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Self Help Radio - On The Air In Spite Of Everything!

Hello. Welcome to Self Help Radio! Please note this is not a self-help radio show. No good advice is available here. No, this show plays music based on a theme (we've covered lots of them) & features wisdom from "experts" who bloviate with panache. The show started in Austin & currently airs in Lexington, Kentucky. Hosted by the forgettable "Gary," a made-up name, probably, it finds subjects almost randomly, explores them recklessly, & forgets them instantly. Except here! On this web page!
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2017 goes a little something like this (hit it!):
February 22, 2017: Fate
Listen to part one of this show (71 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (71 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
"Fate" Gordon Macrae from Kismet
"Fate" Miaow from When It All Comes Down
"Fate" Rocket 3 from Burn
"The Killing Moon" Echo & The Bunnymen from Ocean Rain
"Cast Your Fate To The Winds" We Five from You Were On My Mind
"Fate Planned It This Way" Showmen from Crescent City Soul: The Sound Of New Orleans 1947-1974
"Fate Vs The Impossible!" The National Pep from Citizen Gomez
"Simple Twist Of Fate" Bob Dylan from Blood On The Tracks
"I Believe In Fate" Papas Fritas from Buildings & Grounds
"It's My Fate" The Sweets from Gone 7"
"Fate To Fatal" Breeders from Fate To Fatal
"Cheer For Fate" Mt St Helens Vietnam Band from Mt St Helens Vietnam Band
"My Fate Is In Your Hands" Josephine Baker from Exotique
"It's Fate, Baby It's Fate (with Betty Garrett)" Frank Sinatra from Sinatra In Hollywood: 1940-1964
"Senior Service" Elvis Costello & The Attractions from Armed Forces
"Master Of My Fate" American Breed from Pumpkin Powder Scarlet Green
"Our Fate" The Mourning Reign from Good Things Are Happening
"Twist Of Fate" Bad Lieutenant from Never Cry Another Tear
"Orange Light" Latimer House from Hey!
""Seal My Fate" Belly from King
"The Fickle Finger Of Fate" Jerry Keller from The Complete Recordings, Vol. 2
"When Fate Deals Its Mortal Blow" Scientists from Blood Red River 1982-1984
"Bondage Of Fate" OMD from History Of Modern
"What Did I Ever Do To Deserve Such A Fate" The Music Explosion from Little Bit O' Soul
"That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate" Mission Of Burma from Vs.
"Fatal Twist Of Fate" Cartridge from Fractures

February 15, 2017: Are You Ready?
Listen to part one of this show (71 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (73 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 60 minutes)
"Are You Ready" Henry Wilson from Record Hop
"Are You Ready" The Dixie Hummingbirds from A Christian Testimonial
"Are You Ready" Sly & The Family Stone from Dance To The Music
"Are You Ready" Dave Davies from Hidden Treasures
"Are You Ready?" Pacific Gas & Electric from Are You Ready?
"Are You Ready" Bruce Ruffin from Rain
"Are You Ready" The Chambers Brothers from New Generation
"Are You Ready" Gruppo Sportivo from Back To 78
"Are You Ready" Crispy Ambulance from The Plateau Phase
"Are You Ready" James from Strip-Mine
"Are You Ready?" Fatty Gets A Stylist from Fatty Gets A Stylist
"Are You Ready?" Wire from Object 47
"Are You Ready" Mercury Rev from The Light In You
"Are You Ready For It" Holograms from Night Of 1000 Ex-Boyfriends
"Your Fucking Sunny Day" Lambchop from Thriller
"R U Ready (R U Freddy)" Tania + Holy Worm from R U Ready (R U Freddy)
"Are You Ready For The Sex Girls?" Gleaming Spires from Songs Of The Spires
"Are You Ready For This" Jackie DeShannon from The Complete Liberty & Imperial Singles, Vol. 2
"Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken?" Lloyd Cole & The Commotions from Rattlesnakes
"People Are You Ready" Prince Mohammed from People Are You Ready
"Are You Ready To Dance?" Dirt Bike Annie from Hit The Rock!
"Are You Ready To The Party (ft. Nicole Willis)" Mr. Comicstore from SoulShaker Vol. 4
"Are You Ready For The Country?" Neil Young from Harvest
"(Are You Ready) Do The Bus Stop" Fatback Band from Raising Hell
"Are You Ready For This" Bill Deal & The Rhondels from The Best Of Bill Deal & The Rhondels

