hounds from I'm In Love With A Zombie
"Are You Sure?" A Block Of Yellow from Do I Do
"Remember Who You Are" Marketa Irglova from MUNA
"Adoration Of The City" Robyn Hitchcock from A Star For Bram
"Selfish Girl" Miniature Tigers from Cruel Runnings
"Adrian" The Eurythmics from Be Yourself Tonight
"Goat Shepherd" Mirah from Changing Light
"Infinite Trips" Peaking Lights from Cosmic Logic
"Poltergeist" Cartridge from Fractures
"Mumble" Whirr from Sway
"London Town" Shack from Waterpistol
"Truckstop Amphetamines" JP Harris & The Tough Choices from Home Is Where The Hurt Is
"Curtains!?" Timber Timbre from Hot Dreams
"Folsom Prison Blues" Bob Dylan & The Band from The Bootleg Series Vol. 11/The Basement Tapes Sampler
"21" The Lucksmiths from Boondoggle
"Sweet Irene From Illinois" The Two Man Gentlemen Band from Enthusiastic Attempts At Hot Swing & String Band Favorites
"Tied Up Tied Down" Teen from The Way & Color
"Uncle Joe" Gregory Isaacs from Cool Ruler
"Red & Purple" Dodos from Visiter
"Algeria Touchshriek" David Bowie from Outside

December 5, 2014: What A Waste!
"Why Do You Waste My Time?" Tiny Grimes & His Rocking Highlanders from We're Gonna Rock, We're Gonna Roll
"Wastin' Your Time" Bob Gibson from Where I'm Bound
"Wasted" Wanda Jackson from Right Or Wrong
"I Just Wasted The Rest" Bobby Goldsboro & Del Reeves from Bobby Goldsboro: The Complete United Artists Records Singles
"I'm Wasting Your Time & You're Wasting Mine" Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton from Porter Wayne & Dolly Rebecca
"What A Waste!" Ian Dury & The Blockheads from The Stiff Records Box Set
"Beautiful Waste" The Triffids from Australian Melodrama
"Wasteland" Colin Hicks & The Cabin Boys from La Dee Dah
"Wasteland" The Jam from Setting Sons
"Wasteland" A Frames from 2
"Wasteland (In A...)" Erase Errata from Nightlife
"Baba O'Riley" Guided By Voices from Who's Not Forgotten: FDR's Tribute To The Who
"Wasted" Blancmange from Happy Families
"Wasting Away" Jim Jiminee from Welcome To Hawaii
"Wasted" Pere Ubu from Story Of My Life
"Go To Waste" Nothing Painted Blue from Emotional Discipline
"A Summer Wasting" Belle & Sebastian from The Boy With The Arab Strap
"Youth Is Wasted On The Young" Chain & The Gang from Music's Not For Everyone
"Wasted Moments" Shermans from In Technicolor
"Wasted Daylight" Stars from The Five Ghosts
"Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me" The Pipettes from We Are The Pipettes
"Wasted On You" Robert Francis & The Night Tide from Heaven
"Another Month You've Wasted" Shy Camp from Another Month You've Wasted
"Why Waste Time" Caramel from Punkpopgaragemods
"Wasted Away" Dum Dum Girls from Only In Dreams
"Don't Let Our Youth Go To Waste" Galaxie 500 from Today

December 5, 2014: WRFL Sub Show
"Pump TV" Superego from Superego Season 4, Episode 3
"Ape Man" Blythe's Washboard Ragamuffins from The Rise & Fall Of Paramount Records, Vol. 1: 1917-1927
"Bathysphere" Smog from Wild Love
"Boxes" Eivor from Eivor
"Manufactured Crisis Control" Pujol from Kludge
"The Impasse" Hookworms from The Hum
"Ammunition" Morrissey from Maladjusted
"New Beat" Mariachi El Bronx from Mariachi El Bronx III
"She Loves To Feel The Sun" The Luxembourg Signal from The Luxembourg Signal
"Let The Drugs Help Them Out" Earth Like Planets from Earth Like Planets
"Sand" Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood from Nancy & Lee
"Elusive Youth" Elephant from Sky Swimming
"The Abandoned Brain" Robyn Hitchcock from Invisible Hitchcock
"Patience (Saturday Live)" Lloyd Cole & The Commotions from Rattlesnakes
"Borders" Sonny Vincent & Spite from Spiteful
"Free Again" Culture from Harder Than The Rest
"You & Me" You + Me from Rose Ave
"No Motivation" Ausmuteants from Amusements
"My Love" The Dough Rollers from Gone Baby Gone
".06" Lunchbox from Evolver
"Leona's Waltz" Rich Hopkins & The Luminarios from Tombstone
"Piano Months" Teebs from Estara
"If I Stay Alive" Folded Light from We Did It
"Aladdin Sane (1913-1938-197?)" David Bowie from Aladdin Sane
"Time & Place" Bleeding Rainbow from Interrupt
"Airborne" Cinerama from Torino
"Accidents Will Happen" Elvis Costello & The Attractions from Armed Forces
"Get A Move On" Mr. Scruff from Keep It Unreal

November 28, 2014: Magda's Birthday Show 2014
"Cicero Pig (December)" Mel Blanc with the Sandpiper Chorus & Orchestra from Bugs Bunny Songfest
"Everyone Likes Ice Cream" Sesame Street from Happy Birthday From Sesame Street
"Birthday Polka" Pete Seeger from Song & Play Time
"Birthday Song" Marcia Berman from Activity Songs For Kids
"You Can Find Me In Da Birthday" The Zvonimir Boband from I Don't Think You Understand Just How Long Eighty-Four Minutes Actually Is
"Birthday Song" Frankie Cosmos from Zentropy
"On Your Birthday" Jim Boggia from Misadventures In Stereo
"Birthday" The Mars Volta from The Bedlam In Goliath
"The Unbirthday Song" Jerry Colonna, Ed Wynn, & Kathryn Beaumont from Disney's Alice In Wonderland
"Birthday Present" Mirah from The Old Days Feeling
"Girlfriend's Birthday" Paul Gilbert from King Of Clubs
"Bobby's Birthday" Kensington Market from Bobby's Birthday
"Birthday" The Fall from Sinister Waltz
"Seymour Gutkin's Birthday Party" Woody Allen from The Night Club Years 1964-1968
"Planet Birthday" Beverly from Careers
"Birthdays" Jim Gaffigan from Economics II
"16 Candles" The Pixies Three from The Pixies Three: Our History
"Birthday" The Stereo Bus from Brand New
"Birthday" Stephen Wright from I Have A Pony
"Happy Birthday, Dear Dad, Wife, Daughter" Rosemary Clooney from Memories Of You
"Birthday" Paul Weller from Birthday
"Billy's Birthday" Romeo Void from Instincts
"To Die A Virgin" The Divine Comedy from Victory For The Comic Muse
"Birthday Movie" Rank Strangers from I Only Fear That We Are Modern
"Birthday" Ben & Amy from Science
"Broken Hearted Birthday" Barbara Chandler from Girl Talk
"Birthday" Easter from We Have Such Straight Teeth
"Next Sunday Darling Is My Birthday" Gene O'Quin with Boots & His Buddies from The Guys Of The Big "D" Jamboree
"Happy Birthday" Technohead from Happy Hardcore
"Uncle Josh's Birthday" Cal Stewart & Ada Jones from Uncle Josh's Birthday
"Feliz Cumpleanos, Dulce Dieciseis" Neil Sedaka from Boppin' Sedaka - Hits & Rarities

November 26, 2014: WRFL Sub Show
"Luckiest Girl" The Glass Set from First Image
"Son Of A Preacher Man" The Georgetown Orbits from Third Rock Steady
"Age Of Marianna" The Secret History from Americans Singing In The Dark
"Just Because You Can" The Hush Now from Sparkle Drive
"Got The Sun" Urusei Yatsura from Plastic Ashtray
"What You Can't Have" Pill Hill from It Tastes A Little Sweeter
"America Is Not The World" Morrissey from You Are The Quarry
"The Lady Is A Tramp" Storm Large from Le Bonheur
"Seneca" Tortoise from Wanna Buy A Monkey?
"Boundless" Varick from Boundless EP
"The Animal That Desires" Momus from Ping Pong
"Your Generation" Generation X from No Thanks! The 70's Punk Rebellion
"Spaniolated" The Fiery Furnaces from Blueberry Boat
"Where Would We Be" Via Tania from Via Tania & The Tomorrow Music Orchestra
"Will You Love Me Tomorrow?" The Magic Whispers from Carousels & Music Boxes
"Can't Stop Now" White Arrows from In Bardo
"030" John Foxx from Metamatic
"Clouds" Magic Bronson from Wildlife
"It's A Great Feeling" Ann Magnuson from The Luv Show
"Necessity" Walter TV from Appetite
"I'm Beginning To See The Light" Duke Ellington from Piano In The Background
"Before The Words" My Brightest Diamond from This Is My Hand
"Mister Jung Stuffed" Man Man from Rabbit Habits
"Ku Klux Klan" Steel Pulse from Handsworth Revolution
"Boy Be My Toy" Mathématiques Modernes from Les Visiteurs Du Soir
"Wings" The Fall from Kicker Conspiracy
"Your Tears" Rose Melberg from Cast Away The Clouds
"2, 3, Go" The Wedding Present from Saturnalia
"Nothing Left" Elliott Brood from Work & Love
"(It Takes More Than) A Hammer & Nails" The Staple Singers from The Ultimate Staple Singers: A Family Affair 1955-1984
"Sundown" Cobalt Cranes from Days In The Sun
"The Cutter" Echo & The Bunnymen from Porcupine
"Desire" Jessie Ware from Tough Love
"I Spy (For The FBI)" The Untouchables from The Big Stiff Box Set
"For The Young" Kindness from Otherness
"Piggy In The Middle" The Rutles from The Rutles
"Clarksdale In The Spring" Danny White from A Beautiful Crazy
"Ballad Of The Breakneck Bride" Monkey Swallows The Universe from The Casket Letters
"Cell Therapy" Goodie Mob from Soul Food
"End Of The World" Mousefolk from Heads Full Of Hope
"Accretions" Shriekback from Tench
"Not Quite Burning Bridges" Tullycraft from 1st String Teenage High

November 24, 2014: WRFL Sub/Laughter For Lunch
"And He Would Say" Stephin Merritt from Showtunes
"Ghost Of California" Webelos from Webelos
"I Want You" The Blue Van from The Art Of Rolling
"Sad Bitch" Arca from Xen
"Abandon Words" Elvis Costello from Brutal Youth
"Strength Through Fragility" Clark from Clark
"Fingers Ain't What They Used To Be (Part 1)" Russ Conway from His Greatest Hits
"Sunburnt Jet Wings" Dads from I'll Be The Tornado
"Coming Home" The Prisoners from A Taste Of Pink!
"Thalassa" Prawn from Kingfisher
"Alabama Song" David Bowie from Scary Monsters (& Super Creeps)
"Over" Dakota Suite from Songs For A Barbed Wire Fence
"1974" Robyn Hitchcock from A Star For Bram
"Heaven On Earth" Fat White Family from Champagne Holocaust
"Tree" The Lucksmiths from Boondoggle
"Alright" Supergrass from I Should Coco
"Food" Jim Gaffigan from The Last Supper
"Junkfood Junkie" Larry Groce from Junkfood Junkie
"High School Crush" Amy Schumer from Cutting
"Telephone" Mike Nichols & Elaine May from An Evening With Mike Nichols & Elaine May
"Goodness Gracious Me" Peter Sellers & Sophia Loren from Goodness Gracious Me: The Best Of Peter Sellers
"No Respect" Rodney Dangerfield from Rappin' Rodney
"You Need Feet" Bernard Bresslaw from Sing When You're Grinning: Great British Comedy Songs, Vol. 2: 1957-1962
"Killing Jesus" Sarah Silverman from We Are Miracles
"Endless Roll" Neil Hamburger from First Of Dismay
"Who's On First" Abbott & Costello from Who's On First
"Here Comes The Judge" Pigmeat Markham from Here Comes The Judge
"The Welly Boot Song" Billy Connolly from Cop Yer Wack For This
"Religion" Robin Williams from Weapons Of Self Destruction

November 21, 2014: The World Of Self Help Radio
"World Of Glass" Neil MacArthur from She's Not There
"I'm In A World Of Trouble" Sweet Things from Best Of Soul Time: A Selection Of Northern Soul Classics From The Archives
"My World Of Dreams" Mary Wells from Looking Back: 1961-1964
"Wonderful World Of Children" J.P. Rags from Wonderful World Of Children
"A World Of Our Own" The Seekers from All Bound For Morningtown (EMI Recordings 1964-1968)
"A World Of My Own" TV Smith's Explorers from The Last Words Of The Great Explorer
"World Of Your Own" The Skeptics from Snallygaster
"In A World Of Pretty Faces" The Models from Bend Me, Shape Me
"Questions In A World Of Blue" Julee Cruise from The Voice Of Love
"World Of Love" Gentle People from Soundtracks For Living
"World Of" Tania & Dave MH from World Of
"Wonderful World Of Sound" Monty Python from Monty Python's Previous Record
"World Of Whisky" Robin Laing from One For The Road
"World Of Trouble" Big Joe Turner from The Rhythm & Blues Years
"World Of Trouble" Lou Rawls from Anthology
"World Of Darkness" David Ruffin from My Whole World Ended
"The World Of Broken Hearts" Elvis Costello from Imperial Bedroom
"Rosemary Davis World Of Sound" The Jazz Butcher from Waiting For The Love Bus
"World Of Your Own" The Mayfields from World Of Your Own
"The World Of Professional Golf 1994" The Lucksmiths from Get-To-Bed Birds
"World Of Her Own" The Wake from Here Comes Everybody
"You Do My World A World Of Good" Harvest Ministers from You Do My World A World Of Good
"World Of Light" Ivy Green from Dreaming Of You
"World Of Crime" Cinnamon from Vertigo
"World Of Liars" The Apartments from Apart

November 19, 2014: WRFL Sub Show
"Flaming Desire" Bill Nelson from The Love That Whirls (Diary Of A Thinking Heart)
"Good Morning Good Morning (ft. Zorch, Grace Potter, & Treasure Mammal)" Flaming Lips & Fwends from With A Little Help From My Fwends
"My Guy" Chin Chin from Stop! Your Crying
"Spanway Hits" Flake Music from When You Land Here, It's Time To Return
"Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis" Tom Waits from Blue Valentine
"Hero Of Our Time" Go Back To The Zoo from Zoo
"Rhythm Doctor Man" Al Cooper's Savoy Sultans from 1938-1941
"Time To" Hungry Cloud Darkening from Glossy Recall
"Summer Town" The Lucksmiths from Boondoggle
"Between Cans" Deers from Barn
"Don't Talk To Me" The Draytones from Up In My Head
"17 Berlin" My Favorite from Love At Absolute Zero
"Kicker Conspiracy" The Fall from Kicker Conspiracy
"Shattered Winds" The Budos Band from Burnt Offering
"Somebody" Suncycle from An England Story: 25 Years Of The MC In The UK
"Telstar" Bill Frisell from Guitar In The Space Age!
"He May Be Your Man, But He Comes To See Me Sometime" Trixie Smith from The History Of Jazz: New Orleans Joys
"Walk Don't Run" Los Straitjackets from Deke Dickerson Sings The Great Instrumental Hits
"Genetic Engineering" Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark from Dazzle Ships
"Amnesty Report" The Pop Group from We Are Time
"Minor Vamp" Curtis Fuller from Blues-ette +3
"When I'm Bored" ZKPR from Tall Men With Feelings
"We Disappear" Jon Hopkins from Immunity
"Viet Nam War Blues" The Oblivians from Soul Food
"Where'd All The Living Go" Imaginary Cities from Temporary Resident
"Ambitious Outsiders" Morrissey from Maladjusted
"Foxy" Earl Guest from Instro Hipsters A Go Go
"After Today" David Bowie from Sound + Vision
"Alone In Shinjuku" Korallreven from Second Comin'
"Milk & Honey" Dennis Brown from Visions
"Until The Sun Explodes" The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart from Days Of Abandon
"Walking My Way" Kid Pharaon & The Lonely Ones from Walking My Way EP
"A Dream In The Night" Run Boy Run from Something To Someone
"5ive Gears In Reverse" Elvis Costello & The Attractions from Get Happy!!
"Let Me Take You Away" Wilhelm Tell Me from A Short Story For The Road
"Dirty" Bugs In The Dark from Cross My Heart Little Death
"Feeling My Way" Eddie Lang from Jazz Guitar Virtuoso
"The Angels Are Voyeurs" Momus from Tender Pervert
"Open Your Heart" Latimer House from All The Rage
"026" Christmas Baubles from Christmas Baubles & Their Strange Sounds
"C.I.A." Light A Big Fire from Gunpowders
"3AM" Shriekback from Sacred City

November 14, 2014: Seasons
"Let's Wander Thru The Seasons" Marais & Miranda from More Nature Songs
"Each Season Changes You" Bob Ensign & The Stump Jumpers from Pickin', Grinnin', & Singin'
"Queen Of The Seasons" Gordon Terry from Lotta, Lotta Women
"Turn! Turn! Turn!" Pete Seeger from The Bitter & The Sweet
"Like The Seasons" Lyme & Cybelle from Follow Me
"Four Seasons" The Carnival from Fading Yellow: Timeless Pop-Sike & Other Delights 1965-1969, Vol. 6
"I Love You For All Seasons" The Fuzz from Soul Hits Of The '70s - Didn't It Blow Your Mind? Vol. 4
"Time Of The Season" Ippu-Do from Radio Fantasy
"Seasons" Hearts On Fire from Dreams Of Leaving
"Season Cycle" XTC from Skylarking
"Girl For All Seasons" The Orange Peels from So Far
"In Every Season" Pullover from Holiday
"Seasons" The Ettes from Do You Want Power?
"A Reason For Every Season" Girlfrendo from Surprise, Surprise It's Girlfrendo
"Whatever Season" Sambassadeur from Sambassadeur
"High Hawk Season" The Mountain Goats from All Eternals Deck
"Seasons In The Sun" Black Box Recorder from England Made Me
"In A City Without Seasons" The One A.M. Radio from Heaven Is Attached By A Slender Thread
"Seasons" Ian McCulloch from Slideling
"Seasons" Earth & Fire from Earth & Fire
"Seasons Change" The Proctors from Everlasting Light
"When Seasons Change" Curtis Mayfield from There's No Place Like America Today
"The Seasons Of Love" Ed Ames from When The Snow Is On The Roses
"Seasons Of My Heart" George Jones from Country Song Hits

November 14, 2014: WRFL Sub Show
"Solicitor In Studio" The Fall from Room To Live
"My Dim Age" Absolutely Free from Absolutely Free
"Paper Airplane" Richard Barone from Clouds Over Eden
"Patmos" Close Talker from Flux
"45" Elvis Costello from When I Was Cruel
"War Of Attrition" Crying from Get Olde Second Wind
"Still Alright" Bears from Bears
"Big House Waltz" Deerhoof from La Isla Bonita
"Ride Your Pony" The Fleshtones from Roman Gods
"Skid Row" Dinner from Oui!
"Amongst Women Only" Momus from Don't Stop The Night
"La Cuna" Ray Barreto from Mastercuts: Classic Jazz-Funk Vol. 5
"Ramblin'" Ornette Coleman from Change Of The Century
"The New You" Jenny Lewis from The Voyager
"Holding Hands" Hailer from Another Way
"Don't Be Slow" Medicine from Home Everywhere
"Always Already Gone" The Magnetic Fields from Realism
"Sundance Saloon Boogie" Purling Hiss from Weirdon
"A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Hell (I Got Saved, Saved, Saved)" Sammy Hall from A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Hell (I Got Saved, Saved, Saved)
"The Taste Of You" Ritual Howls from Once Upon A Time
"After All" David Bowie from The Man Who Sold The World
"Downriver" Jennifer Castle from Pink City
"Clever Hans" Lucksmiths from Boondoggle
"Arabian Knights" Siouxsie & The Banshees from Once Upon A Time
"Zeichnungen Der Patienten O.T." Einstürzende Neubauten from Zeichnungen des Patienten O.T.
"Black & White" Hawks from 30 Seconds Over Otho
"I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass" Nick Lowe from Jesus Of Cool