February 8, 2017: Valentine's Day 2017 - Sweethearts
Listen to part one of this show (71 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (68 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 57 minutes)
"Let Me Call You Sweetheart" Bing Crosby with Georgie Stoll & His Orchestra from Here Lies Love
"Sweetheart" Tiger Trap from Sour Grass EP
"If You & I Could Be Sweethearts" The Varieteers from Night Train To Nashville
"Sweetheart Darling" Rose Batiste from Ladies Of Detroit Sound, Vol. 1
"Sweetheart" Suicide from Suicide
"Say Something Sweet To Your Sweetheart" Jo Stafford & Gordon Macrae from Down Memory Lane
"My Sweetheart Left Me Behind" The DeCastro Sisters from Teach Me Tonight
"Sweethearts On Parade" Lillie Delk Christian from Louis Armstrong & The Blues Singers
"Careless Sweetheart" Cindy Walker from The Swingin' Cowgirl From Texas
"Sweetheart Waltz" Sally Timms from Cowboy Sally's Twilight Laments For Lost Buckaroos
"Sweetheart" Kaia from Oregon
"I'd Rather Be An Old Man's Sweetheart (Than A Young Man's Fool)" Candi Staton from Sweet & Raw Soul Music
"Sweetheart Like You" Bob Dylan from Infidels
"Childhood Sweetheart" Junior Murvin from Police & Thieves
"Keep Me In Mind, Sweetheart" Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan from Sunday At Devil Dirt
"You Are My Sweetheart" The Bobbettes from This Is The Night: The End Records Story
"Radio Sweetheart" Elvis Costello from Taking Liberties
"I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart" Rosalie Allen from The Hillbilly Yodel Star Of The 1940s
"Sweetheart" The Wave Pictures from Susan Rode The Cyclone
"Sweethearts" Shirley & Lee from Let The Good Times Roll
"Sweetheart" Lloyd Cole from Lloyd Cole
"Oh, Sweetheart" Shout Out Louds from Howl Howl Gaff Gaff
"Secret Little Sweetheart" Standard Fare from The Noyelle Beat
"Hey Sweetheart" Nightmare Of You from Infomaniac
"Sweetheart Rose Special" The Corn Dollies from The Corn Dollies
"Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight" The Spaniels from Hits Of The Spaniels

February 1, 2017: Apples
Listen to part one of this show (71 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (70 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 58 minutes)
"Apples" Ian Dury from Apples
"Appleseed Alley" Po! from Little Stones
"Apple Pickin' Song" Sarah Silverman from Songs Of The Sarah Silverman Program
"Eat An Apple" Burbuja from Burbuja
"The Apple Stem" Young Legs from Promise Of Winter
"Foot Apple" Coyle & Sharpe from On The Loose
"Little Apples" Momus from Folktronic
"Apple Scruffs" George Harrison from All Things Must Pass
"Apple" Jawbreaker Reunion from Haha & Then What ;)
"Apples & Oranges" Pink Floyd from The Best Of The Pink Floyd
"Apple Cider" Ken Nordine from Wink
"Apple Vines" The Autocollants from Why Couldn't Things Just Stay The Same
"Apple Pie" The Heart Throbs from Vertical Smile
"In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree" Louis Armstrong & The Mills Brothers from Louis Armstrong & The Mills Brothers
"Ida, Sweet As Apple Cider" The Four Knights from Jivin' & Smoothin'
"Apple Pie" Jon Isherwood from Circus Days, Vol. 4
"Apple Suckling Tree" Bob Dylan & The Band from The Basement Tapes
"The Laughing Apple" Cat Stevens from On The Road To Find Out
"Little Green Apples" Bobbie Gentry & Glen Campbell from Bobbie Gentry & Glen Campbell
"Blessed Wild Apple Girl" Tyrannosaurus Rex from The Definitive Tyrannosaurus Rex
"Apple Juice" Hannibal Buress from Animal Furnace
"Apple Of My Eye" Remember Fun from Souvenirs From Egg Records
"Underneath The Apple Tree" Grant Hart from The Argument
"Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree (With Anyone Else But Me)" The Modernaires from Singin' & Swingin'
"One Bad Apple" The Osmonds from The Fame Studios Story 1961-1973
"Poison Apple" Popup from A Time & A Place
"She Fakes Apples" Acid House Kings from Review I (Marsh-Marigold)
"Apples" Saturnine from Popular World
"Apple Song" Chicklet from Indian Summer