November 7, 2014: Saws
"Cross Cut Saw Blues" Tommy McClennan from Big Joe Williams & The Stars Of Mississippi Blues
"The Great Big Saw Came Nearer & Nearer" Spike Jones & His City Slickers from ...And The Great Big Saw Came Nearer & Nearer & Nearer & Nearer & Nearer!
"Saw Funny Rug" Hajime Sakita from Musical Saw Songs "S"
"Chainsaws" Drew Hastings from Farmageddon
"Chainsaw" The Cut-Outs from 'No More Of Your Fairy Stories': An Indiepop Loveletter To The Ramones
"Chainsaw" Fat Tulips from Starfish
"Chainsaw" Miss Alex White & The Red Orchestra from Miss Alex White & The Red Orchestra
"Chainsaw Charlie" Angry Johnny & The Killbillies from Hankenstein
"Buzzsaw" The Turtles from The Turtles Present The Battle Of The Bands
"God's Buzzsaw" Ya Ya Choral from Can't Stop It! II : Australian Post-Punk 1979-1984
"Radial Arm Saws" The Styrenes from It's Still Artastic
"Pavement Saw" Big Black from Songs About Fucking
"Saw Mill" Buck Owens from On The Bandstand
"Son Of A Sawmill Man" Osborne Brothers from Up To Date & Down To Earth
"The Day The Saw Mill Closed Down" Bobby Bare from A Bird Named Yesterday
"Saw Mill River Road" Chet Atkins from Mr. Guitar: The Complete Recordings 1955-1960
"Sawmill" Miles Davis & John Lee Hooker from The Hot Spot
"Sawmill Holler" Watermelon Slim & The Workers from The Wheel Man
"I Broke My Saw" Love Tractor from Themes From Venus
"My Buzzsaw Baby (Really Cut Me Up)" Johnnys from My Buzzsaw Baby (Really Cut Me Up)
"Not Track Five, Not Chainsaw Juggler" Mitch Hedberg from Mitch All Together
"The Saw-Playing Musician" Utah Phillips from Fellow Workers
"Saw & Calliope Organ On Wire" The Music Tapes from Mary's Voice
"Sawing On The Strings" The Mayfield Brothers from Vintage Recordings 1948-1956
"Saw Fiddle Saw" Red Steagall from It's Our Life
"Chainsaw" Little Gold from Weird Freedom
"The Black Country Chainsaw Massacreee" Pop Will Eat Itself from CD86: 48 Tracks From The Birth Of Indie Pop
"Bury The Hatchet, The Chainsaw, & Whatever Else You Got" Hair from The Magic's Gone
"Buzz Saw" Xiu Xiu from The Air Force
"Sawed Off" Dub Narcotic Sound System from Out Of Your Mind
"Chainsaw The Horse" The Dentists from Dressed

November 5, 2014: WRFL Sub Show
"Lullaby" Scott Walker + Sunn0))) from Soused
"Shell-Shocked" Celestial Shore from Enter Ghost
"Ponce De Leon" Spitsville from Big Deal Corporate Annual Vol. 2
"Bright Eyes" Allo Darlin' from We Come From the Same Place
"All The Umbrellas In London" The Magnetic Fields from Get Lost
"Boys Get Straight" Johnny Marr from Playland
"Dance With A Stranger" My Favorite from Second Empire
"Case Study: Shunt McGuppin with Neko Case" Superego from Superego, Season Four
"Too Bad" Holy Ghost Tent Revival from Right State of Mind
"20% Amnesia" Elvis Costello from Brutal Youth
"Everybody's Groove" The Ashantis from Club Africa, Vol. 1: Hard African Funk, Afro-Jazz, & Original Afro-Beat
"Alsatian Cousin" Morrissey from Viva Hate
"Telephones" The Debutantes from Late Night Shutdown
"Sara's Song" The Aislers Set from How I Learned to Write Backwards
"Victor Trumper" The Lucksmiths from Boondoggle
"Sultans Of Swing" Dire Straits from Dire Straits
"Understand" The Jigsaw Seen from Old Man Reverb
"Get To Know Me" Facts On File from Bring It Back
"Plastic World No. 6" Naomi Punk from Television Man
"Ludd Gang" The Fall from The Man Whose Head Expanded
"Radio Rewrite III. Fast" Steve Reich from Radio Rewrite
"Eulogy & Light" Funkadelic from Free Your Mind & Your Ass Will Follow
"000Bluesky" Alexandroid from False Starts
"Run Around The Back" Junior Prom from Junior Prom EP
"Don't Say A Word" Yo La Tengo from Electr-O-Pura
"African Night Flight" David Bowie from Lodger
"No One Is There" Nico from The Marble Index

November 2, 2014: Jazz Vault Sub Show
"Nothin' But The Blues (Wingy Manone, vocals)" Gene Gifford & His Orchestra from His Best Recordings: 1935-1939
"Marie (Jack Leonard, vocals)" Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra from Only The Best Of Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra
"I Can't Get Started (from "Ziegfeild Follies Of 1936")" Bunny Berigan & His Orchestra from I Can't Get Started
"Young At Heart" Frank Sinatra from The Unforgettable Voices: 30 Best Of Frank Sinatra Vol. 1
"Sweet & Lovely" Sonny Stitt from Playing Arrangements From The Pen Of Johnny Richards
"Fuego Cubano (Cuban Fire)" Stan Kenton from Cuban Fire
"Turn About" Johnny Richards from Something Else
"America" Stan Kenton's Orchestra from West Side Story
"Three Little Fishies" Kay Kyser from The Best Of Kay Kyser & His Orchestra
"They Can't Take That Away From Me" Maxine Daniels from Ella Fitzgerald Songbook
"On Broadway" Kurt Elling from 1619 Broadway (The Brill Building Project)
"Mouthfull Of Ecstacy" Phil Minton Quartet from Mouthfull Of Ecstacy
"Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" Thelonious Monk Quintet from Thelonious Monk Quintet
"Afrodisia" Kenny Dorham from Afro-Cuban
"Oo Solo (6/4)" Moondog from More Moondog
"Lazy Bird" John Coltrane from Blue Train
"Somethin' Else" Cannonball Adderley from Somethin' Else
"222" Phil Woods Quintet from Heaven
"Stranger" Ernest Dawkins' New Horizons Ensemble from Jo'burg Jump
"Fourteen Days" Gebhard Ullmann from Basement Research

October 31, 2014: Halloween 2014 - Mummies!
Listen to part one of this show (71 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (72 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 60 minutes)
"The Mummy" Bob McFadden & Dor from Songs Our Mummy Taught Us
"The Mummy" Marshmallow Overcoat from The Very Best Of Marshmallow Overcoat
"The Mummy's Bracelet" Lee Ross from Bomp In The Night
"The Mummy" Uncle Vin from Boo
"The Mummy" The Naturals from The Mummy
"Homemade Mummy" Aesop Rock from Skelethon
"The Mummy's Ball" The Verdicts from These Ghoulish Things: Horror Hits For Halloween
"When I See Mommy I Feel Like A Mummy" Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band from Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)
"Me & My Mummy" Bobby 'Boris' Pickett & The Crypt Kickers from The Original Monster Mash
"Mummy Beach" Hot Lava from Lavalogy
"My Mummy" Mel Calvin & The Kokonuts from My Mummy
"My Daddy Is A Mummy" Richard Thompson from RT: The Life & Music Of Richard Thompson
"The Mummy" Benji Hughes from A Love Extreme
"The Mummy Piece" William S. Burroughs from Best Of William S. Burroughs: From Giorno Poetry Systems
"Sarcophagus" Telephone Company from The King's Surprise?
"Mummies" Toyah from The Blue Meaning
"The Mummy" Jad & David Fair from 26 Monster Songs For Children (A-Z)
"Mummy Walk" Bo Diddley from Hey! Bo Diddley
"The Mummy's Monkey" The Eastsiders from Halloween Oldies But Goodies Of The '50s & '60s
"The Mummy" The Slackers from The Question
"The Way Out Mummy" Bob Ridgely from Lost Treasures! Rarities From The Vaults Of Del-Fi
"The Mummy" Black Time from Midnight World
"Mummy's Curse" Luna Vegas from Second Shot
"The Mummy" 4Corners Crew from Show Me The Lighta EP
"Bad News" Spooklight from Spooklight
"Mummified" Future Clouds & Radar from Peoria
"King Tut" Steve Martin from A Wild & Crazy Guy
"Tutankhamun" Dynasty from The Electric Asylum, Vol. 3
"The Mummy's Revenge" Wade Denning & Frank Daniels from Monster Mash (Sounds Of Terror!)

October 24, 2014: Walk Away
"Walking Away by C. Day Lewis" Jill Balcon from Poetry Please: The Anniversary Edition
"Walk Away" Jess Conrad from Jess For You: The Decca Singles Compilation
"I Walked Away" T-Bone Walker from The Complete Imperial Recordings: 1950-1954
"Walk Away" Mitty Collier from Shades Of Mitty Collier: The Chess Singles 1961-1968
"Walk Away Renee" The Left Banke from There's Gonna Be A Storm: The Complete Recordings 1966-69
"Walk Away Renee (Version)" Billy Bragg from Reaching To The Converted
"Walk Away" Suburban 9 To 5 from Quagmire, Vol. 7
"Walkin' Away" The Fifth Order from Sixties Rebellion, Vol. 1
"Walk Away" The Dirty Shames from Coconut Grove
"Walk Away" Ann Peebles from This Is Ann Peebles
"Love You Just Can't Walk Away" Dean Courtney from Big City Soul, Vol. 3
"Walk Away" Frank Sinatra from The Complete Reprise Studio Recordings
"As If You Walked Away" Claudine Longet from Cuddle Up With Claudine Longet: The Complete Barnaby Records Sessions 1970/74
"Walk Away From Love" David Ruffin from Hard To Find Motown, Vol. 1
"Walk Away" TV Smith's Explorers from The Last Words Of The Great Explorer
"Laugh & Walk Away" Shirts from Street Light Shine
"Walk Away Boy" The Hit Parade from The Sound Of The Hit Parade
"All You Ever Do Is Walk Away" The Magnetic Fields from Holiday
"Walk Away" The Sisters Of Mercy from First & Last & Always
"Walk Away" The English Beat from Wha'ppen?
"Don't You Walk Away From Me" Miss Ludella Black & The Masonics from From This Witness Stand
"Walk Away" Pink Industry from Who Told You, You Were Naked?
"Don't Walk Away From Love" Simon Bonney from Everyman
"Walk Away" The Sleepers from Painless Nights
"Walked Away" Shirley Lee from Shirley Lee
"Walk Away" Tony Molina from Dissed & Dismissed
"I Love You When You're Walking Away" Plumtree from Moshi Moshi (Pop International Style)
"Atmosphere" Joy Division from Closer
"Walk Away" Shimmering Stars from Violent Hearts
"She Tore It Up & Walked Away" Go-Kart Mozart from Instant Wigwam & Igloo Mixture

October 19, 2014: WRFL Sub Show
"Come" Burning Spear from Marcus' Children
"Afternoon Sun" Dinosaur Feathers from Control
"Stephanie Says" Bettie Serveert from Bettie Serveert Plays Venus In Furs
"Now Look At Me" Generationals from Alix
"The Man Whose Head Expanded" The Fall from The Man Whose Head Expanded
"Good Advice" The Growlers from Chinese Fountain
"If I Wanted You Back" Blue Skies For Black Hearts from Serenades & Hand Grenades
"Black Holes In Stereo" King Tuff from Black Moon Spell
"Afraid" David Bowie from Heathen
"501-415" Allah-Las from Worship The Sun
"Say Yes" Blood Arm from A Bunch Of Hits
"I Can't Stand Myself" James Chance from No New York
"Second Empire" My Favorite from Second Empire/Dance With A Stranger
"Bright Night Nursery" Crystal Stilts from Crystal Stilts
"Brooklyn Is A Submarine" Nick Monaco from Mating Call
"Moon Country" Hoagy Carmichael from Hoagy Carmichael 1927-39
"U.S. National Park" The Drums from Encyclopedia
"Little Trouble Girl" Sonic Youth from Washing Machine
"You Were A Runaway" The Juan Maclean from In A Dream
"Fashion Seekers" The Go-Go's from Return To The Valley Of The Go-Go's
"Indian Summer" Karen O from Crush Songs
"All She Cares About Is Mariachi" The Magnetic Fields from Love At The Bottom Of The Sea
"Never Coming Down" Guster from Simple Machine
"English Murder Mystery" The Lucksmiths from First Tape
"Henshin" Ike Reiko from Kokotsu No Seka
"The Anthem Of Shibuya" Momus from Ping Pong
"Imitation Cha Cha" Ippu-Do from Radio Fantasy
"Deep Blue Day" Brian Eno from Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks
"U Leva Leva" Rocco Cannovino, Salvatore Canduci, & Onofrio Lopresti from The Italian Treasury: Calabria

October 17, 2014: Soup
"The Soup Song" New Singers from Songs For Political Action: Folk Music, Topical Songs & The American Left 1935-1954, Vol. 1 - The Leftist Roots Of The Folk Revival
"No Soup" Charioteers from Swing Low, Sweet Charioteers
"Soup" The Impacts from Now Is The Time
"Chicken Soup With Rice" Tammy Grimes from Where The Wild Things Are & Other Stories by Maurice Sendak
"Strange Things In My Soup" Allan Sherman from My Son The Box
"Romany Soup" Tyrannosaurus Rex from Unicorn
"The Same Old Soup" Joe Tex from Green Green Grass Of Home
"The Wonderful Soup Stone" Bobby Bare from Bobby Bare Sings Lullabys, Legends, & Lies
"Praise The Lord & Pass The Soup" Johnny Cash from The Folk Singer
"(Take Your Elbow Out The Soup) You're Sitting On The Chicken" Ian Dury & The Blockheads from Laughter
"Too Many Cooks (Spoil The Soup)" The 8th Day from The 8th Day
"Soup Pot" The Billy Nayer Show from The Billy Nayer Show
"Soup Spiller" Bitter Springs from Five Die Filming This Lazy Lark
"Cold Dog Soup" Guy Clark from Cold Dog Soup
"Soup" The Mighty Boosh from The Complete BBC Radio 4 Series The Mighty Boosh
"Pumpkin Soup & Mashed Potatoes" The Fall from The Unutterable
"Stone Soup" King Khan & The Shrines from Mr. Supernatural
"Ketchup Soup" Teen Idols from Short Music For Short People
"Nine Bowls Of Soup" They Might Be Giants from Here Come The 123s
"Soup" MJ Hibbett from Hibbett's Superstore
"Soup" The Wedding Present from El Rey
"Can Of Soup" Deniz Tek from Detroit
"Alphabet Soup" Catnaps from Why Don't You Whisper?
"Eyeball Soup" The Uncluded from Hokey Fright
"Quantum Soup" Laetitia Sadier from Something Shines
"Soup" Can from Ege Bamyasi

October 10, 2014: Heaven Revisited - A 12th Anniversary Show
"Heaven" Joey & The Lexingtons from Heaven
"Heaven" The Rascals from Freedom Suite
"Heaven" Boxcar Willie from 20 Great Tracks
"Heaven" Pere Ubu from Datapanik in the Year Zero: 1975-1977
"Heaven" Squeeze from East Side Story
"Heaven" Girls At Our Best! from Pleasure
"Heaven" Psychedelic Furs from Mirror Moves
"Heaven" Talking Heads from Stop Making Sense
"Heaven" Robyn Hitchcock from Fegmania!
"Heaven" Eurthymics from Savage
"Heaven" Kristin Hersh from Strange Angels
"Heaven" The Woodentops from Wooden Foot Cops On The Highway
"Heaven" The Frazier Chorus from Ray
"Heaven" The Golden Palominos from Pure
"Heaven" Majestic from The Majestic 12 Years 1994-1998
"Heaven" The Rapture from Echoes
"Heaven" Bitter:Sweet from The Mating Game
"Heaven" Club 8 from The Boy Who Couldn't Stop Dreaming
"Heaven" Envelopes from Here Comes The Wind
"Heaven" Pocket (feat. Mark Burgess) from A Force Of Nature
"Heaven" Frankie Rose from Herein Wild
"Heaven" Popstrangers from Antipodes
"Heaven" ChameleonsVox from m+d=1(8)
"Heaven" Pomegranates from Heaven

October 3, 2014: Thrills
"Thrills" The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience from The Size Of Food
"Cheap Thrills" The Mothers Of Invention from Cruising With Ruben & The Jets
"The Thrill Is Gone" Rudy Vallee & His Connecticut Yankees from They Called It Crooning
"The Thrill Is Gone" Roy Hawkins from Bay Area Blues Blasters
"The Thrill Is Gone" Clydie King from Brown Sugar
"Thrills & Chills" Helene Smith from Eccentric Soul: The Deep City Label
"Simply Thrilled Honey" Orange Juice from Coals To Newcastle
"My Biggest Thrill" The Mighty Lemon Drops from Happy Head
"Life Without A Thrill" Brideshead from Some People Have All The Fun
"The Thrill Was All Mine" The Cherry Orchard from This World Is Such A Groovy Place
"Less Than Thrilled" Love Is All from Two Thousand & Ten Injuries
"You're My Thrill" Billie Holiday from The Definitive Collection
"Baby You Thrill Me" Amos Milburn from The R&B Years: 1954
"I'll Thrill You" Shirley & Lee from Shirley & Lee Rock!
"Thrill Me" Camille Howard with Roy Milton & His Solid Senders from The R&B Hits: 1947
"Thrill Of Your Love" Elvis Presley from From Nashville To Memphis: The Essential 60s Masters
"You Thrill Me (Through & Through)" The Everly Brothers from The Price Of Fame
"Thrill Of The New" St. Christopher from Bacharach
"The Thrill Of It All" Bauer from Can't Stop Singing
"Thrill" Daniel Johnston from Rejected Unknown
"The Thrill Of Thirty Seconds" Skint & Demoralised from Love, & Other Catastrophes
"Thriller!" Pere Ubu from Dub Housing
"The Thrill Of It All" Hey! Hello! from Hey! Hello!
"Thrill Me" The Undertones from Get What You Need
"The Thrill Of It All" Roxy Music from Country Life
"You Still Thrill Me, Babe" Webster's New Word from You Still Thrill Me, Babe

September 29, 2014: WRFL Sub/Laughter For Lunch
"15 Petals" Elvis Costello from When I Was Cruel
"Actor" White Fence from For The Recently Found Innocent
"Madness" Fresh & Onlys from House Of Spirits
"Down" The Kooks from Listen
"0-0 A.E.T. (No Score After Extra Time)" Thousand Yard Stare from The Brit Box
"21st Century" Black Taxi from Electroshock Death Grip
"The Twist" Frightened Rabbit from The Midnight Organ Fight
"Red Moon" The Call from A Tribute To Michael Been
"Papal Visit" The Fall from Room To Live
"Leave The Family" The Skygreen Leopards from Family Crimes
"The Mirror Is Gone" Lisa Germano from Cry Wolf
"Akiko Masuda" Momus from Stars Forever
"Farmer In The City" Scott Walker from Tilt
"The Ghost In You" Robyn Hitchcock from The Man Upstair
"Lunchlady Land" Adam Sandler from They're All Gonna Laugh At You!
"Texting While Driving" Marc Maron from This Has To Be Funny
"Awkward Situations" Mike Birbiglia from Dog Years
"I Love You, Baby" Brak from Musical Bar-B-Que
"My Friends, The Gorillas" Shelley Berman from The Sex Life Of The Primate (& Other Bits Of Gossip)
"Goodbye You Lizard Scum" Bill Hicks from Arizona Bay
"Random Goofabouts" David Cross from Bigger & Blackerer
"Déjà Vu" Les Barker from A Cardi & Bloke
"K-Tel Commercial" Roseanne Barr from I Enjoy Being A Girl
"Human Breakdown Of Absurdity" Norm Burns & Singers from The American Song-Poem Anthology: Do You Know The Difference Between Big Wood & Brush?
"Learning" Maria Bamford from Unwanted Thoughts Syndrome
"Stalking" Bruce McCulloch from Shame-Based Man
"Mr. Veedle" Lily Tomlin from This Is A Recording