January 25, 2017: Dust
Listen to part one of this show (70 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 58 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (72 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 60 minutes)
"Dust" Bombay Dub Orchestra from Bombay Dub Orchestra
"Fairy Dust" Mick Harvey from Four (Acts of Love)
"The Dust Blows Forward 'N The Dust Blows Back" Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band from Trout Mask Replica
"Dust" 13th Floor Elevators from Easter Everywhere
"Dusted" Belly from Star
"Doom Bot Dust" The Firesign Theatre from Boom Dot Bust
"Dust & Lungs & Wings" The Honest Johns from Meteor
"Tulare Dust" Merle Haggard from Down Every Road: 1962-1994
"Star Dust" Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra from 1931-1932
"Lady Stardust" David Bowie from The Rise & Fall Of Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders From Mars
"Ziggy Stardust" Bauhaus from Swing The Heartache: The BBC Sessions
"Dust" Erase Errata from Nightlife
"Stardust" Irene from Apple Bay
"Dust" Julian Cope from Interpreter
"Dust 2..." Elvis Costello from When I Was Cruel
"I Believe I'll Dust My Broom" Robert Johnson from The Complete Recordings
"Dust" Deptford Goth from Songs
"Dust Up His Nose" Larry Rand from Dust Up His Nose
"Dusty Old Dust" Woody Guthrie from Dust Bowl Ballads
"Dust" Love Is All from Two Thousand & Ten Injuries
"Dust Devil" Mission Of Burma from Unsound
"Dust" Silver Apples from Silver Apples
"Cities In Dust" Siouxsie & The Banshees from Tinderbox
"In The Gold Dust Rush" Cocteau Twins from Head Over Heels
"A Brush Through The Dust" Silk Flowers from Ltd. Form
"Dust Remains" 14 Iced Bears from Let The Breeze Open Our Hearts
"Just Dust" Quilt from Held In Splendor

January 18, 2017: 1981
Listen to part one of this show (71 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 59 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (69 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 58 minutes)
"Don't Let Our Youth Go To Waste" The Modern Lovers from The Original Modern Lovers
"Nothing's Going To Happen" Tall Dwarfs from Three Songs
"Fast Boyfriends" Girls At Our Best! from Pleasure
"Exercise One" Joy Division from Still
"Ceremony" New Order from Ceremony
"The Passion Of Lovers" Bauhaus from Mask
"Spellbound" Siouxsie & The Banshees from Juju
"Charlotte Sometimes" The Cure from Charlotte Sometimes
"Into You Like A Train" The Psychedelic Furs from Talk Talk Talk
"Zoo-Music Girl" The Birthday Party from Prayers On Fire
"Don't Shake Me Lucifer" Roky Erickson & The Aliens from The Evil One
"Leave The Capitol" The Fall from Slates
"Jerkin' Back & Forth" Devo from New Traditionalists
"This Angry Silence" Television Personalities from ...And Don't The Kids Just Love It
"Join The Book Club" George Carlin from A Place For My Stuff!
"Help Me Somebody" Brian Eno & David Byrne from My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts
"This Is Radio Clash" The Clash from This Is Radio Clash
"That's Entertainment" The Jam from That's Entertainment
"The KKK Took My Baby Away" The Ramones from Pleasant Dreams
"That's When I Reach For My Revolver" Mission Of Burma from Signals, Calls, & Marches
"New Lace Sleeves" Elvis Costello & The Attractions from Trust
"Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" The Police from Ghost In The Machine
"Since You're Gone" The Cars from Shake It Up
"Belinda" Eurythmics from In The Garden
"Poor Old Soul" Orange Juice from Poor Old Soul
"Sorry For Laughing" Josef K from The Only Fun In Town