September 26, 2014: Scenes
"That Is The Scene" Baskervilles from Baskervilles
"At The Scene" The Dave Clark Five from The Best Of The Dave Clark Five
"Street Scene" Leon Mitchison from Cold Heat: Heavy Funk Rarities, Vol. 1: 1968-1974
"The Breaking Up Scene" Honeybus from She Flies Like A Bird: The Anthology
"Same Old Scene" Roxy Music from The Thrill Of It All
"Crush The Scene" Tullycraft from The Singles
"Making The Nature Scene" Sonic Youth from Confusion Is Sex
"Hey Scenesters!" The Cribs from New Fellas
"That Girl, That Scene" Frankie & The Heartstrings from The Days Run Away
"This Scene Is Happening" Liquid Faeries from La-Di-Da... So Far...
"Hipsters, Scenesters, Teenstars & Fakers" Amy Linton & Stewart Anderson from Knowing We Was Right From Da Start
"Freak Scene" Dinosaur Jr from Bug
"Shirt Scene" Marc Riley With The Creepers from Shadow Figure 12"
"Queen Of The Scene" Go-Kart Mozart from On The Hot Dog Streets
"Scenes" Tania Rivas from Scenes
"The Recognition Scene" The Mountain Goats from Sweden
"Leave The Scene Behind" The Wave Pictures from Instant Coffee Baby
"No. 1 Hippie On The Village Scene" The Fifth Estate from Ding! Dong! The Witch Is Back!
"The Contemporary Scene" Mood Six from A Matter Of!
"Scream (Till You Make The Scene)" Stephin Merritt from Obscurities
"Fight Scene" The Kamalas from The Kamalas
"Music Scene" The Fall from Live At The Witch Trails
"What's That Scene" Male Bonding from Endless Now
"On The Scene" The Friggs from Rock Candy
"Domestic Scene" The Radio Dept. from Clinging To A Scheme
"The Crying Scene" Aztec Camera from Stray
"I Want A New Scene" Mitch Easter from Dynamico
"This Scene Is Dead" We Are Scientists from With Love & Squalor

September 22, 2014: WRFL Sub/Laughter For Lunch
"Alma Matters" Morrissey from Maladjusted
"Mister Main" Ty Segall from Manipulator
"Candy" You & What Army from Big Deal Corporate Annual, Vol. 1
"As Good Can Be" Half Japanese from Overjoyed
"Scottsdale" The Lucksmiths from First Tape
"My Blue Supreme" Interpol from El Pintor
"Across The Universe" David Bowie from Young Americans
"O, Minus 16, Minus 3, 0" Beatnik Filmstars from In Hospitalable
"Jeans" The Invisible World from Welcome To The Invisible World
"Liquid Star" Chimera from Earth Loop
"Tempest" Rustie from Green Language
"All My Little Words" The Magnetic Fields from 69 Love Songs
"Grounds For Divorce" Elbow from The Seldom Seen Kid
"It's You" The Millennium from Begin
"I Don't Mind" The Buzzcocks from Another Music In A Different Kitchen
"Party Fears Two" The Associates from Sulk
"Let's Eat" Firesign Theatre from Don't Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me The Pliers
"America Has Spoken" Patton Oswalt from Werewolves & Lollipops
"Kazooed On Classics" The Temple City Kazoo Orchestra from The Rhino Brothers Present The World's Worst Records
"The Reverend Leroy Jenkins" Superego from Superego Season 2
"Ramblin' Man" Steve Martin from Let's Get Small
"Amoeba Jazz" Jack Sheldon from Oooo--But It's Good!
"Golden Voice Announcer's School" Gary Owens from Put Your Head On My Finger
"Lift Every Voice & Sing" Shooby Taylor from The Human Horn
"Advice To Serial Killers" George Carlin from When Will Jesus Bring The Pork Chops?
"Pets" Woody Allen from The Night Club Years 1964-1968
"Ex-Girlfriend/Racial Humor" Bo Burnham from Words, Words, Words
"Pissing Away His Talent" Orson Welles from Celebrity Swearing
"One Hippopotami" Allan Sherman from My Son The Box
"Larry King/Party Invitation/Lavender Shirt" Todd Barry from Medium Energy
"Money Programme" Monty Python from Monty Python's Previous Record
"We're Turning Again" Frank Zappa from Have I Offended Someone?

September 19, 2014: One Way
"One Way" Tania & Juan from One Way
"One Way Love" Allison Weiss from Say What You Mean
"One Way Or Another" Blondie from Eat To The Beat
"(I'm Walking Down) A One Way Street" Guy Mitchell from The Very Best Of Guy Mitchell
"One Way Street" Miki Smith from Trouble Doll
"Walking Up A One Way Street" Willie Tee from Teasin' You
"One Way Street" Sharon Tandy from You Gotta Believe It's... Sharon Tandy
"One Way Street" The Dirty Burds from Hellbound Honeys, Vol. 1
"One Way Ticket Home" Phil Ochs from Greatest Hits
"One Way Ticket" Bobby Crown & The Kapers from Rockabilly Rarities, Vol. 1
"One Way Ticket" The Nerves from One Way Ticket
"One Way Trigger" The Strokes from Comedown Machine
"Love Can't Be A One Way Deal" The Rev-Lons from Boy Trouble: Garpax Girls
"One Way Love" The Innocents from One Way Love 7"
"One Way Love" The Damned from Don't Cry Wolf 7"
"One Way Love" The Undertones from The Undertones
"One Way Love" The James Hunter Six from Minute By Minute
"One Way Out" Elmore James from The Sky Is Crying: The History Of Elmore James
"One Way Out" Martha & The Vandellas from Watchout!
"One Way Bus" New Birth from New Birth
"One Way" Mighty Mighty from A Band From Birmingham
"One Way Mind" John Cunningham from Becket House
"One Way Or The Other" Chumbawamba from Readymades
"One Way Track" Bill Nelson from Noise Candy, Vol. 1: Old Man Future Blows The Blues
"One Way Spit" Debris from Soul Jazz Records Presents PUNK 45: Sick On You! One Way Spit! After The Love & Before The Revolution, Vol. 3: Proto-Punk 1969-77
"One Way Kisses" The 4 Knights from Jivin' & Smoothin'
"One Way Rider" Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash from Rockabilly Blues

September 12, 2014: Magazines
"Magazines" Teresa Brewer from The Ultimate Collection
"Movie Magazines" The Four Cal-Quettes from Movie Magazines
"Little Girl In A Magazine" Jerry Channing from Little Girl In A Magazine
"Magazine Woman" Gary Walker & The Rain from Magazine Woman
"Magazine Lady" Spider John Koerner & Willie Murphy from Forever Changing: The Golden Age Of Elektra Records 1963-1973
"Letters To Magazines" Paul F. Tompkins from Impersonal
"Girl In A Magazine" The Brains from The Brains
"Cover Of The Rolling Stone" R. Stevie Moore from Great Test Hits
"Dream Magazine" Svensk from Piccadilly Sunshine # 1: British Pop Psych & Other Flavours 1965-1970
"Grit Magazine" Thee American Revolution from Buddha Electrostorm
"People Who Read People Magazine" Kinky Friedman from Under The Double Ego
"Centerfold" J. Geils Band from Freeze Frame
"Skingloss Magazine" Superego from Superego, Volume 3, Episode 12
"Magazines" Tania & Juan from Magazine
"Letter To A Fanzine" Great Plains from Length Of Growth 1981-1989
"Teen Magazines" Kyle Hall from Feelin' Weird
"Magazine Theory" Darren Hanlon from Early Days
"Girl In A Magazine" J Church from Camels, Spilled Corona, & The Sound Of Mariachi Bands
"Star Magazine" Gigantaur from Gigantaur E.P.
"Resolve (The Complete New Testament In The Form Of A Teen Magazine)" Eugene Mirman from En Garde, Society!
"Surfing Magazines" The Go-Betweens from The Friends Of Rachel Worth
"Dirty Magazines" Jonas Crenshaw from Colossal Failure
"Magazines" The Hold Steady from Stay Positive
"Magazine" The Proper Ornaments from Wooden Head
"Magazine" Yeh Deadlies from Magazine 7"
"Autograph Magazine" Todd Barry from Falling Off The Bone
"I Dreamed You In Magazines" Fred Thomas from Kuma

September 5, 2014: Disco
"Discotheque" Bad Dream Fancy Dress from Choirboys Gas
"Freestyle Disco" S.I. Futures from The Mission Statement
"Disco's Dead" The Bags from All Bagged Up '77-'80
"Smash The Discos" The Business from Punk & Nasty
"Disco Pope" The Prats from Rough Trade Shops Post Punk 01
"Disco Romance" UK Decay from The Black Cat EP
"Disco Hotline" National Lampoon from That's Not Funny, That's Sick!
"Disco Man" The Damned from Eternally Damned
"Changwah Disco" Chantana from Thai Beat A Go-Go, Vol. 3
"Disco Clone" Cristina from Mutant Disco
"How Long Are You Staying?" Bill Joy from The American Song-Poem Anthology: Do You Know The Difference Between Big Wood & Brush?
"Red Neck Disco" Glenn Sutton from Redneck Country
"Rock & Roll People In A Disco World" Sparks from Terminal Jive
"Cambia El Disco" Tania Rivas from Cambia El Disco
"Disco Biscuit" Lung Leg from Maid To Minx
"Disco" Backfish from It's Emily's
"The World Is A Disco Ball" Future Bible Heroes from Eternal Youth
"Shifty Disco Girl" Helen Love from Love & Glitter, Hot Days & Muzik
"Indie Disco" The Lancashire Hotpots from Pot Sounds
"At The Indie Disco" The Divine Comedy from Bang Goes The Knighthood
"Born Disco/Died Heavy Metal" Cornershop from Hold On It Hurts
"Discoking" The Leslies from Totally Brilliant
"Panic" The Guild League from Romantic & Square Is Hip & Aware
"Death Of A Disco Dancer" The Smiths from Strangeways, Here We Come
"Disco Pop Stars" Altered Images from Pinky Blue

September 1, 2014: WRFL Sub Show
"Absolute Beginners" David Bowie from Absolute Beginners
"Next Of Kin" Alvvays from Alvvays
"...It's A Moral Issue" Baader-Meinhof from Baader-Meinhof
"Neal Cassady Drops Dead" Morrissey from World Peace Is None Of Your Business
"Inwards" Big Country from The Crossing
"Crushed Like The Car" Army Navy from The Wilderness Inside
"I'll Be Your Mirror" Richard Barone from Primal Dream
"Refuge" The Antlers from Familiars
"Detective Instinct" The Fall from Room To Live
"Borders" Honduras from Morality Cuts
"Do You Know The Way To San Jose?" Richard "Groove" Holmes from Blue Note Plays Burt Bacharach
"Come Rain Or Come Shine" Bill Evans from Portrait In Jazz
"Birthday Present For Katrina" The Lucksmiths from First Tape
"All I Care About Is You" Future Bible Heroes from Partygoing
"She Said" The Lavish Bathers from Business Deal Band Lotto 2
"Evil" Shovels & Rope from Swimmin' Time
"Love Song For The Dead Che" United States Of America from United States Of America
"Skeleton Key" Bishop Allen from Lights Out
"Hiccups" Darren Hanlon from Candle Compilation Vol. 11
"Heart Tattoo" Joyce Manor from Never Hungover Again
"Dub Housing" Pere Ubu from Dub Housing
"Summer Ends" The Raveonettes from Pe'ahi
"Motherhood" Philip Cohran from Philip Cohran & The Artistic Heritage Ensemble
"Reeling The Liars In" Cold Specks from Bodies At Bay
"I Killed The Barber" Dr. Alimantado from Best Dressed Chicken in Town
"Bossa Blanco" Seksu Roba from Cook Book CD: Libre DE Cucino Y Musica
"The Age Of Information" Momus from Ping Pong
"Keepsakes (Napoleon IIIrd Remix)" Sky Larkin from Dancetotheradio IV - Out Of The Woods & Trees
"DBF" Eno Hyde from High Life
"13 Steps Lead Down" Elvis Costello from Brutal Youth
"Because You're Sad" The Muffs from Whoop Dee Doo
"This Here Giraffe" The Flaming Lips from Clouds Taste Metallic
"The Righteous One" The Orwells from Disgraceland
"Put It On" Big L from Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous
"Get Up" Young Fathers from Dead
"Shut Up" DTCV from Hilarious Heaven
"Corp Safe" Gladshot from Maxwell's Cool Demons
"Blue Spark" X from Under The Big Black Sun
"Midnight Passenger" Ex-Cult from Midnight Passenger
"-25" Panasonic from Kulma

August 29, 2014: Indiepop A To Z # 45
Listen to part one of this show (73 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 60 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (71 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
"Turning Point" The Jakpot from Turning Point EP
"Not Happy" Jale from Dreamcake
"Town Called Malice" The Jam from The Gift
"I Heart Labrador Records" Jam On Bread from A Railcard Adventure
"Puppet Girl" Wendy James from Now Ain't The Time For Your Tears
"Skullduggery" James from Stutter
"Oh, Grateful" James Dean Driving Experience from Clearlake Revisited
"Vote For Love" Jamie Wednesday from Vote For Love
"It's A Fine Day" Jane from It's A Fine Day
"Mourning Glass" Jane From Occupied Europe from Coloursound
"Sanitized" Jane Pow from Love It Be It!/State
"Love Has Flown" The Januaries from The Januaries
"Cut Me Deep" Jasmine Minks from Another Age
"Looking For Lot 49" The Jazz Butcher from Fishcotheque
"Nothing At All" Jazzateers from Jazzateers
"Elemental" The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience from The Size Of Food
"Before I Know" Jenka from Be
"Driving Into The Sun" The Jeremiahs from Driving Into The Sun EP
"Ordinary Sleep" Jessamine from Jessamine
"The Rain Fell Down" Jesse Garon & The Desperadoes from The Rain Fell Down 7"
"Just Another Fashion Band" The Jessica Fletchers from What Happened To The?
"Flowers" Jesterbells from Rain Keeps Falling EP 7"
"Just Like Honey" The Jesus & Mary Chain from Psychocandy
"Sister Dream" Jesus Couldn't Drum from Ruttling Orange Peel & Blind Lemon Pie
"Suicide" The Jesus Trip from You Can't Be Loved Forever, Vol. 1
"Wenn Deutschland Traumt" Jetzt! from Liebe In Grossen Stadten Kassette
"Snap Me Up" Jim Jiminee from Welcome To Hawaii
"Camouflage" The Jigsaws from Camouflage 7"

August 22, 2014: Bulls
"The Bull Is Coming" Lee Fields & The Devil's Personal Band from Rare Funk Liberation
"Ride The Bull" Quasimodo Jones from Robots & Rebels
"Lezomkomo (Praise The Cows & Bulls)" Ladysmith Black Mambazo from Songs From A Zulu Farm
"Little Black Bull" Pete Seeger from Sing With Seeger
"Little White Bull" Tommy Steele from The Best Of Tommy Steele
"Ferdinand The Bull" Slim & Slam from The Original 1938 Recordings, Vol. 1
"El Toro De Goro (The Peace Loving Bull)" Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs from Li'l Red Riding Hood
"The Cattle Call" Eddy Arnold from Heroes Of The Big Country
"Bad Brahma Bull" Tex Ritter from Collectors Series
"Oscar The Yodeling Bull" Peter Denahy from Peter Denahy
"El Matador" The Kingston Trio from Sold Out
"The Matador" Johnny Cash from Legend
"The Matador" Major Lance from Best Of Soul Time: A Selection Of Northern Soul Classics From The Archives
"Old Bull" Wylie & The Wild West from Bucking Horse Moon
"Bull In The Pen" Black Uhuru from Anthem
"The Bullfighter Dies" Morrissey from World Peace Is None Of Your Business
"The Bulls (Les Taureaux)" Shawn Elliott & Company from Jacques Brel Is Alive & Well & Living In Paris
"Bull Rider" Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell from Old Yellow Moon
"Bulls" Tania&Juan from Bulls
"Bull In The Heather" The Go! Team from Proof Of Youth
"Bullfighters' Bones" The Shrubs from Full Steam Into The Brainstorm 12"
"Bullfighting" Airport Girl from Slow Light
"Bullfighter Jacket" Miniature Tigers from Fortress
"Cattle & Cane" The Go-Betweens from Before Hollywood
"The Bull Run" Titus Turner from A Walk On The Wild Side

August 22, 2014: Woke Up Early One Morning Blues, Episode Fourteen
Listen to this show (72 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 60 minutes)
"Bull-Doze Blues" Henry Thomas from Texas Worried Blues (Complete Recorded Works 1927-1929)
"Falling Rain Blues" Lonnie Johnson from Lonnie Johnson Vol. 1 (1925-1926)
"Booster Blues" Blind Lemon Jefferson from The Best Of Blind Lemon Jefferson
"Motherless Children Have A Hard Time" Blind Willie Johnson from Dark Was The Night (1927-1930)
"Texas Blues" Willie Reed from Let Me Tell You About The Blues Texas (The Evolution Of Texas Blues)
"You'll Like My Loving" Otis Harris from The Male Blues Singers Vol. 1
"Cryin' For You Blues" Sammy Hill from Texas Blues
"Kentucky Blues" Little Hat Jones from Tex-Arkana-Louisiana Country 1929-1933
"Big Houston Blues" Victoria Spivey from Victoria Spivey Vol. 1 1926-1927
"Deep Water Blues" Hociel Thomas from Louis Armstrong & The Blues Singers
"Doggone My Good Luck Soul" Hattie Hudson from Texas Girls (1926 - 1929)
"Penitentiary" Bessie Tucker from I Can't Be Satisfied, Vol. 1
"Shake It Down" Lillian Glinn from Lillian Glinn 1927-1929
"Ground Hog Blues" Ramblin' Thomas from The Voice Of The Blues: Bottleneck Guitar Masterpieces
"Blue Goose Blues" Jesse "Babyface" Thomas from Blues From The Western States 1927-1949
"Lone Wolf Blues" Buddy Woods from Texas Slide Guitars 1930-1938

August 15, 2014: Normality
"I'm Normal" The Emperor from I'm Normal
"We Are Normal" The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band from Urban Spaceman
"C'est Normal" Ceux Qui Marchent Debout from Handclapping Zone
"Normal" Martin Mull from Normal
"The Speed Of Normal" John Wesley Harding from John Wesley Harding's New Deal
"Mr. Normal" Wayne County & The Electric Chairs from Man Enough To Be A Woman
"Pronounced Normal" Wild Man Fischer from Pronounced Normal
"Pass for Normal" Culturcide from Home-Made Authority
"Normal People" The Members from The Choice Is Yours
"Watch Out For The Normal People" The Boomtown Rats from A Tonic For The Troops
"Dan Abnormal" Blur from The Great Escape
"Crazy Kind Of Normal" The Rosehips from The Rosehips
"This Is The New Normal" Bubblegum Lemonade from Some Like It Pop
"Every Boy Wants A Normal Girl" Colleen Green from Sock it To Me
"Life Returns To Normal" Northern Portrait from Criminal Art Lovers
"Suis-Je Normale?" Nini Raviolette from Change The Beat: The Celluloid Records Story 1979-1987
"Total Normal" Eiskalte Engel from Total Normal
"Normal" Astrud from Superman EP
"The Normal Family" Andrei Codrescu from No Tacos For Saddam
"Making People Normal" Bis from Social Dancing
"Normal" Screaming Females from Castle Talk
"Normality" Tania&Juan from Normality
"Gillian Is Normal" Instant Automatons from Messthetics Greatest Hiss # 110: An Introduction To The D.I.Y. Cassette Scene 1979-1984
"Tight But Normal Squeeze" Robert Pollard from Jack Sells A Cow
"Normal" Bel Divioleta from Espejos

August 15, 2014: Woke Up Early One Morning Blues, Episode Thirteen
Listen to this show (70 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
"Whiskey & Women" Black Ace from Texas Slide Guitars 1930-1938
"Romance In The Dark" Lil Green from Romance In The Dark
"Where He Leads Me I Will Follow" Blind Willie Harris from Goodbye, Babylon
"Lonesome Lovesick Blues" Katherine Henderson from Vol. 2 (1927-1932)
"Whiskey Headed Blues" Sonny Boy Williamson from Sonny Boy Williamson: Complete Recorded Works, 1938-1939
"On My Way To Heaven" Blind Roy Hays from Sinners & Saints (1926-1931)
"Snatch It Back Blues" Walter "Buddy Boy" Hawkins from William Harris & Buddy Boy Hawkins (1927-1929)
"Black Gal, What Makes Your Head So Hard?" Joe Pullum from The Easin' In: Essential Recordings Of Texas Blues
"Six Weeks Old Blues" John Henry Barbee from Memphis Blues 1927-1938
"Lonesome Road Blues" Sam Collins from Before The Blues Vol. 1
"Ain't Going To Lay My Armor Down" McVay & Johnson from Kentucky Mountain Music, Part 3
"Friday Moan Blues" Alfred Lewis from Harmonica Blues 1920s & '30s
"Boogie Woogie Stomp" Albert Ammons & His Rhythm Kings from The Many Faces Of Boogie Woogie
"Dark Was The Night (Cold Was The Ground)" Blind Willie Johnson from Dark Was The Night (1927-1930)
"Long Lonesome Day Blues" Texas Alexander from Texas Alexander Vol. 1 (1927-1928)

August 8, 2014: Acid
"LSD" The Pretty Things from Get The Picture?
"Acid (Another Colored Ink Drawing)" The Wild Things from Acid (Another Colored Ink Drawing)
"I Wanna Come Back (From The World Of LSD)" The Fe-Fi-Four + 2 from Pebbles Vol. 5
"Acid" Stu Mitchell from Only In America
"Acid Face Baby" Rote Kapelle from It Moves... But Does It Swing?
"Acid Bird (live)" Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians from Gotta Let This Hen Out!
"Acid To My Alkaline" Fujiya & Miyagi from Artificial Sweeteners
"Acid Baby (music by Cory Helms of the Polyphonic Spree)" Tania&Juan from Acid Baby
"I Did Acid With Caroline" Jad Fair & Daniel Johnston from It's Spooky
"Should Have Taken Acid With You" Neon Indian from Psychic Chasms
"Lysergic Bliss" Of Montreal from Satanic Panic In The Attic
"LSD" The Mighty Diamonds from Trinity Meet The Mighty Diamonds
"Battery Acid" Baxendale from You Will Have Your Revenge
"Adult Acid" Thee Oh Sees from The Master's Bedroom Is Worth Spending A Night In
"Acid Bath" The Hangmen from This Is Psychobilly: 25 Years Of Rockin' & Wreckin'
"Acid Head" The Velvet Illusions from Acid Head
"Acid Lady" The San Francisco T.K.O.'s from Bay Area Funk: Funk & Soul Essentials From San Francisco, Oakland, & The Bay Area 1967-1976, Vol. 2
"Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" Der Expander Des Fortschritts from Celebrating The Eggman: A Tribute To John Lennon
"Purple Haze" Johnny Jones & The King Casuals from Atlanta Soul: The Peachtree Records Story
"White Rabbit" Born For Bliss from Flowing With The Flue
"Too Much Acid" The Pineapples From The Dawn Of Time from Behind The Banana Curtain
"The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane" Jeffrey Lewis from The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane & Other Favorites
"Somebody Spiked My L.S.D." Julian Cope from Floored Genius 4: Brain Donor
"LSD" Wendall Austin & The Country Swings from Wavy Gravy, Vol. 1: For Adult Enthusiasts
"The Trip" Kim Fowley from Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era, Vol. 2
"Acid Revolution" Rob Jo Star Band from Soul Jazz Records Presents PUNK 45: Sick On You! One Way Spit! After The Love & Before The Revolution: Proto-Punk 1969-77

August 8, 2014: Woke Up Early One Morning Blues, Episode Twelve
Listen to this show (70 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 58 minutes)
"You've Got To Save That Thing" Ora Alexander from Them Dirty Blues
"St. Louis Blues" Mildred Bailey from The Ladies In Blues
"Don't You Make Me High" Blue Lu Barker from The Chronological Classics: Blue Lu Barker 1938-1939
"Worried Blues" Gladys Bentley from Maggie Jones & Gladys Bentley: Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order Vol. 2 - May 1925 To June 1926 & August 1928 To March 1929
"West Indies Blues" Esther Bigeou from Esther Bigeou (1921-1923)
"The Pawn Shop Blues" Lucille Bogan from Lucille Bogan (Bessie Jackson) Vol. 1: 1923-1930
"Evil Mama Blues" Ada Brown from Territory Singers Vol. 1 (1922-1928)
"Song From A Cotton Field" Bessie Brown from Down In The Basement: Joe Bussard's Treasure Trove Of Vintage 78s: 1926-1937
"Peddlin' Man" Liza Brown from (Original) Bessie Brown (1925-1929) & Liza Brown (1929)
"Mean Eyes (Too Late Blues)" Kitty Brown from Female Blues Singers Vol. 3 (1923-1928)
"Aunt Hagar's Children Blues" Alice Leslie Carter from Female Blues Singers Vol. 4 (1921-1930)
"Everybody Does It Now" Martha Copeland from I Can't Be Satisfied, Vol. 2
"Give Me A Break Blues" Ida Cox from The Blues 1923 To 1933
"Blind Man Blues" Katie Crippen from Fletcher Henderson & The Blues Singers Vol. 1 (1921-1923)
"Winter Blues" Madlyn Davis from Paramount Jazz
"He Likes It Slow" Butterbeans & Susie from Louis Armstrong & The Blues Singers

August 1, 2014: Sunrise
"Sun Arise" Rolf Harris from The Best Of The Sixties
"Sunrise" The Divine Comedy from Fin De Siècle
"Sunrise" Pulp from We Love Life
"Sunrise" Lambchop from No You C'mon
"Sunrise" Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan from Hawk
"Sunrise" Petra Haden from Petra Haden Sings: The Who Sell Out
"Sunrise" Tania&Juan from Sunrise
"The House Of The Rising Sun" Nina Simone from The Blues
"Sunrise, Sunset" Connie Francis from Sings Jewish Favorites
"I Like The Sunrise" The Free Design from You Could Be Born Again
"Watch The Sunrise (Single Version)" Big Star from Keep An Eye On The Sky
"Sunrise (Turn On)" Chesterfield Kings from Psychedelic Sunrise
"Waiting For The Sunrise" Yoko Ono from Approximately Infinite Universe
"The Sun Rising" The Beloved from Happiness
"Sunrise Serenade" Connee Boswell from Heart & Soul
"Blues Before Sunrise" Ray Charles from In The Beginning: 1949-1952
"Sunrise Highway" Peter Anders from Sunrise Highway
"Sunrise Highway" The Trout from The Trout
"Where Does The Sun Rise" Dorothy Collins from Experiment Songs
"Orchid Sunrise" The Harbour Pilots from Welcome To The Wetherbeat Scene 1988 - 1991
"I Always See The Sun Rise" Little Name from How To Swim & Live
"The Sun Also Rises" Fever Tree from Fever Tree
"Please Sunrise Please" Barbara Acklin from Please Sunrise Please
"Beyond The Sunrise" Belle & Sebastian from Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant

August 1, 2014: Woke Up Early One Morning Blues, Episode Eleven
Listen to this show (72 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 60 minutes)
"Whiskey Man Blues" Scrapper Blackwell & Black Bottom McPhail from Virtuoso Guitar 1925-1934
"Whiskey & Gin Blues" South Street Trio from Country Blues Outlaws
"Whiskey Blues" Elzadie Robinson from Elzadie Robinson Vol. 1 1926-1928
"Me & My Whiskey" Barbecue Bob from The Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order, Vol. 2
"Whiskey Moan Blues" Clifford Gibson from Clifford Gibson (1929-1931)
"Whiskey Drinkin' Blues" Tampa Red with Jenny Pope from Tampa Red Vol. 3 (1929-1930)
"Whiskey Selling Women" Lucille Bogan from Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 1 (1923-1930)
"If The River Was Whiskey" Charlie Poole from Old Time Songs 1926-1930, Vol. 2
"Whiskeyhead Blues" JT "Funny Paper" Smith from Complete Recordings (1930-1931)
"Try My Whiskey Blues" Roosevelt Sykes from Roosevelt Sykes Vol. 3 (1931-1933)
"More Good Whiskey Blues" Peetie Wheatstraw from Peetie Wheatstraw, Vol. 2: 1934-1935
"Bad Whiskey Blues" Black Boy Shine from Leroy Carr & Black Boy Shine (1934-1937)
"Rye Whiskey" Tex Ritter from The History Of Country & Western Music Vol. 4 (1931-1934)
"Whiskey Blues" Bo Carter from Bo Carter Vol. 4 (1936-1938)
"Whiskey & Good Time Blues" Big Bill Broonzy from Big Bill Broonzy Vol. 8 1938-1939
"Whiskey Fool" Merline Johnson from The Yas Yas Girl (Merline Johnson) Vol. 2 1938-1939

July 25, 2014: Backwards
"Sdrawkcab (Backwords)" Lothar & The Hand People from This Is It, Machines
"Backwards & Forwards" December's Children from Backwards & Forwards
"Headcoat On Backwards" Thee Headcoats from Bleached Earls
"The Backwards Alphabet" Soupy Sales from Use Your Noggin'
"Up The Hill Backwards" David Bowie from Scary Monsters (& Super Creeps)
"Counting Backwards" Throwing Muses from The Real Ramona
"Talking Backwards" Tender Trap from Language Lessons
"My Son Spells Backwards" The Victorian English Gentlemens Club from The Victorian English Gentlemens Club
"Backward Century" The Loud Family from Attractive Nuisance
"Backwards Again" Ant Farmers from Yarn
"Feels Like We Only Go Backwards" Tame Impala from Lonerism
"You Got Your Head On Backwards" The Sonics from Introducing The Sonics
"Driving Me Backwards" Brian Eno from Here Come The Warm Jets
"Racing Backwards" Blank Dogs from Phrases EP
"Count Backwards (Rock & Roll Never Dies)" The Secret History from The World That Never Was
"Backwards" Tania&Juan from Backwards
"Backwards Town" Eugene Chadbourne from Country Protest Anew
"Backwards" Smile Smile from Marry A Stranger
"Talking Backwards" Real Estate from Atlas
"Backward Bill" Shel Silverstein from A Light In The Attic
"Bent Backwards" Mrs. Kipling from Sunny Sunday Smile
"The World Backwards" Broadcast from Work & Non Work
"Backward Town" Grapes Of Wrath from Treehouse
"Bend Over Backwards" Archie Powell & The Exports from Great Ideas In Action
"Cigarette In Backwards" The Suburbs from Ladies & Gentlemen, The Suburbs

July 25, 2014: Woke Up Early One Morning Blues, Episode Ten
Listen to this show (72 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 60 minutes)
"Early Morning Blues" Blind Blake from All The Published Sides
"Banty Rooster" Blind Pete & Partner from Blues & Gospel: Miss. Field Recordings 1934
"Cross & Evil Woman Blues" Blind Gary Davis from Country Southern Blues
"I Believe I'll Go Back Home" Blind Willie Davis from American Primitive Vol. I: Raw Pre-War Gospel
"Bye & Bye We're Going To See The King" Arizona Dranes from Arizona Dranes (1926-1929)
"Honey In The Rock" Blind Mamie Forehand from Folk Music In America, Vol. 15: Religious Music: Solo & Performance
"Black & Tan" Blind Boy Fuller from Mama Let Me Lay It On You (1926-1936)
"Crazy 'Bout My Baby" Blind Roosevelt Graves from Complete Recorded Works (1929-1936)
"Honey, Take A Whiff On Me" Blind Jessie Harris from Alabama: From Lullabies To Blues
"Match Box Blues" Blind Lemon Jefferson from The Rough Guide To Blind Lemon Jefferson
"Keep Your Lamp Trimmed & Burning" Blind Willie Johnson with Willie B. Harris from Dark Was The Night (1927-1930)
"Bell Street Blues" Blind Willie McTell from Complete Recorded Works, Vol.3 (1933-35)
"How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times & Live" Blind Alfred Reed from Hard Times In The Country
"Outside Woman Blues" Blind Willie Reynolds from The Rough Guide To Delta Blues
"Been Listening All The Day" Blind Joe Taggart from Before The Blues, Vol. 2
"Harmonica Blues" Sonny Terry from Complete Recorded Works 1938-1945

July 8, 2014: WRFL Sub Show
"True Blue" Tina Brooks from True Blue
"Sedated" Pity Sex from Feast Of Love
"Tale Of Two Cities" The Lucksmiths from First Tape
"Night Window" Young Liars from Tidal Wave
"Alien Being" The Magnetic Fields from The House Of Tomorrow EP
"Sweet Tooth" My Goodness from Shiver + Shake
"The Boy Has Gone Away" Aberdeen from The Boy Has Gone Away
"Treehouse" Buffalo Rodeo from Home Videos
"Room To Live" The Fall from Room To Live
"Picking A Fight" The Can't Nots from Radio Pudding
"I See You" Pretty Things from S.F. Sorrow
"Bad Liquor (Live)" American Music Club from Johnny Mathis' Feet
"Abdulmajid" David Bowie from "Heroes"
"Know Your Product" The Saints from Eternally Yours
"Daydream's Haze" Escaping Pavement from Uprooted
"Heart Of Glass" The Associates from Popera: The Singles Collection
"Plans For The Weekend" Malibu Shark Attack from Malibu Shark Attack
"The Big Battle" Lalo Schifrin from Enter The Dragon OST
"Smile Jamaica" Bob Marley & The Wailers from Kaya
"Homeless People" Stewart Huff from The Pressure of Your Expectations Is Overwhelming
"Afterglow" Momus from Voyager
"Not Today" Flying Colours from Not Today
"Distance" Astrid from Hi Fi Lo Fi EP
"Jupiter" The August Sons from Plants Planets & Insects
"I Fell In Love Last Night" Heavenly from I Fell In Love Last Night
"Ball & Chain" XTC from English Settlement
"Conversations" Woman's Hour from Conversations
"Bird Feeder" Young Widows from Easy Pain
"All You Need Is Me" Morrissey from Years Of Refusal
"Damn It Feels Good To Cosplay" Shadow Clone from GeekParty Mixtape
"Criminology (feat. Ghostface Killah)" Raekwon from Only Built 4 Cuban Linx
"Over Under" Sage Francis from Copper Gone
"Roadrunner" G. Saglia from Cartoons Techno Dance Melodies
"I Wanna Be Me" Sex Pistols from SexBox
"Flickering Flame" 0kill from 0kill
"Go Out & Get 'Em Boy!" The Wedding Present from Go Out & Get 'Em Boy!
"Can't You See That He's Mine" The Bristols from Introducing The Bristols
"This Can't Be Today" Rain Parade from Emergency Third Rail Power Trip
"The Man Who Invented Himself" Robyn Hitchcock from Black Snake Diamond Role

July 18, 2014: Candles
"Candle Song" Holly Golightly from Laugh It All Up!
"Candle Mambo" Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band from Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)
"Candle" Lydia Ainsworth from Right From Real, Pt. I
"Don't Burn The Candle At Both Ends" Louis Jordan from Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five
"Burn My Candle (At Both Ends)" Shirley Bassey from Burn My Candle: The Complete Early Years 1956-58
"Burn That Candle" Bill Haley & His Comets from Live It Up!
"Wax Candle" Harverson Apricot from Psychedelic Schlemiels: Lost Sounds From The Britpsych Scene 1966-1969
"Candle" Sonic Youth from Daydream Nation
"Candleland" Ian McCulloch from Candleland
"Glass Candle Grenades" Cocteau Twins from Head Over Heels
"Black Candle" Leo Graham from Lee Scratch Perry: Public Jestering
"Brief Candles" The Zombies from Odessey & Oracle
"Light A Candle" Neil Young from Fork In The Road
"Can I Get There By Candlelight" David McWilliams from Reflections Of David McWilliams
"A Candle's Fire" Beirut from The Rip Tide
"Light A Candle" Orange Cake Mix from Infinite Beauty
"Six Hundred Candles" Tiny Town from No Place Like Rome
"No One Can Hold A Candle To You" Morrissey from I Have Forgiven Jesus
"The Candle Burned Out" The Shout Out Louds from Work
"Candlesticks" The Cannanes from Caveat Emptor
"Seven African Powers" Russell Miles from Six Tunes By "Russ"
"Candlelight" The Gestures from The Big Hits Of Mid-America: The Soma Records Story 1963 - 1967
"Black Candles" Blue Bus from Magic Cube
"Light The Glass Candle" Glass Candle from 30 Seconds Before The Galico Wall
"Roman Candle" Bedhead from Beheaded
"Roman Candles" Half Japanese from Greatest Hits

July 18, 2014: Woke Up Early One Morning Blues, Episode Nine
Listen to this show (72 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 60 minutes)
"Preachin' Blues (Up Jumped The Devil)" Robert Johnson from The Complete Recordings
"Frankie & Albert (Part 1)" Lead Belly from Sings & Plays
"Roll 'Em Pete" Joe Turner from The Boss Of The Blues
"Good Gravy" Sonny Boy Williamson from Black Name Blues
"Floyd's Guitar Blues" Andy Kirk with Mary Lou Williams & The 12 Clouds of Joy from The Very Best Of
"Booker T. Blues" Washboard Sam & His Washboard Band from Washboard Story
"Preachin' The Blues" Big Bill Broonzy from Big Bill Broonzy, Vol. 8: 1938 - 1939
"Melancholy" Meade Lux Lewis from Backwater Blues
"Boogie Woogie Stomp" Albert Ammons & His Rhythm Kings from The Many Faces Of Boogie Woogie
"Four Day Creep" Ida Cox from Ida Cox, Vol. 5: 1939-1940
"My Daddy Rocks Me, No. 2" Trixie Smith from Trixie Smith, Vol. 2: 1925-1929
"Everybody Oughta Make A Change" Sleepy John Estes from Working Man's Blues
"Jivin' Woman Blues" Blind Boy Fuller from Sweet Honey Hole
"You Can Mistreat Me Here" Tommy McClennan from Big Joe Williams & The Stars Of Mississippi Blues
"Better Not Let My Good Gal Catch You Here" Johnnie Temple from Johnnie Temple, Vol. 2: 1938-1940
"The Fives" Jimmy Yancey from Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 1: 1939-1940