January 11, 2017: A Tribute To Leonard Cohen
Listen to part one of this show (69 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 57 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (70 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 58 minutes)
"Suzanne" Nina Simone from To Love Somebody
"Memories" The Extra Glenns from Martial Arts Weekend
"Why Don't You Try" Colleen Rennison from See The Sky About To Rain
"There Is A War" Great Plains from Slaves To Rock & Roll
"Story Of Isaac" Green Pajamas from Indian Winter
"Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye" Claudine Longet from Let's Spend The Night Together
"Lover Lover Lover" Ian McCulloch from Mysterio
"I'm Your Man" Mystery Twins from Arrow
"Dress Rehearsal Rag" Goodbye Mr Mackenzie from Jezebel
"Tonight Will Be Fine" Herman Düne & Clemence Freschard from Kreuzberg Cafe
"The Law" Tanya Donelly from Swan Song Series, Vol. 2
"If It Be Your Will" Human Drama from Pinups
"Sisters Of Mercy" Area from The Perfect Dream
"Avalanche" Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds from From Her To Eternity
"So Long Marianne" Bill Callahan from The Songs Of Leonard Cohen Covered
"Dance Me To The End Of Love" The Civil Wars from Barton Hollow
"Bird On A Wire (feat. Marc Ribot)" My Brightest Diamond from I Have Never Loved Someone
"Hallelujah" John Cale from I'm Your Fan
"Who By Fire" Coil from Horse Rotorvator
"You Got Me Singing" Jenny Adkins from You Got Me Singing
"Joan Of Arc" John Wesley Hardings Love Hall Tryst from Songs Of Misfortune
"Paper Thin Hotel" Close Lobsters from Nature Thing
"Diamonds In The Mine" Broken Family Band from Balls
"Passing Through" Dick Blakeslee from Songs For Political Action, Vol. 6: The People's Songs Era 1945-1949
"Chelsea Hotel # 2" Lambchop from Rainer On My Parade
"Seems So Long Ago, Nancy" Palaxy Tracks from Twelve Rooms

January 4, 2017: Cafés
Listen to part one of this show (69 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 58 minutes)
Listen to part two of this show (72 megabyte mp3 file, stereo, 160 kbps, 60 minutes)
"Sunset Cafe Stomp" Louis Armstrong's Hot Five from Hot Fives & Sevens, Vol. 1
"In A Cafe On The Road To Calais" Noble Sissle & The Georgia Syncopators from Sidney Bechet 1923-1936
"At The Cafe Rendezvous" Doris Day from Golden Girl (The Columbia Recordings 1944-1966)
"Le Grand Café" Charles Trenet from The Extraordinary Garden: The Very Best Of Charles Trenet
"Little Cafe Paree" Vic Damone from Little Cafe Paree
"Smokey Joe's Cafe" The Robins from Atlantic Rhythm & Blues, 1947-1974
"Cafe Bohemian" The Enchanters from Jungle Exotica
"Couleur Café" Serge Gainsbourg from Couleur Café
"Sittin' In An All Night Cafe" Warner Mack from The Bridge Washed Out
"Old Home Filler-Up An' Keep On A-Truckin' Cafe" C.W. McCall from Best Of C.W. McCall
"Dusty Café" Wylie & The Wild West Show from Ridin' The Hi-Line
"Highway Cafe" Kinky Friedman from Old Testaments & New Revelations
"North Memphis Cafe" George & Ethel McCoy from At Home With The Blues
"In A Street Cafe" Lisa Linn with Bo Sylvén & His Orchestra from Scandinavian Souvenir
"Twilight Café" Susan Fassbender from Twilight Café
"Kardomah Café" Cherry Boys from Scared To Get Happy (A Story Of Indie-Pop 1980-1989)
"Paris Cafes" The Art Museums from Rough Frame
"Midnight Bahnhof Cafe" Wire from Document & Eyewitness
"Gustave Café" Bill Pritchard from Jolie
"Cactus Land Cafe" The Pearly Gatecrashers from Age Of Innocence
"Cafe Hong Kong" Future Bible Heroes from I'm Lonely (& I Love It)
"Night Café" Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark from English Electric
"Electric Cafe" Kraftwerk from Electric Cafe
"Cafe Ole" Benny Hill from The Best Of Benny Hill
"Highway Café Of The Damned" Austin Lounge Lizards from Highway Café Of The Damned
"Montana Cafe" Neil Innes from The Innes Book Of Records