July 11, 2014: Ruby
"Ruby" Merkin from Music From Merkin Manor
"Ruby" Silver Apples from Contact
"Ruby" Sneakers from Sneakers EP
"Ruby" Ray Charles from Genius & Soul: The 50th Anniversary Collection
"Ruby" Boss Hog from Girl Positive EP
"Ruby" Simon Bonney from Everyman
"Ruby" The Apples In Stereo from Her Wallpaper Reverie
"Ruby" Kristin Hersh from Sunny Border Blue
"Ruby II" Amy Millan from Honey From The Tombs
"Ruby" Kaiser Chiefs from Yours Truly Angry Mob
"Ruby" Tania&Juan from Ruby
"Ruby Tuesday" Melanie from Melanie
"Rubylove" Cat Stevens from Teaser & The Firecat
"Little Ruby Rain" Markley from A Group
"Ruby Dean" Bobby Womack from Understanding
"Rock & Roll Ruby" Warren Smith from The Sun Records Collection
"My Little Ruby" Chan Romero from The Del-Fi & Donna Records Story
"Wicked Ruby" Danny Zella & His Zell Rocks from Wicked Ruby
"Rock-Ola Ruby" Sonee West from Rock-A-Billy Dynamite
"See Ruby Fall" Johnny Cash from Hello, I'm Johnny Cash
"Ruby Ann" Marty Robbins from Marty Robbins Rocks
"Ruby, Are You Mad At Your Man?" Cousin Emmy & Her Kinfolks from From The Vaults: Decca Country Classics 1934-1973
"Ruby Dear" Talking Heads from Naked
"Hey Ruby (Shut Your Mouth)" Ruby & The Party Gang from The Sound Of Philadelphia - Funk, Soul, & The Roots Of Disco 1965-73: Philadelphia Roots, Vol. 2
"Ruby Horse" The Wonder Stuff from The Eight Legged Groove Machine
"Rhubarb Ruby" The Spectors from Beat Is Murder: Cockfights & Cakefights 1992-1996

July 11, 2014: Woke Up Early One Morning Blues, Episode Eight
Listen to this show (71 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
"Lonesome Woman's Blues" Rosetta Crawford from Clarence Williams & The Blues Singers, Vol 1: 1923-1928
"Lonesome Weary Blues" Bertha "Chippie" Hill from Louis Armstrong & The Blues Singers
"The Lonesome Road" Gene Austin from The History Of Pop Radio (1920-1927)
"Lonesome Lovesick Blues" Blanche Calloway from 1925 - 1935
"Lonesome & Sorry" Lillie Delk Christian from Hociel Thomas & Lillie Delk Christian: 1925-1928
"Long Lonesome Blues" Blind Lemon Jefferson from The Best Of Blind Lemon Jefferson
"That Lonesome Rave (Bertha Henderson, vocals)" Blind Blake from All The Published Sides
"Lonesome Blues" Henry Williams & Eddie Anthony from Violin, Sing The Blues For Me
"So Lonesome" Ramblin' Thomas from Roll & Tumble Blues
"Lonesome Frisco Line" Tom Darby & Jimmie Tarlton from Roots 'N' Blues: The Retrospective
"Lonesome Man Blues" Lee Green from Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 1 (1929-1930)
"Lonesome Mind Blues" Speckled Red from Complete Recorded Works 1929-1938
"Lonesome Day Blues" Blind Willie McTell from Complete Recorded Works, Vol.2 (1931-33)
"Homesick & Lonesome Blues" Blind Boy Fuller from The Slide Guitar: Bottles, Knives, & Steel
"Look Down That Long Lonesome Road" Unknown Group from Deep River Of Song: South Carolina - Got The Keys To The Kingdom
"Minnie's Lonesome Song" Memphis Minnie from Queen Of The Country Blues: All The Published Sides, 1929-1937

July 8, 2014: WRFL Sub Show
"1984" David Bowie from Diamond Dogs
"Drive My Car" Curtis Harding from Soul Power
"Beatnixon Blues" The Belltower from Exploration Day EP
"Shines" The Donkeys from Ride The Black Wave
"Farewell To Cheyenne" Ennio Morricone from Once Upon A Time In The West
"Chick Singer" Greys from If Anything
"I Want Stuff" Cindy Lee Berryhill from Garage Orchestra
"Divine Mob" Survival Knife from Loose Power
"Hard Life In Country" The Fall from Room To Live
"Mama Loo & Ata Una Cinta Alrededor Del Viejo Roble" Sergio Del Rio y Su Conjunto from Latinamericarpet: Exploring The Vinyl Warp Of Latin American Psychedelia, Vol. 1
"Loose Connections" Channel Light Vessel from Excellent Spirits
"Second-Born Daughters" The Channel from Little Darla Has A Treat For You, Vol. 23: Summer 2005
"Remote Control" The Lucksmiths from First Tape
"1st String Teenage High" Tullycraft from 1st String Teenage High EP
"MTLOV (Minor Keys)" A Sunny Day In Glasgow from Sea When Absent
"David Watts" The Jam from All Mod Cons
"The Search" Belle Adair from The Brave & The Blue
"All The Lazy Dykes" Morrissey from You Are The Quarry
"Harvest" Death Has No Dominion from Death Has No Dominion
"Suspended In Gaffa" Kate Bush from The Dreaming
"Walla Walla" Glass Animals from Zaba
"Adoration" Momus from Hypnoprism
"Love Love Love" Say Hi from Endless Wonder
"Drunk Again" The Billy Nayer Show from The Billy Nayer Show
"The Sun Comes Through" Kelley Stoltz from Below The Branches
"Survival Of The Fittest" Mobb Deep from The Infamous
"The Others" Berntholer from Merry Lines In The Sky
"Aging Spinsters" The 6ths from Wasps' Nests
"Secret Lovers" September Girls from Cursing The Sea
"This Time Of Night" New Order from Low Life
"I Retired" Hamilton Leithauser from Black Hours
"She's In Parties" Bauhaus from Burning From The Inside
"Torn Tongues" Elephant from Sky Swimming
"Watch Me Jumpstart" Guided By Voices from Alien Lanes
"Sink Hole" Syd Arthur from Sound Mirror
"Sassyassed Sassafrass" Mehliana from Taming The Dragon
"Five Nights Of Bleeding" Linton Kwesi Johnson from Dread Beat An' Blood
"I'm A Free Man" Freddie McKay from Down Santic Way
"El Naco" Xiu Xiu from Angel Guts
"In January" Mecca Normal from The Family Swan

July 4, 2014: Limes
"The Lime Song" Leslies from Totally Brilliant
"Lime Tree Arbour" Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds from The Boatman's Call
"Limes" Tania & José from Limes
"Lemon & Lime" Herman's Hermits from Mrs. Brown, You've Got A Lovely Daughter
"Lemon & Lime" Three Finger Cowboy from Kissed
"Lemon & Lime" Jad Fair & R. Stevie Moore from FairMoore
"Two Lemons, One Lime" The Wave Pictures from Beer In The Breakers
"Coconut" The Muppets from Muppet Hits
"The Lime-Juice Tub" A.L. Lloyd & Martyn Wyndham-Reade from The Great Australian Legend
"The Lime Juice Ship" John Roberts & Tony Barrand from Across The Western Ocean
"Out Of The Lime" New Mendicants from Into The Lime
"Leaf & Lime" High Llamas from Beet, Maize, & Corn
"A Little Splash Of Lime" Sportique from A Christmas Gift From Fortuna Pop! Volume 2
"Nesbitt's Lime Soda Song" Negativland from Escape From Noise
"Fizzical Lime" Sheer Agony from A Fixture Records Sampler
"Gin & Lime" Esbee Family from Peace Of Mind
"Cherry In My Lemon & Lime" Three Riffs from Hot Harmony Groups 1932-1951: That's The Rhythm, Vol. 1
"Cherry Lime" The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion from Extra Width
"Lime Jelly Grass" Renaldo & The Loaf from Songs For Swinging Larvae
"Limes & Skulls" Jonathan Fire*Eater from Jonathan Fire Eater
"Lime-Lime" Subsonics from In The Black Spot
"Lemons & Limes" Fuzzy Bunnies from Lemons & Limes
"Lime House" Breeders from Pod
"Lemon & Lime" Mark Morriss from Memory Muscle
"Emerald & Lime" Brian Eno from Small Craft On A Milk Sea
"Wrong Number" The Cure from Galore: The Singles 87 - 97
"Lemon-Lime Face" The Octopus Project + Black Moth Super Rainbow from The House Of Apples & Eyeballs

July 4, 2014: Woke Up Early One Morning Blues, Episode Seven
Listen to this show (70 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 58 minutes)
"The Old Folks Started It" Minnie Wallace from Memphis Jug Band: Associates & Alternate Takes (1927-30)
"The Gallis Pole" Lead Belly from Country Blues Outlaws
"Black Woman Swing" Champion Jack Dupree from Cabbage Greens
"Louise Louise Blues" Johnny Temple from Essential Blues Friends
"Easin' Back To Tennessee" Sleepy John Estes from Working Man's Blues
"The Meeting In The Air" Mr & Mrs F H Lacy from Black Religious Music (1930-1956)
"Poor Lazarus" Vera Ward Hall from Deep River Of Song: Alabama From Lullabies To Blues (1934-1940)
"Whiskey Head Woman" Tommy McClennan from Tommy McClennan, Vol. 1: Whiskey Head Woman
"Pony Blues" Sonny Boy Nelson from Complete Recordings 1936
"Mama, You Don't Mean Me No Good" Little Brother Montgomery from Complete Recorded Works (1930-1936)
"Tampa Strut" Georgia Browns from Atlanta Blues: Big City Blues From The Heartland
"Good Looking Girl Blues" Furry Lewis from The Complete Vintage Recordings Of Furry Lewis (1927-1929)
"Sleepy Woman Blues" Robert Petway from Mississippi Blues (1935-1951)
"Pinebluff, Arkansas" Bukka White from The Complete Bukka White
"I'm Going To Write & Tell Mother" Robert Hill from Blues Cafe
"The Devil's Dream" Sid Hemphill from Afro-American Folk Music From Tate & Panola Counties, Mississippi

June 20, 2014: Racing
"A Day At The Races" The Art Of Noise from In No Sense? Nonsense!
"The Race" Christopher from Piccadilly Sunshine, Vol. 1: British Pop Psych & Other Flavours 1968-1970
"It's A Race" The Enemy from Streets In The Sky
"Hot Rod Race" Ramblin' Jimmie Dolan from Juke Box Boogie
"Race With The Devil" Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps from Loud, Fast & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds Of 50s Rock
"Drag Race" Don Pearly from Drag Race
"Cat Racing Track" Bob & Ray from 1975
"Hot Rod Lincoln" All from Allroy's Revenge
"Camptown Races" Abner Jay from The Backbone Of America Is A Mule & Cotton
"Race-Track Blues" Johnny Moore's Three Blazers from Charles Brown 1946
"A Race Between A Ford & A Chevrolet" Oscar Ford from Folk Music In America, Vol. 10: Songs Of War & History
"The Race Is On" George Jones from The Essential George Jones
"Bicycle Race" Be Your Own Pet from Killer Queen: A Tribute To Queen
"Arms Race" The Attractions from Mad About The Wrong Boy
"Space Race" Mi-Sex Mi-Sex from '79 - '85
"Wild Goose Race" Brigadier Jerry from 129 Beat Street: Ja-Man Special 1975-1978
"Rat Race" The Specials from The Singles Collection
"The Submarine Races" Jan & Dean from Ride The Wild Surf
"Racing With The Moon" Vaughn Monroe from The Great Ones
"Super Racearound II" Firesign Theatre from Boom Dot Bust
"Formula One Racing Girls" Helen Love from Radio Hits 1
"Speed Racer" Two Nice Girls from Like A Version
"Boy Racers A Go Go" The Haywains from Get Happy With The Haywains
"Boyracer" The Brunettes from Boyracer EP
"The Boy Racer" Morrissey from Southpaw Grammar
"Raceway" Comateens from Comateens
"The Race Is Over" Phillip Boa & The Voodoo Club from Diamonds Fall
"The Race Is On Again" Yo La Tengo from I Am Not Afraid Of You & I Will Beat Your Ass

June 20, 2014: Woke Up Early One Morning Blues, Episode Six
Listen to this show (73 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 60 minutes)
"Whiskey & Gin Blues" South Street Trio from Bobby Leecan & Robert Cooksey: Complete Works in Chronological Order, Vol. 1 (1924-1927)
"Police & High Sheriff Come Ridin' Down" Ollis Martin from Barrelhouse Blues
"Man Trouble Blues" Jaybird Coleman from Blues Masters: Country Southern Blues
"El Watson's Fox Chase" El Watson from The Great Harp Players (1927-1936)
"Davidson County Blues" DeFord Bailey from When The Sun Goes Down, Vol. 1: Walk Right In
"Touch Me Light Mama" George "Bullet" Williams from Alabama Harmonica Kings (1927-30)
"Mean Low Blues" Blues Birdhead from American Primitive: Pre-War Revenants 1897-1939, Vol. 2
"Sugar Pudding" Memphis Jug Band from Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 2 (1928-1929)
"Wang Wang Harmonica Blues" The Carver Boys from Mountain Blues: Blues, Ballads & String Bands 1927-1938
"Riding The Blinds" Eddie Mapp from Georgia Blues (1928-1933)
"Medley Of Blues: All Out & Down, Old Time Blues, Hog In The Mountain" Freeman Stowers from Sinners & Saints (1926-1931)
"Mr. Devil Blues" Jed Davenport from Broke, Black, & Blue, Vol. 2: Broke & Hungry Blues
"Devil In The Wood Pile" Noah Lewis from Gus Cannon & Noah Lewis Vol. 2 (1929 - 1930)
"The Spasm" Daddy Stovepipe & Mississippi Sarah from Good For What Ails You: Music Of The Medicine Shows, 1926-1937
"Lost John" Sonny Terry from Complete Recorded Works 1938-1945
"Poor Boy Blues" Jazz Gillum (as Bill McKinley) from Roots 'N' Blues: The Retrospective

June 13, 2014: Lazy
"Lazy" Marilyn Monroe from The Voice, Songs, & Films Of Marilyn Monroe
"Lazy" The Nuns from The Nuns
"Lazy" Moe Tucker from I Spent A Week There The Other Night
"Lazy" Daniel Johnston from Songs Of Pain
"Lazy" The Primitives from Lazy 1986 - 1988
"Lazy" Love & Rockets from Earth Sun Moon
"Lazy" It's A Musical from The Music Makes Me Sick
"Lazybones" Louis Armstrong from The Complete Louis Armstrong Decca Sessions (1935-46)
"Too Lazy" T-Bone Walker from The Original Source
"Lazy Boogaloo" George Guzman from Explosivos (Deep-Soul From The Latin Heart)
"Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer" Tex Williams from Those Lazy Hazy Days
"Just Lazy" The Footprints from You Got A Ticket To A Mobile
"I'm So Lazy" Let's Wrestle from Nursing Home
"We're Selfish & Lazy & Greedy" Go-Kart Mozart from Instant Wigwam & Igloo Mixture
"Lazy Life (Of No Fixed Identity)" Super Furry Animals from Hometown Unicorn
"Striving For The Lazy Perfection" The Orchids from Striving For The Lazy Perfection
"Lazy Miss Daisy" The Bartlebees from What Is It All About?
"Lazy Day" The Boo Radleys from Everything's Alright Forever
"Lazy Day" Beach Fossils from Beach Fossils
"Lazy Days" Cali Giraffes from All My Life 7"
"Lazy May" Essex Green from The Long Goodbye
"The Devil Ain't Lazy" Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys from San Antonio Rose
"Lazy Man's Lament" Carroll County Ramblers from More Of The Carroll County Ramblers
"Lazy Fat People" The Barron Knights from Lazy Fat People
"Lazy Boys" Nuclear Regulatory Commission from Lazy Boys
"Lazy Line Painter Jane" Belle & Sebastian from Lazy Line Painter Jane
"Lazy Heart" Black Tambourine from Black Tambourine

June 13, 2014: Woke Up Early One Morning Blues, Episode Five
Listen to this show (71 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
"Barrel House Man" Will Ezell from Will Ezell (1927-1931)
"Honky Tonk Train Blue" Meade Lux Lewis from The Boogie Woogie Boys
"Alabama Strut (Ivy Smith, vocals)" Charles "Cow Cow" Davenport from Before The Blues, Vol. 3: The Early American Black Music Scene
"Pine Top's Boogie Woogie" Clarence "Pine Top" Smith from Jazz In The Charts, Vol. 8: Ain't Misbehavin' 1928-1929
"Walking Blues" Raymond Barrow from Really The Blues? A Blues History, 1893-1959, Vol. 1
"Raised In The Alley Blues" Freddie Brown from Rare Paramount Blues (1926-1929)
"Weary Heart Blues" James Wiggins from Classic Blues Accompanists
"Broke Down Engine" Lonnie Clark from Down in Black Bottom: Lowdown Barrelhouse Piano
"44 Blues" Roosevelt Sykes from 1929-1941
"On The Wall" Louise Johnson from Charley Patton: Essential Blues Friends
"The Right String, But The Wrong Yo-Yo" Speckled Red from Complete Recorded Works 1929-1938
"Ashes In My Whiskey" Walter Davis from Please Remember Me: 1930-1947
"If You Haven't Any Hay Get Down The Road" Skip James from Hard Time Killin' Floor
"Fat Mama Blues" Jabo Williams from Boogie Woogie & Barrelhouse Piano, Vol. 1 (1928-1932)
"Midnight Hour Blues" Leroy Carr & Scrapper Blackwell from Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 4 (1932-1934)
"61 Highway" The Sparks Brothers from The Sparks Brothers 1932-1935

June 8, 2014: The Jazz Vault Sub Show
"Milenberg Joys" New Orleans Rhythm Kings from A Portrait Of New Orleans Jazz
"Margie" Bix Beiderbecke & His Gang from Echoes Of The 20's & 30's
"Algiers Hoodoo Blues" Billie & DeDe Pierce from Blues & Tonks From The Delta
"Sunny" Milt Buckner from Locked Hands
"2nd Movement Tween Dusk & Dawn In Via Urbana" Kenny Clarke/Francy Boland Big Band from Fellini 712
"I Love You" Joe Pass from Intercontinental
"Dader Muman" Klaus Weiss from Drum Box
"Fourth Floor Walk-Up" Bill Watrous from Manhattan Wildlife Refuge
"November 1981" Bill Dixon from November 1981
"White II" Innercity Ensemble from II
"Enter! Part One" Fire! Orchestra from Enter!
"Sans Serif - For Betty Davis & Sleater Kinney" Made To Break from Cherchez La Femme
"They're All Ks & Qs Lucien" Polar Bear from In Each & Every One

June 6, 2014: Needles
"Needles In The Camel's Eye" Brian Eno from Here Come The Warm Jets
"Silver Threads & Golden Needles" Everly Brothers from The Price Of Fame
"One Iddy Biddy Needle (& A Little Bit Of Thread)" Freddie Scott from Mr Heartache: The Best Of Columbia Recordings
"Needle Of Death" Bert Jansch from Bert Jansch
"The Needle & The Damage Done" Henry Kaiser from The Bridge: A Tribute To Neil Young
"Dirty Needles" Screeching Weasel from Short Music For Short People
"Busy Needles" Bearsuit from Team Ping Pong
"The Perfect Needle" Telescopes from Scared To Get Happy: The Story Of Indie Pop 1980-1989
"Aunty Nanny Thread The Needle" Children Of Nevis & St. Kitts from Caribbean Voyage: Nevis & St. Kitts Tea Meetings
"Needle Sing" Woody Guthrie from Songs To Grow On For Mother & Child
"If I Had A Needle & Thread" Shirley Bassey from Burn My Candle: The Complete Early Years 1956-58
"Hey, Bobba Needle" Chubby Checker from 20 Twistin' Hits
"Needle In A Haystack" The Velvelettes from Hitsville USA
"Needles & Pins" Flat Duo Jets from Bonograph
"Needle Time" Elvis Costello & The Imposters from The Delivery Man
"Thread The Needle" Al White & The Hi-Liters from Jerk! Shake! & Vibrate!
"Needle In The Hay" Elliot Smith from The Royal Tenenbaums OST
"Pins & Needles (In My Heart)" Ray Price & The Cherokee Cowboys from The Honky Tonk Years 1950-1966
"Pins & Needles" The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir from The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir
"Pins & Needles" Who's Gerald? from Young Blood
"Needle & Thread" Richard Thompson from Sweet Warrior
"Thread The Needle" Clarence & Calvin from The Fame Studios Story 1961-1973
"Thread Your Needle" Dave Edmunds from Tracks On Wax 4
"Needle Mythology" Duffy from Duffy
"Needle's Eye" Heidi Berry from Pomegranate: An Anthology
"Needle's Eye" Jean Ritchie from Field Trip
"Thin As A Needle" Starflyer 59 from Ghosts Of The Past

June 6, 2014: Woke Up Early One Morning Blues, Episode Four
Listen to this show (72 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 60 minutes)
"Low-Down Mississippi Bottom Man" Freddie Spruell from The Paramount Masters
"Trouble Hearted Blues" Ishman Bracey from Legends Of Country Blues: The Complete Pre-War Recordings Of Ishman Bracey
"Blue Harvest Blues" Mississippi John Hurt from Hard Times Come Again No More, Vol. 1
"Canned Heat Blues" Tommy Johnson from Canned Heat (1928 - 1929)
"Screamin' & Hollerin' The Blues" Charley Patton from Founder Of The Delta Blues (1929-1935)
"Mississippi Bottom Blues" Kid Bailey from Pure Vintage Blues: Future Blues
"Over To My House" Elvie Thomas & Geeshie Wiley from Going Away Blues
"Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues" Skip James from The Complete Early Recordings Of 1930
"My Black Mama, Pt. 1 & 2" Son House from Blues Images Presents 1920's Blues Classics, Vol. 2
"Future Blues" Willie Brown from The Greatest In Country Blues (1929-1956), Vol. 1
"All Around Man" Bo Carter from Them Dirty Blues
"Too Long" Charlie McCoy from Charlie McCoy (1928-1932)
"My Buddy Blind Papa Lemon" King Solomon Hill from Mississippi Blues: Rare Cuts 19
"Rambling On My Mind" Robert Johnson from The Complete Recordings

May 30, 2014: Afternoon
"Afternoon" Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers from Rock 'n' Roll With The Modern Lovers
"The Afternoon" The Apples In Stereo from The Discovery Of A World Inside The Moone
"All Day Afternoon" The Judybats from Pain Makes You Beautiful
"Good Afternoon" Honey Smugglers from Besides Which EP
"In The Afternoon" Revolving Paint Dream from Creation Soup, Vol. 1
"In The Late Afternoon" The American Revolution from The American Revolution
"Sunny Afternoon" The Kinks from Face To Face
"Sunday Afternoons" Cleaners From Venus from Golden Cleaners
"Sunday Afternoon In Belgrave Square" Trevor Billmuss from Fading Yellow, Vol. 8
"Any Day's A Sunday Afternoon" The Collage from The Collage
"Lazy Sunday Afternoon" Toy Dolls from Cheerio & Toodlepip!
"My Favourite Wet Wednesday Afternoon" The Siddeleys from Slum Clearance
"Afternoon In Bed" The Bats from Thousands Of Tiny Luminous Spheres
"Perfect Afternoon" The Softies from It's Love
"The Opposite Of Afternoon" Unknown Mortal Orchestra from II
"Gestern Nachmittag" Helen Shapiro from Immer Die Boys
"Bugles In The Afternoon" Lee Hazlewood from The Very Special World Of Lee Hazlewood
"Heaven In The Afternoon" Belle & Sebastian from The Third Eye Centre
"Autumn Afternoon" Acid House Kings from Pop, Look & Listen!
"Cloudy Summer Afternoon" Bill & Boyd from Cloudy Sunny Afternoon
"Rainy Afternoon" Mrs. Kipling from Change
"It Rained On Monday Afternoon" The Hit Parade from With Love From The Hit Parade
"English Afternoon" Bob Lind from You Might Have Heard My Footsteps: The Best Of Bob Lind
"Two In The Afternoon" Dino, Desi, & Billy from The Complete Singles
"Afternoon Glare" The Storybook People from Do You Believe (1394)
"Mid-Winter's Afternoon" Liberation News Service from A Deadly Dose Of Wylde Psych

May 30, 2014: Woke Up Early One Morning Blues, Episode Three
Listen to this show (72 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 60 minutes)
"Honey In The Rock" Blind Mamie Forehand from A Soul Chronology, Vol. 1: 1927-1951
"James Alley Blues" Richard "Rabbit" Brown from Blues From The Western States 1927-1949
"I'm A Mighty Tight Woman" Sippie Wallace from Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 2 (1925-1945)
"John Henry" Henry Thomas from Texas Worried Blues (Complete Recorded Works 1927-29)
"T.B. Blues" Victoria Spivey from Victoria Spivey Vol. 1 1926-1927
"If You Don't Like It Like I Want It Done (I'll Get Somebody Else)" Laura Smith from Laura Smith Vol. 1 (1924-1927)
"Ninety-Nine Year Blues" Julius Daniels from Prison Blues
"Cow Cow Blues" Charles "Cow Cow" Davenport from Cow Cow Davenport Vol. 1 (1925-1929)
"Dyin' Crap-Shooter's Blues" Martha Copeland from Martha Copeland Vol. 1 (1923-1927)
"All That I Had Is Gone" James P. Johnson from Perry Bradford & The Blues Singers (1923-1927)
"Church Bells Blues" Luke Jordan from Raggin' The Blues: Essential East Coast Blues
"Barbecue Blues" Barbecue Bob from Barbecue Bob Vol. 1 (1927 - 1928)
"Southern Man Blues" Walter Beasley from Sylvester Weaver Vol. 2 (1927)
"Mamlish Blues" Ed Bell from Complete Recorded Works (1927-1930)
"Levee Blues" Lucille Bogan from Lucille Bogan Vol. 1 (1923-1930)
"New Prison Blues" Peg Leg Howell from Atlanta Blues: Big City Blues From The Heartland

May 26, 2014: WRFL Sub Show
"0 Canada" Big Hello from The Apple Album
"Geronimo" Beach Party! from Beach Party EP
"1917" David Bowie from Hours
"A Shade Hesitating" Modern Rivals from Cemetery Dares
"E.M.P.T.Y." The Clientele from Strange Geometry
"Strip It Down" Eno/Hyde from Someday World
"Devil Music" The Pharcyde from Labcabincalifornia
"Amniotic" Heterotic from Weird Drift
"Marquis Cha-Cha" The Fall from Room To Live
"Hard Luck Education" Doghouse Swine from Doghouse Swine
"Pigeon Park" Congress Of Wonders from Revolting
"Accept Yourself" The Smiths from This Charming Man
"I Want Her She Wants Me" The Zombies from Odessey & Oracle
"My Love Takes Me There" Crime & The City Solution from American Twilight
"Some Things We Do" Swans from To Be Kind
"Acoustic Guitar" The Magnetic Fields from 69 Love Songs, Vol. 3
"Kiss This Town Away" La Sera from Hour Of The Dawn
"Andrew's Pleasure" The Lucksmiths from First Tape
"Stop That Man" Tune-Yards from Nikki Nack
"No One Wants An Alien" Wipers from Over The Edge
"Fall Asleep" Rodrigo Amarante from Cavalo
"Jah Heavy Load" Ijahman Levi from Haile I Hymn (Chapter 1)
"How We Feel" Panama from Always
"The Catcher In The Rye" Azure Blue from Beyond The Dreams There's Infinite Doubt
"Golden Girl" Emil from S.St..Stammer
"Adam Green" Momus from Stars Forever
"Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive" Four Freshmen from Voices In Fun
"I Will Survive" Me First & The Gimme Gimmes from Are We Not Men? We Are Diva!
"Magic Waters" Geronimo! from Cheap Trick
"No Action" Elvis Costello & The Attractions from This Year's Model
"Magdalena 318" Pixies from Indie Cindy
"Stay Heavy" Cassolette from Stay Heavy
"I Never Learn" Lykke Li from I Never Learn
"Talk Open" The Legend! from Some Of Us Still Burn!
"Q&A" Kishi Bashi from Lighght
"Glittering Prize" Simple Minds from New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)
"Stop & Stare" Fenech-Soler from Stop & Stare
"Put It In The Back Of Your Mind" The Love Committee from Law & Order
"D-Natural Blues" Wes Montgomery from The Incredible Jazz Guitar Of Wes Montgomery
"Vulnerabilia" My Computer from Vulnerabilia
"Genetic Engineering" Another Sunny Day from London Weekend

May 23, 2014: Walls
"Walls" Flowers from Icehouse
"Walls" Red Letter Day from Table & Chairs
"Walls" Shout Out Louds from Work
"At Home With The Walls" The Passmore Sisters from Violent Blue
"Tear Down The Walls" Fred Neil & Vince Martin from Tear Down The Walls
"Break Down The Walls" Mikey Dread from Beyond World War III
"Green Walls" Toy Love from Cuts
"Yellow Walls" Jackson C. Frank from Blues Run The Game
"I'm In Love With My Walls" Birdland With Lester Bangs from Birdland With Lester Bangs
"Ideas For Walls" Men Without Hats from Rhythm Of Youth
"Round These Walls" The Tokey Tones (& Friends) from Stroke: Songs For Chris Knox
"Hello Walls" Faron Young from Essential Hits
"(Empty Walls) A Lonely Room" Bob Luman from Livin', Lovin' Sounds
"Four Walls" Jim Reeves from He'll Have To Go & Other Hits
"Hello Walls # 2" Ben Colder from The Best Of Ben Colder
"I'm Gonna Paper All My Walls With Your Love Letters" Dean Martin from The Capitol Years
"Singing Rule Brittania (While The Walls Close In)" The Chameleons from What Does Anything Mean? Basically
"Walls Come Tumbling Down!" The Style Council from Our Favourite Shop
"Breakin' Down The Walls Of Heartache" The Bandwagon from The Northern Soul Story, Vol. 2
"Poison In The Walls" The Go-Betweens from Bright Orange Bright Yellow
"Walking Into Walls" Honeybunch from Time Trials: 1987-1995
"Cathedral Walls" Big Red Bus from The Sound Of Leamington Spa, Vol. 1
"White Walls, Quiet Halls" The Mabels from The Closest People
"The Concrete & The Walls" Elf Power from Elf Power
"TVs & Walls" Moped from The Horrible Truth About Moped
"Tear Down These Walls" 1919 from The Complete Collection

May 23, 2014: Woke Up Early One Morning Blues, Episode Two
Listen to this show (72 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 60 minutes)
"Woke Up This Morning With My Mind On Jesus" Blind Roosevelt Graves & Brother from The Rough Guide To Gospel Blues Legends
"John The Revelator" Blind Willie Johhnson from Anthology Of American Folk Music
"God Give Me A Light" Louisville Sanctified Singers from Gospel Classics
"I'm Gonna Cross The River Of Jordan Some O' These Days" Jaybird Coleman from Ten Years Of Black Country Religion 1926-1936
"God Don't Like It" Blind Willie & Kate McTell from Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 3 (1933-1935)
"Shall We Gather At The River" Uncle Dave Macon & His Fruit Jar Drinkers from The Half Ain't Never Been Told, Vol. 1
"Shout All Over God's Heaven" Fisk Jubilee Singers from Folk Song America: A 20th Century Revival
"Paul & Silas In Jail" Washington Phillips from I Am Born To Preach The Gospel
"I'll Lead A Christian Life" Golden P. Harris from Before The Blues, Vol. 2: The Early American Black Music Scene
"Noah & The Flood" Norman Haskins from Deep River Of Song: Virginia & The Piedmont - Minstrelsy, Work Songs, & Blues (1934-1942)
"Heaven Is My View" Bo Weavil Jackson from Backwoods Blues (1926-1935)
"Sinner You'll Need King Jesus" William & Versey Smith from The Songster Tradition Complete Works (1927-1935)
"River Of Jordan" The Carter Family from Wildwood Flower
"Hard Times" Elder Curry & His Congregation from Hard Times Come Again No More, Vol. 1
"Lamb's Blood Has Washed Me Clean" Arizona Dranes from Arizona Dranes (1926-1929)
"Lover Of The Lord" Huggins & Phillips Sacred Harp Singers from Goodbye, Babylon

May 16, 2014: Push
"The Push" Silhouettes from Complete Package
"Push (live)" The Woggles from Flaming Burn Out! An Estrus Benefit Comp
"Push" The Chills from Brave Words
"Push" The Cure from The Head On The Door
"Push" Liquid Liquid from Liquid Liquid
"Push" Black Ice from I Judge The Funk
"Push" One Way from Love Is... One Way
"Push" Red Lorry Yellow Lorry from Talk About The Weather
"Push De Button" Lena Horne from The Lady & Her Music: Live On Broadway
"Push A Little Button" Ninette Hartley from Push A Little Button
"Push Button Geoff" Miss Ludella Black & The Masonics from From This Witness Stand
"Pushing Buttons" The Mendoza Line from I Like You When You're Not Around
"Push Push" Austin Taylor from Teenage Crush, Vol. 5
"Push Push" Rumbles Ltd. from Push Push
"Push Push" Lloyd & Devon from Studio One Disco Mix
"Push Push" Brick from Waiting On You
"Push It" Salt-N-Pepa from Hot, Cool & Vicious
"Do The Push & Pull (Part 1)" Rufus Thomas from The Very Best Of Rufus Thomas
"Keep On Pushing" The Impressions from The Very Best Of The Impressions
"Pushin' Too Hard (Rehearsal)" Seeds from Travel With Your Mind
"Push A Little Harder" The Avons from Push A Little Harder
"You Gotta Push" Jody Gayles from Soul Diva Sessions
"You Just Can't Push Me (demo)" The Cars from The Cars
"Push & Shove" Cud from When In Rome Kill Me
"Pushover" Bearsuit from Pushover
"Pushover" Etta James from Queen Of Soul

May 16, 2014: Woke Up Early One Morning Blues, Episode One
Listen to this show (73 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 61 minutes)
"Crazy Blues" Mamie Smith from Mamie Smith Vol. 1 (1920-1921)
"Arkansas Blues" Lucille Hegamin from Lucille Hegamin Vol. 1 (1920-1922)
"Give Me That Old Slow Drag" Trixie Smith from Trixie Smith Vol. 1 (1922-1924)
"'Tain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do" Bessie Smith from The Complete Recordings, Vol. 1
"Bo-Weavil Blues" Ma Rainey from Mother Of The Blues
"Shake That Thing" Papa Charlie Jackson from Papa Charlie Jackson Vol. 1 (1924 - 1926)
"Black Snake Blues" Victoria Spivey from Fattenin' Frogs For Snakes: The Essential Recordings Of The Blues Ladies
"Black Snake Moan" Blind Lemon Jefferson from The Rough Guide To Blind Lemon Jefferson
"Singin' The Blues" Frankie Trumbauer & His Orchestra from Ken Burns Jazz
"Georgia On My Mind" Mildred Bailey from The Early Years
"Stack O'Lee" Mississippi John Hurt from Avalon Blues: The 1928 Sessions
"I'm So Glad" Skip James from Complete Early Recordings Of 1930
"Last Kind Words Blues" Geeshie Wiley from American Primitive: Pre-War Revenants 1897-1939, Vol. 2
"Bull Cow Blues" Big Bill Broonzy from Essential Blues Friends
"Milk Cow Blues" Kokomo Arnold from Milk Cow Blues
"Strut That Thing" Cripple Clarence Lofton from Broke, Black & Blue, Vol. 3: Good Whiskey Blues

May 12, 2014: WRFL Sub Show
"Let's Go Extinct" Fanfarlo from Let's Go Extinct
"Johnny Thunder" The Kinks from Village Green Preservation Society
"Pour It Down" The Howlin' Brothers from Trouble
"North Street" Death from III
"Joker Hysterical Face" The Fall from Room To Live
"Pearly Gates" The Men from Tomorrow's Hits
"Coattails" Broods from Broods
"Absolutely Cuckoo" The Magnetic Fields from 69 Love Songs, Vol. 1
"What Went Wrong This Time" The Siddeleys from CD86
"Hate" Cinerama from Va Va Voom
"'87 & Cry" David Bowie from Never Let Me Down
"Rolo Candies" Longmont Potion Castle from The Best Of Longmont Potion Castle
"Sway (Rip-Off Artist Remix)" Dean Martin & Julie London from Electro Lounge
"Jekyll/Hyde" Your Friend from Jekyll/Hyde
"Hey Charlie Hey Chuck" Bearsuit from Fears Of Moonpilot Ben
"How I See It" The Belle Brigade from Just Because
"Sad Waters" Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds from Your Funeral, My Trial
"Field Commander Cohen" Leonard Cohen from New Skin For The Old Ceremony
"Lofty Skies" Tyrannosaurus Rex from A Beard Of Stars
"Make It Right" Pattern Is Movement from Pattern Is Movement
"Waiting For The End" Pins from Girls Like Us
"Cool Brunette" The Virgin-Whore Complex from Succumb
"Unfortunate Life" Lace Curtain from The 3rd EP
"Sheila Take A Bow" The Young Tradition from Romantic & Square Is Hip & Aware
"Neon Lights" Kraftwerk from The Man-Machine

May 8, 2014: Damage
"Damage" David Sylvian & Robert Fripp from Damage
"The Damage" Ivy Green from The Damage
"Damage" The Attractions from Mad About The Wrong Boy
"Damage" Yo La Tengo from I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One
"Damage" Handsome Furs from Sound Kapital
"Damage (feat. GZA)" Ol' Dirty Bastard from Return To The 36 Chambers
"The Needle & Damage Done" Neil Young from Neil Young Archives, Vol. 1: 1963-1972
"The Damage Done" Sisters Of Mercy from Some Girls Wander By Mistake
"Damage Is Done" One The Juggler from Nearly A Sin
"The Damage Has Been Done" Ann Clark from Shake A Leg!
"Damaged Goods" Gang Of Four from Entertainment!
"Mr. Damage" Angels from Out Of The Blue
"Damaged" Primal Scream from Screamadelica
"Damaged" Vivian Girls from Vivian Girls
"For The Damaged" Blonde Redhead from Melody Of Certain Damaged Lemons
"Brain Damage" Austin Lounge Lizards from Lizard Vision
"Brain Damage" Shakes from I Think We Should Stay Away From Each Other
"Brain Damage" Bill Cosby from Himself
"Doin' Damage" JVC F.O.R.C.E. from The Best Of B-Boy Records
"The Voice Of America/Damage Is Done" Cabaret Voltaire from The Voice Of America
"Where Damage Isn't Already Done" The Radio Dept. from Lesser Matters
"Too Damaged" Subsonics from In The Black Spot
"Damaged I" Black Flag from Damaged
"Damage Done" Moderat from II

May 1, 2014: Disappear
"Disappear" Gilbert from Real Life Permanent Dreams: Happydaystoytown
"Disappear" Madness from Absolutely
"Disappear?" The Church from Seance
"Disappear" Cockeyed Ghost from Keep Yourself Amused
"Disappear" Jumprope from Holiday In Brazil
"Disappear" The Crayon Fields from All The Pleasures Of The World
"Disappear" Eternal Summers from Correct Behavior
"Disappearing" Peter Murphy from Cascade
"Disappearer" Sonic Youth from Goo
"Everything's Disappeared" Steinski from What Does It All Mean?
"You Disappear From View" The Teardrop Explodes from Wilder
"I Disappear" The Faint from Wet From Birth
"Everything Disappears When You Come Around" Of Montreal from Cherry Peel
"I Can't Pay You To Disappear" Thee Oh Sees from Dog Poison
"Watch Her Disappear" Tom Waits from Alice
"Disappear Always" Wild Nothing from Nocturne
"Disappearing Act" U2 from The Unforgettable Fire
"Disappearing Lessons" Courtney Love from Highlights
"Disappearing Act" Jonny Cola & The A Grades from The Yellow Mini
"Disappearing Act" The Mantles from The Mantles
"Never Disappear" Majestic 12 from Searching For The Elvis Knob
"When Will Your Friends All Disappear" East River Pipe from Goodbye California
"Love Will Always Disappear" Chemistry Set from Chemistry Set
"Disappear WIthout A Trace" Scrawl from Velvet Hammer

April 25, 2014: Indiepop A To Z # 44
Listen to part one of this show (55 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 45 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (56 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 46 minutes)
"Summer's Gone" Irene from Apple Bay
"The Curious Thing About Leather" Irving from Cook Book CD: Libro De Cucina Y Musica
"Against The Grain Of My Life" The Irregulars from The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol. 3
"Revolution Nr 12" Isar 12 from Casablanca: La Colección De Cludades - Módulo 2
"Rough Gem" Islands from Return To The Sea
"Dancing Away" The Isolation from The Isolation EP
"Work Day" It Hugs Back from Inside Your Guitar
"The Music Makes Me Sick" It's A Musical from The Music Makes Me Sick
"Avenge" Ivy from Battery Point
"I Get The Message" Ivy from Apartment Life
"I Was Drunk In The Underworld" Jack from Wintercomesummer
"Cheap Tragedies" Jack Acid from Stars Kill Rock
"Should've Told" Jack Drag from Jack Drag
"Thought That I Was Over You" Jack Frost from Jack Frost
"Foolish Boy" The Jack Rubies from Foolish Boy
"You Make It So Hard" Jack The Bear from Bearfootin'
"Real Cool Boy" Jackson from Verano Del 99
"Steppin' Out" Joe Jackson from Night & Day
"Country Girl" Jacobites from Hawks Get Religion
"Love Is So Cool (That My Heart Goes Boom)" Jacqueline from Labrador 100: A Complete History of Popular Music
"Not Seen, Not Heard" Jactars from The Sound Of Leamington Spa Vol. 6
"Back Of My Hand (I've Got Your Number)" The Jags from D.I.Y.: Starry Eyes - UK Pop, Vol. 2

April 20, 2014: WRFL Sub Show
"When You Walk Into The Room" Architecture In Helsinki from Now + 4EVA
"Dancing Queen" Garageland from Abbasalutely: A Flying Nun Tribute To The Music Of Abba
"Little Fang" Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks from Enter The Slasher House
"Weirdo" The Charlatans from Between 10th & 11th
"Airplane Ride" Burnt Ones from Gift
"Abigail, Belle Of Kilronan" The Magnetic Fields from 69 Love Songs
"Thing For Ugly" Casper & The Cookies from Dingbats
"Weatherboard" The Lucksmiths from First Tape
"Chickaboo" Twink from Happy House
"The Cave (Parts 1 & 2)" Gary 'Spider' Webb from The Ultimate 50's & 60's Rockin' Horror Disc: Blood Curdling Rock & Roll
"When You Don't See Me" The Sisters Of Mercy from When You Don't See Me
"Weeping" Throbbing Gristle from D.O.A. The Third & Final Report Of Throbbing Gristle
"Winter" The Fall from A Part Of America Therein 1981
"Bathroom Mirror (Smash Patriarchy)" Connect_icut from Small Town By The Sea
"Naima" John Coltrane from Giant Step
"Bye Bye Queenie" Denney & The Jets from Mexican Coke
"Homosexuals" Stephen Colbert from I Am America (And So Can You!)
"Make It New" Eternal Summers from The Drop Beneath
"Rockin' Back Inside My Heart" Julee Cruise from Floating Into The Night
"Rattle & Rollin'" Tweens from Be Mean
"Jackson (with June Carter)" Johnny Cash from At Folsom Prison
"Jokerman" Built To Spill from Bob Dylan In The 80s, Volume One
"5:15 The Angels Have Gone" David Bowie from Heathen
"High-Quality Results" Ch. District from Slides
"Shadowboxing" GZA from Liquid Swords
"Jockey Full Of Bourbon" Tom Waits from Rain Dogs
"Eternal Return: Freedom" Hafez Nazeri from Rumi Symphony Project: Untold
"Himalaya Highway" Okko Bekker from Journey To A Higher Key: The Best Of Sitar Psychedelia, Volume One
"Aguardiente & Pollo" Nelson & Sus Estrellas from The Rough Guide To Latin Rare Groove
"Run Revolution A Come" Hugh Mundell from Africa Must Be Free By 1983
"Little Children Of Peru" Monty Alexander from Spunky
"Dalliance" Should from The Great Pretend
"Howard Hughes" Momus from 20 Vodka Jellies
"Call Me After" Hospitality from Trouble
"Know Your Product" The Saints from Eternally Yours
"When Your Eyes Meet Mine" Warm Soda from Young Reckless Hearts
"Strength" The Alarm from Standards
"Leave Me Alone" Johnny Thunders from So Alone
"Oscillations" Silver Apples from Silver Apples
"Woah Tiger" Walking Shapes from Taka Come On
"November Spawned A Monster" Morrissey from Bona Drag
"Matamoros" The Afghan Whigs from Do To The Beast
"You & Your Sister" This Mortal Coil from Blood
"It's Jesus, Y'all" Troy Ramey & The Soul Searchers from I Heard The Angels Singing: Electrifying Black Gospel From The Nashboro Label 1951-1983
"Madonna Of The Wasps" Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians from Queen Elvis
"Let Your Light Shine On Me" Blind Willie Johnson from The Rough Guide To Blind Willie Johnson
"Some Candy Talking" The Jesus & Mary Chain from Psychocandy
"Doctor My Eyes" Paul Thorn from Looking Into You: A Tribute To Jackson Brown
"Somebody's Baby" Phantom Planet from In Their Eyes: 90's Teen Bands Vs. 80s Teen Movies

April 18, 2014: Cassettes
"Cassette Squeaking/Venetian Blind" Charlie & Todd from Party Fun With Recorders Volume 1
"C30 C60 C90 Go!" Bow Wow Wow from Girl Bites Dog
"Cassettes" R. Stevie Moore from Kaffeeklatsch
"On Tape" Pooh Sticks from CD86: 48 Tracks From The Birth Of Indie Pop
"Mix Tape" Michael Shelley from I Blame You
"I Have Made You A Mix Tape" Daniel Ledwell from Two Over Seven
"Compilation Cassette" Darren Hayman & The Secondary Modern from Pram Town
"Mix Tape" Stephanie D'Abruzzo & John Tartaglia from Avenue Q - The Musical
"The Black Cassette" My Favorite from A Cult Of One
"The Cassingle Revival" The Lucksmiths from Where Were We?
"Cassette Revival" King Bear from Cassette Revival Therapy EP
"Books On Tape & 45s" The Casino Ashtrays from Long After The Commercials Have Ended
"I Still Like Cassettes" Brother JT from The Svelteness Of Boogietude
"Play Me A Tape" Miss Kittin from Batbox
"Tape From California" Phil Ochs from Tape From California
"Hiss On The Tape" John Martyn from Well Kept Secret
"Tape Recorder Man" Momus from Folktronic
"Tapehead" Francis International Airport from We Are Jealous We Are Glass
"Veronica Made A Tape" Horowitz from Frosty Cat Songs
"Cassette" Oh No from Dr. No's Oxperiment

April 11, 2014: Breath
"Breath" Tall Dwarfs from Weeville
"Every Breath I Take" Gene Pitney from Phil Spector: Back To Mono
"Save Your Breath" The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir from ...And The Horse You Rode In On
"Take Your Breath Away" Prince Edward Island from This Day Is A Good Enough Day
"Lose My Breath" My Bloody Valentine from Isn't Anything
"The Last Breath Of Summer" Peter Himmelman from This Father's Day
"Breath Control" Boogie Down Productions from Ghetto Music: The Blueprint Of Hip Hop
"Cigarette Breath" Shinehead from The Real Rock
"Baby's Breath" Bill Callahan from Apocalypse
"Onion Breath Baby" Elroy Peace from Onion Breath Baby
"Dog Breath, In The Year Of The Plague" Frank Zappa from Uncle Meat
"Out Of Breath" Ronnie Whitehead from Eccentric Soul: Mighty Mike Lenaburg
"Every Breath You Take" The Swirlies from Damon Andy Rob Ron: The Yes Girls
"Candy Breath" Honeybunch from Time Trials: 1987-1995
"Catch Another Breath" Choo Choo Train from Briar High
"Bated Breath" The Room from No Dream (Best Of)
"One Breath" Anna Calvi from One Breath
"Breathless" X from More Fun In The New World
"Breathless" Momus from Timelord

April 4, 2014: The Way Out Show
"Way Out Willie" Mickey Hawks from Bip Bop Boom
"She's Too Way Out" Tony Dangerfield & The Thrills from Freakbeat Freakout
"Way Out Love" The Four Pennies from Trouble Is My Middle Name
"Way Way Out" The Girls from New Rubble, Vol. 5: Scratch My Back
"We've Got A Way Out Love" The Originals from The Complete Motown Singles, Vol. 9: 1969
"Hey Little Way Out Girl" The Construction from The Wigan Casino Story Continues
"Way Out Love" The Isley Brothers from Between The Sheets
"Way Out" Yeah Yeah Yeahs from Show Your Bones
"Way Out" April March & Steve Hanft from Magic Monsters
"When There's No Way Out" Guitar Slim from Atco Sessions
"No Way Out" Joyce Harris & The Daylighters from The Domino Records Story
"No Way Out" Clarence Reid from Eccentric Soul: The Outskirts Of Deep City
"No Way Out" The Chocolate Watchband from Love Is The Song We Sing (San Francisco Nuggets 1965-1970)
"No Way Out" Thee Headcoats from Heavens To Murgatroyd, Even! It's Thee Headcoats! (Already)
"No Way Out" The Legends from Up Against The Legends
"No Way Out Of Time" Robyn Hitchcock from Spooked
"Way Out There" Chuck & Bill (The Kentuckians) from Oh Boy! The Brunswick Story
"That's Your Way Out" The Pandoras from It's About Time
"The Old Way Out" The Go-Betweens from Spring Hill Fair
"Way Out Of Reach" The Manhattan Love Suicides from Burnt Out Landscapes
"Way Out" Bass Drum Of Death from Bass Drum Of Death
"I Found A Way Out" Bill Cosby from Talks To Kids About Drugs
"Way Out West" Big Star from Radio City
"Way Out West" Angel Corpus Christi from The 80's
"Way Out" The La's from Callin' All

March 28, 2014: Ants
"Army Ants In Your Pants" Bruce Haack from Listen Compute Rock Home: The Best Of Dimension 5
"The Ant & The Grasshopper" Leon Rosselson & Roy Bailey from That's Not The Way It's Got To Be
"Il Grillo E La Formica (The Ant & The Cricket)" Unidentified from The Italian Treasury: Abruzzo
"Ants In My Pants" Bo Carter from Them Dirty Blues
"I Can't Dance (I Got Ants In My Pants) (Louis Jordan, vocals)" Clarence Williams & His Washboard Orchestra from 1933-1934
"Make Me Dance, Little Ant" Joe Hughes & His Orchestra from I Dreamed I Was Elvis
"I Got Ants In My Pants, Part 1 (Reverb Version)" James Brown from The Singles, Volume 8: 1972-1973
"Idiosyncratic Ant Blues" Pagiins from Good Things Take Time EP
"High Hopes" Frank Sinatra from The Complete Capitol Singles Collection
"Ant Music" OK Go from Get Over It
"Ants Invasion" Adam & The Ants from Kings Of The Wild Frontier
"Red Ant" Smack Dab from Majestic Root
"Ant Corridor" Robyn Hitchcock from Luxor
"Ant" They Might Be Giants from Indestructible Object EP
"Exploding Anthills" Boston Spaceships from Zero To 99
"Ant Man Bee" Captain Beefheart from Trout Mask Replica
"Ants" Stephen Wright from I Have A Pony
"200 Million Red Ants" The Majamood from Circus Days Vol. 6
"Raft Ants" Wire from Read & Burn 2
"Ants In My Hands" Modey Lemon from Thunder + Lightning
"Ant Farm" Eels from Electro-Shock Blues
"Hopi Ants" Lida Husik from The Return Of Red Emma
"Mister Ant" Psapp from The Camel's Back
"Ants On A Log" Randy Travis from Full Circle

March 21, 2014: Cheap
"Cheap" Seasick Steve & The Level Devils from Cheap
"All About Cheap" The Homosexuals from Astral Glamour
"Talk Is Cheap" Heavy D & The Boyz from Blue Funk
"Cheap Thrills" Frank Zappa from Cruising With Ruben & The Jets
"Cheap Tragedies" Avengers from Avengers
"Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" Hayseed Dixie from A Hillbilly Tribute To AC/DC
"Cheap Lovin'" Barbara Randolph from Lee Hazlewood Industries: There's A Dream I've Been Saving (1966-1971)
"Talk Is Cheap" Sandy Gaye from Eccentric Soul: The Tragar & Note Labels
"Paranoia Man In Cheap Shit Room" The Fall from The Infotainment Scan
"Cheap Beer" Fidlar from Fidlar
"Junior's Little Sister's Dropped Ta Cheap" Alan Vega from New Raceion
"Cheap Little Bitch" Raymond & Peter from Shut Up Little Man!
"Born To Be Cheap" Divine from Born To Be Cheap 7"
"Too Cheap, Cheap" Los Brincos from Mundo, Demonio Y Carne
"Don't Play Me Cheap" Louis Armstrong from The Complete RCA Victor Recordings
"Money's Getting Cheaper" Johnny Moore's Three Blazers from Charles Brown 1947-1948
"Cheaper's Discount Store" Bob & Ray from Bob & Ray's Classics: Volume 1
"Cheapskate" The Clash from Give 'Em Enough Rope
"Cheap New-Age Fix" Julian Cope from Interpreter
"Welcome To The Cheap Seats" The Wonder Stuff from Never Loved Elvis
"Cheap Like Sebastien" Apostle Of Hustle from National Anthem Of Nowhere
"Cheap Cuts" Liquorice from Listening Cap
"Cheap & Vulgar" The Styrenes from It's Still Artastic
"Cheap Local Talent" Battery Boys from Kilt By Death: The Sound Of Old Scotland
"Cheap Music" Handsome Furs from Sound Kapital

March 14, 2014: Melt
"Melt!" Siouxsie & The Banshees from A Kiss In The Dreamhouse
"Melt" Guitar from Sunkissed
"Melt Me" Lily & Maria from Lily & Maria
"Melt Close" Section 25 from Always Now
"Melt Against Yourself" Straightjacket Fits from Melt
"Melt Away" Galaxie 500 from This Is Our Music
"Summer's Melting My Mind" The Go-Betweens from 78 'Til 79: The Lost Album
"I Melt With You" The Rondelles from In Their Eyes: 90s Teen Bands Vs. 80s Teen Movies
"Melted Crayons" Fog from You Don't Know Ninja Cuts
"Melting Arthur" Robyn Hitchcock from I Wanna Go Backwards
"Let it Melt" The Mayfair Set from Young One EP
"Melted Pat (live)" Guided By Voices from Hardcore UFOs: Live At The Wheelchair Races
"Jennifer Meltdown" Ed Hines Band from Girls; Their Hearts
"The Melting Wall" Golden Triangle from Double Jointer
"Melted" Ty Segall from Melted
"The Great American Melting Pot" Lori Lieberman from Schoolhouse Rock: America Rock
"Ice Melts" Matt & Kim from Sidewalks
"Ode To Janice Melt" Army Navy from The Last Place
"Melting Ice" Ladytron from Gravity The Seducer

March 7, 2014: Hope
"Hope" Hep Stars from It's Been A Long Long Time
"Hope" Quicksilver Messenger Service from Quicksilver
"Hope" Klaatu from Hope
"Hope" The Go-Betweens from Send Me A Lullaby
"Hope" Bauhaus from Burning From The Inside
"Hope" Unrest from Fuck Pussy Galore (& All Her Friends)
"Hope" The House Of Love from The House Of Love
"Hope" Massive Stereo Sellout from By Now
"Hope" Yothu Yindi from Tribal Voice
"Hope" Nitin Sawhney from Migration
"Hope" Some Velvet Sidewalk from The Lowdown
"Hope" Kristin Hersh from Strange Angels
"Hope" Red Dye No.5 from Pure Spun Sugar
"Hope" Tree Fort Angst from Last Page In The Book Of Love
"Hope" The Shining Hour from Long Lost
"Hope" Cloud Cult from The Meaning Of 8
"Hope" Atmosphere from To All My Friends, Blood Makes The Blade Holy: The Atmosphere EPs
"Hope" Lewis Black from Stark Raving Black
"Hope" Boris from Attention Please
"Hope" Seasick Steve from Hubcap Music

March 6, 2014: Swamps
"Caroni Swamp" Phil Madison from Calypso Pioneers
"Mississippi Swamp Moan" Alfred Lewis from American Primitive: Pre-War Revenants 1897-1939, Vol. 2
"Swamp Fire" Martin Denny from Ultra-Lounge, Vol. 1: Mondo Exotica
"Swamp Thing" The Chameleons from Strange Times
"Swamp (live)" Talking Heads from Stop Making Sense
"Swamp Song" Blur from 13
"The Swamps" Widowspeak from The Swamps
"Chloe (Song Of The Swamp)" The Ravens from Birds Of A Feather
"Swamp Girl" Kay Martin & Her Bodyguards from Kay Martin & Her Bodyguards
"Swampland" Scientists from Blood Red River 1982-1984
"Swamp Witch" Deadbolt from Haight Street Hippie Massacre: Best Of Deadbolt
"Swamp Buggy Badass" Quintron/Miss Pussycat from Swamp Tech
"Mah Sanctum" Nick Cave from And The Ass Saw The Angel: Readings & Music
"Swamp Lily" Roy Acuff from King Of Country
"Pompadour Swamp" Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band from Bluejeans & Moonbeams
"Swamp Of Love" King Tuff from King Tuff
"Swamp Thing" Tochigi from Tochigi
"Swamp Woman" The Cryin' Out Louds from Texas: A Collection Of Texas Garage Punkers
"More Swamp Than Elvis" Bloody Marys from Sixteen Hail Marys (The Best Of 1985 - 2004)
"Swamp Campfire" Monster Rally from Coral

March 5, 2014: Indiepop A To Z # 43
Listen to part one of this show (55 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 45 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (54 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 45 minutes)
"Meet Me Again" The Impossibles from Knowing Where It All Leeds
"Lazy Summer Days" In A Day from Just For A Day
"Rip Off" In A Spring from A Chance To Shine - Dorian Records Compilation
"This Brilliant Evening" In Embrace from In Embrace
"Grow" In Rain from Rough Trade Singles Club
"Where Do I Stand?" Incredible Blondes from Where Do I Stand? 7"
"Blue Cheer" Incredible Force Of Junior from Let The World Fall Apart
"I Wouldn't Change A Thing" Incredible Rainbow from Sofa 1
"Julia, We Don't Live In The '60s" The Indelicates from Julia, We Don't Live In The '60s
"Talkin' Smoking" Indian Rope from Beikoku-Ongaku # 14
"Pennyweight" Individual Fruit Pie from LemonLine Volume One
"The Moment" Indurain from What You Get For Being Naive
"Halleluja!" [Ingenting] from Tomhet, Idel Tomhet (Emptiness, Nothing But Emptiness)
"" Ingo Star Cruiser from Little Molly Has A Treat For You, Vol. 1
"Speak Our Minds" The Innocence Mission from Glow
"This Is How It Feels" Inspiral Carpets from The Singles
"Sydney" Insta from Airpop Terminal 2
"France" Intastella from Intastella & The Family Of People
"1994" International Waters from 1994
"Obstacle 1" Interpol from Turn On The Bright Lights
"Hearts & Flowers" Into Paradise from Under The Water

March 4, 2014: Castles
"My Castle's Rockin'" Alberta Hunter from The Women Of Classic Jazz: Female Artists 1939-1952
"Bethlehem Castle" The Jacobites from The Ragged School
"Queen Of Sandcastles" The Sporting Life from A House Full Of Friends
"Castle Of Nothing" Rollin Hunt from The Phoney
"Paper Castle" Rotary Connection from Collecting Peppermint Clouds Vol. 1
"Castles In The Sky" Blonde On Blonde from Circus Days UK Pop-Sike Obscurities 1966-1970
"The Castle" Love from Da Capo
"Castles In The Air" Colour Field from Virgins & Philistines
"The Abandoned Castle Of My Soul" The Gothic Archies from The New Despair
"Castles In Spain" Armoury Show from Waiting For The Floods
"Castles Of Wales" The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir from ...And The Horse You Rode In On
"She Lives By The Castle" Felt from Poem Of The River
"Castle Train" Easy from Magic Seed
"Castles In The Grave" John Maus from A Collection Of Rarities & Previously Unreleased Material
"Gruesome Castle" The Wake from Here Comes Everybody + Singles
"The Golden Castle" Watoo Watoo from Seven Summers (International Pop Vol. 2)
"Clogged Castle" Boat from 50 Sweaty Boat Fans Can't Be Wrong
"Skull Castle Decorator" Bill Baird from Diamond Eyepatch
"The Castle" The Lovely Eggs from Wildlife
"The Turqoise Castle" The Dentists from Dressed
"Cardboard Castles" James Kirk from You Can Make It If You Boogie
"The Castle" Cocoanut Groove from Madeleine Street

March 3, 2014: Tests
"I Dreamed I Had To Take A Test..." Laurie Anderson from United States Live
"Put It To The Test" They Might Be Giants from Here Comes Science
"A Test" The Reivers from Saturday
"Testing Time" Edwyn Collins from Hope & Despair
"Just A Test" Beastie Boys from Hello Nasty
"This Is Not A Test" Bikini Kill from Revolution Girl Style Now!
"This Is A Test" Wendy James from Now Ain't The Time For Your Tears
"This Is A Test" Oppenheimer from Oppenheimer
"This Is Only A Test" Ross Beach from Orange Gerbera Daisies
"This Is Only A Test" Smoking Popes from This Is Only A Test
"Princess, You're A Test" Bearsuit from The Phantom Forest
"Classical Music Quiz" Cake On Cake from Hymns I Remember
"Fight Test" The Flaming Lips from Fight Test
"AIDS Test" Chris Rock from Cheese & Crackers: The Greatest Bits
"Silly Noises Quiz" Monty Python from Monty Python's Previous Record
"I Never Finished A Test" Edson from Unwind With Edson
"Everytime I Pass The Test" The Skywriters from The Skywriters
"Testcard Girl" Talulah Gosh from Backwash
"Literacy Test Song" Pete Seeger from Gazette, Vol. 2
"Testing The Bomb" Shel Silverstein from I'm So Good I Don't Have To Brag
"Test" Don Dixon from Note Pad # 38
"Pencil Test" Yo La Tengo from Prisoners Of Love: A Smattering Of Scintillating Senescent Songs: 1985-2003
"Metal Test" Material from Memory Serves
"Test Pilot" The Fizzbombs from Surfin' Winter 12"
"Lie Detector Test" The Aluminum Group from Pedals
"Finals Season" The Cocker Spaniels from Withstand The Whatnot
"Test Of Time" Temples from Sun Structures

February 28, 2014: Split
"Banana Split For My Baby" Louis Prima from Angelina
"Cherry For A Banana Split" Nipsey Russell from Things They Never Taught At School
"We're The Banana Splits" The Banana Splits from Here Come The Banana Splits
"You Can Split" Youngblood Smith from Big City Soul, Vol. 2
"I Live In A Split-Level Head" Napoleon XIV from They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haa!
"Let's Split" Syd Barrett from Opel
"Split To The East" Jandek from Staring At The Cellophane
"Split Second Feeling" Cabaret Voltaire from The Original Sound of Sheffield '78/'82
"Love Split With Blood" Dog Faced Hermans from Hum Of Life
"I've Got A Splitting Hedachi" The Dickies from Dawn Of The Dickies
"Splitting In Two" Alternative TV from The Image Has Cracked
"Split" Liliput from Nag Nag Nag
"Split Up The Money" Vic Godard & The Subway Sect from Twenty Odd Years: The Story Of Vic Godard & The Subway Sect
"Split Myself In Two" Meat Puppets from Meat Puppets II
"She Splits Me Up" Crocodiles from Crimes Of Passion
"Split!" That Petrol Emotion from Babble
"50/50 Split" Beatnik Filmstars from Beezer
"A Beauty Of Love That Splits The Body In Two" Thee Headcoats from The Messerschmitt Pilot's Severed Hand
"Split Single With Happy Lounge Labelmates" Half Man Half Biscuit from Four Lads Who Shook The Wirral
"Cat & Split" Extra Medium Pony from 11868
"Split Minute" Darker My Love from Alive As You Are
"Split Like A Lip, No Blood On The Beard" Buke & Gase from General Dome
"Splitting Up" Edwyn Collins from Doctor Syntax

February 21, 2014: Dig It
"Diga Diga Doo" Bob Thompson from The History Of Space Age Pop, Vol. 1: Melodies & Mischief
"I Dig Everything" David Bowie from Early On 1964-1966
"I Dig Your Kind" Barons from Society Don't Let Us Down
"I'm Digging You Digging Me" Boyce & Hart from I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight?
"I Dig Your Mind" The Nervous Breakdowns from I Dig Your Mind
"I'm A Ginseng Digger" Wally Burke from I'm Just The Other Woman! MSR Madness Vol. # 4
"I Dig Love" George Harrison from All Things Must Pass
"Do You Dig It" Titus Turner from What It Is! Funky Soul & Rare Grooves (1967-1977)
"Dig On" Pablo Moses from Pave The Way
"I Dig You" The Cure from Seventeen Seconds
"Dig That Groove Baby" Toy Dolls from Dig That Groove Baby
"Dig Me" King Crimson from Three Of A Perfect Pair
"Dig A Hole" The Wolfgang Press from Standing Up Straight
"Dig For Fire" Pixies from Bossanova
"Can You Dig It?" Mock Turtles from Can You Dig It?: The Best Of The Mock Turtles
"Digging My Feet In The Ground" Smack Dab from Majestic Root
"I Dig You" Beat Happening from Beat Happening/Screaming Trees
"I Dig You" Boss Hog from Boss Hog
"Dig My Pig" Anton Barbeau from 17th Century Fuzzbox Blues
"Digging For Water" White Rose Transmission from Magic Boomerang
"Archaeological Dig" State Broadcasters from The Ship & The Iceberg
"Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!" Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds from Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!
"Dig You Out" Male Bonding from Endless Now
"Dig A Little Deeper" Peter Bjorn & John from Gimme Some

February 14, 2014: Valentine's Day 2014: Valentines
"My Funny Valentine" Elvis Costello from Taking Liberties
"Blue Valentine" Tom Waits from Blue Valentine
"Valentines" The Real Tuesday Weld from At The End Of The World
"Fool For A Valentine" The Gist from Fool For A Valentine
"On A Valentine" The Morrisons from Songs From The South Of England (1986 - 1988)
"St. Valentine's Day" The Dream Academy from A Different Kind Of Weather
"Valentine" The Sisters Of Mercy from The Reptile House EP
"Valentine" Psychedelic Furs from World Outside
"St. Valentine's Day" Mekons from I Love Mekons
"Valentine's Day" David Bowie from The Next Day
"Valentine's Day" Soul Merchants from 1985-1987
"Valentine's Day" The Kids Of Widney High from Act Your Age
"Valentine" The Darling Buds from Shame On You
"Valentine" Tsunami from Deep End
"Everyday Is Valentine's Day" Kissing Book from Lines & Color
"Valentine's Day" The Poconos from Days Are Getting Shorter
"Be My Valentine Tonight" Remington Super 60 from Pling2001
"Dear St. Valentine" Would-Be-Goods from The Morning After
"Valentine" The School from Loveless Unbeliever
"Black Valentine" Hey! Hello! from Hey! Hello!
"Your Valentine (Takes Me Back In Time)" Bubblegum Lemonade from Some Like It Pop
"My Bloody Valentine" Ratcat from Tingles
"Valentine's Day Is Over" Billy Bragg from The Peel Sessions

February 7, 2014: Hollow
"Hollow" House Of Love from Audience With The Mind
"Hollow" Majestic from The Majestic 12 Years 1995-1996
"Hollow Hills (live)" Bauhaus from Mask
"Hollow Eyes (12" Version)" Red Lorry Yellow Lorry from Talk About The Weather
"The Hollow Earth" Pere Ubu from The Tenement Year
"Hollow Gut" Lowlife from From A Scream To A Whisper
"All My Hollowness To You" Tall Dwarfs from Hello Cruel World
"Pretty But Hollow" The Passmore Sisters from Violent Blue
"Hollow Heart" Birdland from Hollow Heart 12"
"Hollow Inside" The Hummingbirds from Love Buzz
"Jupiter Hollow" The Proctors from Pinstripes & Englishmen
"Hollow Inside" The Cat's Miaow from Songs For Girls To Sing
"Hollow Mind" The Fall from Are You Are Missing Winner
"Another Hollow Line" Young Knives from Voices Of Animals & Men
"Is Your Head Hollow" Tranzmitors from Tranzmitors
"Hollow Hollow Eyes" Crocodiles from Sleep Forever
"Hollow Life" Frankie Rose & The Outs from Frankie Rose & The Outs
"Hollow Inside" The Buzzcocks from A Different Kind Of Tension
"In Hollow" Belltower from Popdropper
"Hollow Time Of Night" The Barmitzvah Brothers from The Century Of Invention
"Hollowed Out" Cut Off Your Hands from Hollow

January 31, 2014: The Only One
"The Only One" The Computones from Acappella Showdown, Vol. 1
"Only One" Arthur Lee Maye & The Crowns from The Best Of Arthur Lee Maye & The Crowns
"The Only One" Lulu from Something To Shout About
"The Only One" Roy Orbison from Mystery Girl
"The Only One" Pink Industry from Who Told You, You Were Naked
"Only One" He Said from Hail
"The Only One" Billy Bragg from Workers Playtime
"The Only One" My Dad Is Dead from The Taller You Are, The Shorter You Get
"The Only One" American Analog Set from Know By Heart
"Only One" The Ramonalisas from Wintersliding
"Only One" The Barbaras from 2006-2008
"The Only One" The Cure from 4:13 Dream
"Only One" Smith Westerns from Dye It Blonde
"The Only One" Birdmonster from From The Mountain To The Sea
"The Only One" Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs from No Help Coming
"The Only One" The Leftovers from Eager To Please
"Only One" Colleen Green from Sock It To Me
"The Only, Only One - Parts 1 & 2" Jack Drag from Little Molly Has A Treat For You
"The Only Ones" Pipas from Sorry Love
"The Only Ones" All Girl Summer Fun Band from Looking Into It
"Only Ones" Burnt Ones from Black Teeth & Golden Tongues

January 24, 2014: Rope
"Jump Rope Boogie" Cliffie Stone from A Capitol Rockabilly, Pt. 1
"Jump Rope Hop" Buddy Kain & The Nomads from Teen Rockin' Fever
"Skip A Rope" Henson Cargill from Skip A Rope
"The Same Rope" Etta James from Heart & Soul: A Retrospective
"Indian Rope Man" Richie Havens from Richard P. Havens, 1983
"Moving Rope" Longmont Potioncastle from The Best Of Longmont Potion Castle
"The Rope Song" Devo from Hardcore, Vol. 2: 1974-1977
"Fun With Ropes" The Go-Go's from Return To The Valley Of The Go-Go's
"Out On The Ropes" The Shirts from Street Light Shine
"No Rope Is Long Enough" Ups & Downs from Underneath The Watchful Eye
"George Washington & Rope" Firesign Theater from Dear Friends
"Rope" The Clean from Unknown Country
"Rope Waltz" Pee Shy from Don't Get Too Comfortable
"Carrot Rope" Pavement from Terror Twilight
"Bought A Rope" The Minus 5 from The Gun Album
"Cut The Rope" Red Cloud Carter from Songs About Sculptures
"Rope & Summit" Junip from Fields
"Tightrope!" George Duning from Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 4: Black & White Classics
"Tightrope Ride" The Doors from Other Voices
"Walking On A Tightrope" Percy Mayfield from Walking On A Tightrope
"Tight Rope" Tom Dooley & The Lovelights from Downtown Soulville
"Tight Rope" Brother Ali from US

January 17, 2014: The Smelly Show
"The Sense Of Smell" PBNJBuchanan from What Died In Here?
"Stinky Stuff" Kimya Dawson from I'm Sorry That Sometimes I'm Mean
"What's That I Smell" The Famous Hokum Boys from Vol. 2 1930 - 1931
"I Smell A Rat" Big Mama Thornton from The Original Hound Dog
"I Like Stinky Cheese" Dick "Two Ton" Baker from The Music Of Dick "Two Ton" Baker
"Smell Of Incense" Southwest FOB from Smell Of Incense
"Odorono" Petra Haden from Petra Haden Sings: The Who Sell Out
"Case Study: Buffum's Fragrance Counter" Drs. Carter & Gourley from Superego Volume 3, Episode 9
"Stinking Drunk" Big Black from Atomizer
"The Scent Of You" Starlet from Stay On My Side
"Mr. Stinky" Ballbusters from No Hang Ups
"Stinky Poodle" Tangela Tricoli from Garageaholic, Psychedelic Outsider Music!
"Simple & Fragrant" Gilmore Tamny from All Is Fair In Love & Chickfactor: CF Mixtape 1
"Smells Like Cartoon Planet" Space Ghost from Musical Bar-B-Que
"Smells" Richard Pryor from Richard Pryor
"Smelly Tongues" The Residents from Meet The Residents
"Sigh's Smell Of Farewell" Cocteau Twins from Love's Easy Tears
"The Fragrance Aroma" Muslimgauze from Izlamaphobia
"New Car Scent" Hospital Bombers from At Budokan
"Buddy Odor Is A Gas" Gruppo Sportivo from 10 Mistakes / Buddy Odor Is A Gas
"We Smell Fear" Birds With Ears from Youth In Asia
"Stinkfoot" Frank Zappa from Apostrophe
"Smelly Water" Chumbawumba/Negativland from The ABCs Of Anarchism
"Deodorant" Tall Dwarfs from The Sky Above, The Mud Below

January 10, 2014: 1978
"Ever Fallen In Love" The Buzzcocks from Love Bites
"Top Of The Pops" The Rezillos from Can't Stand The Rezillos
"I Am The Fly" Wire from Chairs Missing
"The Beat" Elvis Costello & The Attractions from This Year's Model
"Safe European Home" The Clash from Give 'Em Enough Rope
"Shot By Both Sides" Magazine from Real Life
"Another Girl, Another Planet" The Only Ones from The Only Ones
"Wuthering Heights" Kate Bush from The Kick Inside
"Comes A Time" Neil Young from Comes A Time
"Holocaust" Big Star from Third/Sister Lovers
"Another Girl, Another Planet" The Only Ones from The Only Ones
"It's The New Thing" The Fall from It's The New Thing
"Street Waves" Pere Ubu from The Modern Dance
"The Day The World Turned Dayglo" X-Ray Spex from Germfree Adolescents
"Public Image" Public Image Ltd from First Issue
"Bye Bye Love" The Cars from The Cars
"Can't Stand Losing You" The Police from Outlandos d'Amour
"11:59" Blondie from Parallel Lines
"I Just Want To Have Something To Do" The Ramones from Road To Ruin
"Lee Remick" The Go-Betweens from Lee Remick
"I'm Not In Love" Talking Heads from More Songs About Buildings & Food
"Uncontrollable Urge" Devo from Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!
"You Know You're A Man" Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band from Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller)
"You Can't Put Your Arms Round A Memory" Johnny Thunders from So Alone
"Read About Seymour" Swell Maps from Read About Seymour
"Bored" Destroy All Monsters from Bored
"Take Me, I'm Yours" Squeeze from Squeeze
"(We Got The) Neutron Bomb" The Weirdos from (We Got The) Neutron Bomb
"Nobody's Scared" The Subway Sect from Nobody's Scared
"The Model" Kraftwerk from The Man-Machine
"Know Your Product" The Saints from Eternally Yours
"We're Desperate" X from Adult Books/We're Desperate
"Lexicon Devil" Germs from Lexicon Devil
"I Want To Be An Anglepoise Lamp" The Soft Boys from I Want To Be An Anglepoise Lamp
"Hearts In Exile" The Homosexuals from Hearts In Exile
"Can't Seem To Make You Mine" Alex Chilton from Bangkok/Can't Seem To Make You Mine
"Brickfield Nights" The Boys from Alternative Chartbusters
"If The Kids Are United" Sham 69 from If The Kids Are United
"Hong Kong Garden" Siouxsie & The Banshees from Hong Kong Garden
"Wives In Orbit" The Red Krayola from Wives In Orbit/Yik Yak
"Damaged Goods" Gang Of Four from Damaged Goods
"Suspect Device" Stiff Little Fingers from Suspect Device
"Part Time Punks" Television Personalities from Where's Bill Grundy Now?
"Human Fly" The Cramps from Human Fly
"Where Were You" The Mekons from Where Were You
"Killing An Arab" The Cure from Killing An Arab
"Survive" Bags from Survive

January 3, 2014: Confessions
"My Confession" Bob Wills from San Antonio Rose
"Confession Blues" The Maxin Trio from Ray Charles: Genius & Soul
"Confessin' The Blues" Billie Poole from Confessin' The Blues
"The Confession" Phil Ochs from Farewells & Fantasies
"True Confessions" The Undertones from Babylon's Burning: The Rough 'N' Ready Rise Of Punk Rawk 1973-1978
"My Confession" The End from Inner City Sound: Australian Punk & Post-Punk
"Confessions" Flowers from Mutant Pop Compilation
"I Confess" Dorothy from I Confess 7"
"Confessions" X-S Discharge from Kilt By Death: The Sound Of Old Scotland
"Confessions" Violent Femmes from Violent Femmes
"I Confess" The English Beat from Special Beat Service
"I Confess" Lyres from On Fire
"Confessions" Peter Murphy from Should The World Fail To Fall Apart
"Confession Time (Cops)" Bill Hicks from Rant In E Minor
"Confessions Of A Psycho Cat" The Cramps from Big Beat From Badsville
"Mi Confesion" Gotan Project from Lunatico
"Lazy Confessions" The Moldy Peaches from The Moldy Peaches
"Confessions Of A Big Brother" Arab Strap from The Last Romance
"Night Time Confession" The Charade from The Best Is Yet To Come
"Confession" George Carlin from When Will Jesus Bring The Pork Chops?
"Confession" Anyways from Older Than Yesterday
"Confess" The Tellers from Hands Full Of Ink
"The Loud Confessor" My Teenage Stride from Lesser Demons
"Confessions" Emma Pollock from The Law Of Large Numbers
"Ghost Confessions" Cinema Red & Blue from Cinema Red & Blue
"True Confessions" RJD2 from You Don't Know Ninja Cuts
"I Confess" Land Of The Loops from Bundle Of Joy
"Hard To Confess" Heptones from Studio One Showcase, Vol. 1